Singapore Data Center Market, Forecast to 2023

Hyperscale Cloud Computing Vendors Driving Strong Uptake of Leased Data Centers

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Hyperscale cloud computing vendors driving strong uptake of leased data centers
Hyperscale cloud service providers have been key in driving demand for data center services in Singapore, with many global public cloud providers (for example, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba Cloud) significantly increasing their uptake of data center capacity in Singapore in recent years. A significant portion of IT load capacity added in the past two years has been catered toward these cloud vendors, necessitating the provision of higher density power racks to cater to this group of customers. Additionally, Small and Medium businesses (SMBs) in Singapore are expected to increase their spending on data center services due to increasing migration of in-house IT systems to colocation and managed hosting services. Separately amid the Internet boom, Born in the Cloud (BiTC) companies from countries such as China and India are looking to expand outside their respective countries to Singapore, driving demand for leased data center services in Singapore from the e-commerce, content, gaming, as well as software applications segments verticals. At the same time, data center modernization has emerged as a leading priority for many enterprises in Singapore. This involves the ability for companies to obtain comprehensive real-time visibility of their data center operations, in order for them to optimize their existing infrastructure to reap cost savings, adjust cooling in accordance to load, track carbon and resource uses and so on. How can data center operators in Singapore capitalize on the opportunities above, to increase their revenue streams? At the same time, what are some other key growth opportunities that data center service providers can create to support end-users in their data center modernization roadmaps, amid the increasingly competitive market participant landscape in Singapore?

Some key questions this study will answer:
• What is the addressable market opportunity for the Singapore Data Center services market? What is the expected growth rate and key drivers of growth for specific services areas?
• What are the significant developments in the Data Center space in Singapore?
• What are the driving and restraining factors that will shape the future of the Data Center services market in Singapore?
• What are the key customer adoption trends in the Data Center market in Singapore? What drives sales in specific market segments?
• What is the current competitive landscape in Singapore? Which are the key players in the market and what are their market strategies? How is the competitive landscape expected to evolve in the future?
• Where are the growth opportunities and what are some actionable recommendations that service providers and vendors can do to capitalize on these opportunities?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Executive Summary—Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
2. Market Overview
Market Study Overview
Market Definitions
3. Drivers and Restraints—Total Data Center Services Market
Market Drivers
Market Restraints
4. Forecast and Trends—Total Data Center Services Market
Market Engineering Measurements
Revenue Forecast
Revenue Forecast by Segment
5. Market Share and Competitive Analysis—Total Data Center Services Market
Market Share
Competitive Environment
Competitive Factors and Assessment
Latest Data Center Investments
6. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1: Enhance Product Portfolio
Growth Opportunity 2: Targeted Marketing for SMBs
Growth Opportunity 3: One-stop Shop Bundling for BiTC Companies
Growth Opportunity 4: Partnerships to Augment Service Portfolio
Growth Opportunity 5: Provide Insights for Data Center Modernization Roadmap
Strategic Imperatives for Data Center Service Providers (DCSPs)
7. The Last Word
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
8. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total Data Center Services Market: Key Market Drivers, Singapore, 2017–2023
2. Total Data Center Services Market: Key Market Restraints, Singapore, 2017–2023
3. Total Data Center Services Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Singapore, 2016
4. Total Data Center Services Market: Competitive Structure, Singapore, 2016
5. Total Data Center Services Market: Major Market Participants Snapshot, Singapore, 2016

1. Total Data Center Services Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Singapore, 2016
2. Total Data Center Services Market: Revenue Forecast, Singapore, 2015–2023
3. Total Data Center Services Market: Revenue Forecast by Segment, Singapore, 2015–2023
4. Total Data Center Services Market: Percent Supply Analysis by Raised Floor Space, Singapore, 2016




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