Next Generation Diabetes Therapy and Drug Delivery Technologies

Global Diabetes Epidemic Adds Urgency to R&D Initiatives, Inhalable and Transdermal Delivery on Upward Trajectory

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Diabetes has exhibited dramatic increases during the past decade, registering a global prevalence of 9% among adults aged 18 years and older, and is projected to be the 7th-leading cause of death by 2030. The most popular treatment for type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is multiple daily insulin (MDI) injections. However, researchers globally are working on both the development of novel drugs to fight diabetes, and on the design of novel insulin delivery systems. These delivery systems mostly via use oral and pulmonary routes using nanocarrier-based delivery systems, as well as transdermal delivery to through patches and infusion pumps, which aim to improve the quality of life of diabetic patients. An important ne

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope: Cutting-edge Tech Convergence1.2 Research Scope: Next Generation Technologies1.3 Research Methodology: The Approach Core Value1.4 Key Findings: Urgent Need to Address a Critical Global Concern1.5 Key Findings: Different New Approaches Converging to Diabetes Care1.6 Key Findings: Multidisciplinary Interaction as the Key Instrument2.0 Industry Models and Market Trends2.1 Industry Value Chain: Key Enabling Technologies Driving Innovation Business Model2.2 Diabetes Drug Delivery Market Impact: CAGR of 12.7% from 2020 to 20252.3 Diabetes Drug Delivery Market Impact: Emerging Markets Gaining Attention for the Next Decade2.4 Diabetes Drug Delivery Regional Revenue Growth: The Perfect Niche for Each Region for Global Success2.5 Diabetes Drug Delivery Business Facts: Translation Medicine as Mandatory 3.0 Innovation Potential and Clinical Translation3.1 Diabetes Drug Delivery Innovation Fields: The Scenario for Big Technology Synergy3.2 Diabetes Drug Delivery Innovation in Pharma/Biotech: Novel Therapeutics in the Field3.3 Diabetes Drug Delivery Innovation in Medtech: Complementing Devices for More Efficient Therapy3.4 Diabetes Drug Delivery Innovation in Synertech: Leveraging Technology Advances for Smart Therapy3.5 Diabetes Drug Delivery Innovation Model: The Right Pathway in the Precision Medicine Era3.6 Diabetes Drug Delivery Innovation Model: New Innovation Strategies and Cooperation Frameworks3.7 Diabetes Drug Delivery Development Pipeline: Time to Market Averages for Each Approach3.8 Diabetes Drug Delivery Development Pipeline: Cascade Effect on the Healthcare Systems Efficiency4.0 Key Innovations Profiled4.1 Pharma/Biotech: Insulin Human Inhalation Powder 4.2 Pharma/Biotech: TANZEUM (albiglutide) 4.3 Pharma/Biotech: XIGDUO XR4.4 Pharma/Biotech: Xultophy (IDegLira) 4.5 Pharma/Biotech: Smart Insulin 4.6 Pharma/Biotech: Bile Acid Microcapsules 4.7 Medtech: FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring 4.8 Medtech: Smart Contact Lenses for Glucose Monitoring 4.9 Medtech: Microneedle Pill with Hollow Needles 4.10 Medtech: Autoantibody Measuring Microchip 4.11 Medtech: SmartGuard GlucoSitter4.12 Medtech: iLet Bihormonal Bionic Pancreas 4.13 Medtech: ITCA 650 4.14 Medtech: G-Pen Mini™ Glucagon Injection 4.15 Synertech: Glucose Nanosensors 4.16 Synertech: Cell Reprogramming via Nanotechnology 4.17 Synertech: 3D Bioplotted Hydrogel Scaffolds4.18 Synertech: Spherical Nucleic Acids 4.19 Synertech: Engineering ß-Cell Replacement Therapy 4.20 Synertech: Glucose-responsive Insulin-producing Cells 4.21 Other Innovative Technologies to Watch: Combining Smart Devices with Therapeutics4.22 Other Innovative Technologies to Watch: Novel Cell-based Platforms Targeting Diabetes Care4.23 Diabetes eHealth Applications to Follow: Internet of Therapy Approach5.0 Technology Benchmarking 5.1 Multi-criteria Approach for Benchmarking: Introducing Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach 5.2 Multi-criteria Approach for Benchmarking: Selected Criteria for Assessment5.3 Multi-criteria Approach for Benchmarking: Level 0 Criteria5.4 Multi-criteria Approach for Benchmarking: Level 1 Criteria – Research and Development5.5 Multi-criteria Approach for Benchmarking: Level 1 Criteria – Financial Support and Funding5.6 Multi-criteria Approach for Benchmarking: Level 1 Criteria – Market Landscape5.7 Multi-criteria Approach for Benchmarking: Level 2 Criteria 5.8 Multi-criteria Approach for Benchmarking: Graphical Final Results5.9 Multi-criteria Approach for Benchmarking: Final Analysis5.10 R&D Benchmarking: Framework for Innovations Assessment5.11 R&D Benchmarking: Competitive Differentiation as the Basic Rule5.12 R&D Benchmarking: Time to Market Leading Focus of Main Innovations5.13 R&D Benchmarking: Several Innovations Addressing Multiple Business Goals5.14 R&D Benchmarking: The Crucial Need to Support Research and Development5.15 Final Remarks: High Pressure over Diabetes Care6.0 Intellectual Property Trends6.1 Intellectual Property: Over 280,000 Patents Covered during the Past Three Decades 6.2 Intellectual Property: Sustained Interest in Diabetes Care Publishing Trends6.3 Intellectual Property: Leading Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Companies at the Front 6.4 Intellectual Property: Distribution by Region and Patent Offices Worldwide7.0 Appendix7.1 Key Industry Influencers7.1 Key Industry Influencers (continued)7.1 Key Industry Influencers (continued)7.2 Key Academic Influencers7.2 Key Academic Influencers (continued)7.3 Intellectual Property Sources7.4 Key Granted Patents7.4 Key Granted Patents (continued)7.4 Key Granted Patents (continued)7.4 Key Granted Patents (continued)7.4 Key Granted Patents (continued)7.4 Key Granted Patents (continued)7.4 Key Granted Patents (continued)Legal Disclaimer8.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story8.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story8.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career8.3 Global Perspective8.4 Industry Convergence8.5 360º Research Perspective8.6 Implementation Excellence8.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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