Outlook of the Global Automotive Industry in 2015

Market to Surpass 91 Million and New Vehicle Segments to Evolve

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The year 2015 is expected to witness global light vehicle sales surpassing 90 million units, with growth in the US and Europe market balancing the slowdown in the emerging markets. Ridesharing, intelligent mobility, and Big Data analytics are key trends that will influence the market in 2015. This research analyzes the emerging market trends and makes bold predictions for 2015. Apart from analyzing market growth in major automotive markets, growth in upcoming markets and segments are examined. The research also covers advancements in powertrain, electric vehicle, telematics, aftermarket, and mobility integration space. The base year of the study is 2014, with forecasts up to 2021.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryBold Predictions for 2015Disruptive Trends in 2015Key Highlights of 2014Research Scope and SegmentationResearch ScopeVehicle Segmentation Key Global Automotive Sales TrendsGlobal Light Vehicle Sales by Region in 2015—A SnapshotWinners of 2014Top 5 Markets by Sales Volume in 2014Global Light Vehicle Sales by OEM in 2015—A SnapshotKey Regional Market—ASEANKey Regional Market—Europe (G5 vs E5) Key Regional Market—Emerging Economies (BRIC) Key Regional Market—Emerging Economies (MISTA vs Stan & Jan) Key Regional Markets—BRI, MISTA (N5), Stan and Jan Key Launches in 2014Key Launches in 2015Key Automotive Markets and Trends to WatchGlobal Automotive Production vs Global GDP vs Fuel TrendsCollapse of D Segment and Rise of C and SUV SegmentEvolution of New Vehicle Segments Focus on the Luxury Segment in 2015 Key OEMs Strategies for the Luxury Car Market Re-emergence of the Sports Car in 2015 German OEMs to Lead the EV RaceWill Hydrogen Fuel Cells be the Next Big Thing?OEMs Lightweighting Strategies in 2015Comparative Analysis of OEM Light Weight StrategiesUltra Premium Brands Coming into the SUV SegmentEvolving Definition of a Flagship ModelOEMs to Incorporate Health, Wellness, and Well-being in CarsChanging Automotive Connectivity LandscapeInternational Expansion of Chinese OEMsRecalls Revamping the Supply ChainLocalization of Manufacturing and Brand-less ManufacturingGlobal Investment for New Technology and not just RegionalNew Collaborative Business Models—“Mobility for Loyalty”Case Study—BMW Carsharing and REWE SupermarketWomen in Cars—Women as a CustomerDriving License Holders by Gender—GlobalWomen as a Customer—From Pink to PersonalizedEight Key Design Trends Female Consumers will PushOEMs Targeting Females with New Business ModelsCase Study—Porsche—Engineered ‘for Her’ASEAN Market OutlookEco & Green Car ProgramsEco & Green Car Programs (continued)Eco & Green Car Programs (continued)ASEAN Market OverviewMalaysian Automotive Market in 2015Thai Automotive Market in 2015Indonesian Automotive Market in 2015Powertrain OutlookGlobal Powertrain Mix—Unit Shipment by Region SnapshotKey 2014 Powertrain Market TrendsMarket Breakdown by Segment and Propulsion Types’ Growth Powertrain Technology Development and Adoption Drivers Key Powertrain Technologies and Trends to WatchTop Powertrain and Electric Vehicle Predictions for 2015 eMobility OutlookElectric Vehicle SalesSales Forecast by Region and TechnologyKey Market in United StatesElectric Vehicles Market Highlights—ChinaKey Findings eRetailing OutlookUnbundling of the Automotive Business Starts in 2014—The Multi-Channel Strategy for FutureDigital Touchpoints of a New Customer Journey on which Most OEMs are Now WorkingShift from Transactional to Experience-based ApproachDigital Strategy of OEMsOnline Retailing—The 360-Degree Integrated Customer JourneyOnline and Digital Auto eRetailingNissan’s 300 ‘Lady First’ Dealerships Opened in 2014Mercedes Me (Hamburg) Launched in 2014eRetailing Market Outlook for 2014–2015Five Key Trends in Automotive Parts eRetailing in 2015Growth Outlook of Parts and Service Retailing TrendsKey eRetailing Trends by RegionOnline Parts vs Total Aftermarket Parts Revenue—North AmericaOnline Parts vs Total Aftermarket Parts Revenue—EuropeRoad to Intelligent MobilityThree Pillars of Intelligent MobilityNew Market Opportunities to appear in Mobility in 2015From Telematics Connectivity to Network Connectivity Business Case for Intelligent MobilityIntelligent Mobility is a Convergence of Safety, Connectivity, and MobilityCase study—Jaguar Land Rover’s Vision of Self Learning CarSelf Learning Cars—Quest to Reduce Driver Distraction and Enhance Experience Smart Navigation Focused on Collating Data for Computing Real Time Data, the System Pre-selects the Best Route for the UserIntelligent Mobility—Road Map to FutureConnectivity and Big Data Analytics OutlookKey Predictions for 2015CES 2015 HighlightsRecap of 20142014 Frost & Sullivan Predictions vs ActualsThe Business Model of Connected Car is Like an “Iceberg”—The Impact is Significant, but the Most Important Part is Immersed!Mobility OutlookGrowth in Fleet and Leasing Market in Europe Ridesharing Market Outlook Corporate Car Sharing OutlookEvolution of Corporate Mobility AllowancesFuture of Parking to Include Innovations in the Areas of Reservation, Navigation, Payments, and Sensor-assisted Real-time Parking SessionsKey ConclusionsKey ConclusionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixList of AcronymsList of Acronyms (continued)List of Acronyms (continued)List of Acronyms (continued)Image SourceImage Source (continued)Image Source (continued)Market Engineering Methodology

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