North American Ethanol Market Assessment

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This research service attempts to assess the potential of ethanol production in North America and looks at the traditional feedstock that is currently in use in the United States and Canada. Though cellulose production technology is being given a lot of importance in both the aforementioned countries, it is not expected to be commercialized before 2015, which is beyond the purview of this research service.

Table of Contents

North American Ethanol Market Assessment, Executive SummaryIntroductionOverviewEthanol Production TechnologySummary of Major FindingsIndustry ChallengesMarket DriversMarket RestraintsFeedstock TrendsEthanol Market TrendsNorth American Ethanol Market Assessment, IntroductionIntroduction Market OverviewDefinitionsNorth American Ethanol Market Assessment, North American Ethanol Market IntroductionAn OverviewUnited StatesAn OverviewCanadaAn OverviewNorth American Ethanol Market Assessment, Policy Environment in North AmericaUnited StatesFederal PoliciesState PoliciesCanadaFederal Policies Provincial PoliciesNorth American Ethanol Market Assessment, Industry DynamicsChallenges in the North American Ethanol MarketChallenges Facing the Ethanol Industry in North AmericaAnalysis of Challenges Facing the U.S. Ethanol Industry Analysis of Challenges Facing the Ethanol Industry in CanadaNorth American Ethanol Market Assessment, North American Ethanol Market AssessmentIntroductionOverviewWorld Oil Prices - An OutlookOil Prices: Possible ScenariosUnited StatesMarket DriversMarket RestraintsFeedstock TrendsMeeting the RFS Standard: An AssessmentAssessing Ethanol PotentialCanadaMarket DriversMarket RestraintsFeedstock TrendsEthanol Potential: An Assessment Total North America : An AssessmentAssessment of Total North American Ethanol MarketNorth American Ethanol Market Assessment, Strategic Recommendations and ConclusionRecommendations for the Ethanol IndustryPolicy Recommendations for North American Ethanol MarketNorth American Ethanol Market - Conclusion ConclusionNorth American Ethanol Market Assessment, AppendixTariifs and Imported Ethanol in the United StatesElimination of Import Tariffs: How Rational is it?Decision Support DatabaseIntroductionTotal Electricity GenerationElectricity Generation - ThermalElectricity Generation- HydroelectricityElectricity Generation - NuclearElectricity Generation - Others

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