Smart Cities in India—Business Opportunities in Indore City, 2017

Indore aims at improving urban services and ease of business through Smart city implementation

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The Government of India (GoI) launched the 100 Smart City Mission in April 2015; the plan is to implement this through area-based approaches. Cities have been selected through a City Challenge Competition. Indore has been selected for Smart city development since the city is emerging as a Modern Commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh from being a regional traditional trade and commerce center. The Smart city proposal has identified projects worth INR 4,223 Crore, with a major share of projects in built-environment and transportation sectors. This Industry Dockets aims at assessing opportunities identified in the Smart City proposal and recommends the go-to-market approaches for Services, Advisory, OEMs and proje

Table of Contents

Smart Cities in India—Business Opportunities in Indore City, 2017Executive SummaryIndore aims at improving urban services and improving ease of business through Smart city implementationThe Smart city SPV is open to receive demonstrations on novel technologies from solution providersSmart Cities in IndiaIn 2030, India’s cities will be home to 600 Mn people, presenting immense opportunities and challengesThe GoI rolled out the Smart City Mission in 2015 to partly address urbanization needsMinistry of Urban Development has charted a roadmap to boost implementation of 100 Smart City projectsThe Ministry has devised a financing model to boost implementation of the 100 SMART cities projectsIndore Smart CityEmerging investment and employment opportunities drive need for improving quality of life in IndoreVision and themes identified in the Indore Smart City proposalSpecial Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formulated with two divisions for Project Implementation and financingOpportunity AnalysisSector-wise opportunities in Indore Smart City ProposalBuilt environment and transportation sectors offer sizeable opportunities in Indore Smart city projectIndore Special Purpose Vehicle is open to receive proof of concepts and demonstrations from solution vendorsThe Smart city SPV revised the Smart city proposal and identified new list of projects for implementation……to give way for State-of-the-art solutions for urban governanceAs per the revised list of projects, housing and energy sector projects offer high-value opportunitiesThe OEM & Project Implementation segments offers several high-value opportunities greater than INR 100 Cr.Approximately INR 2,000 Cr. worth projects have been scheduled to be completed by 2021Go-to-Market RecommendationsGo-to-Market approaches for private players to participate in Smart city projects in India have been identified…Evaluation of opportunities to determine Go-to-market approaches – Ease of implementation and priority of implementation drive direct procurement contracts The Way ForwardIndore Smart city project is in early stage of implementation and offers potential in long-term projects for OEM and implementation agenciesAppendixList of Abbreviations usedAnnexure: Our ServicesMaximize opportunities from existing products and markets; systematically explore new products, markets, including inorganic OpportunitiesOur Growth Consulting CanvasLegal Disclaimer

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