Strategic Analysis of Smart Parking Market in Europe and North America

Smart Parking Revenue is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 17.9% to Reach $43.084 Billion in 2025

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The study analyses smart parking systems and their influence on the parking industry through technology-enabled parking solutions. It describes the ecosystem and market size for smart parking in Europe and North America, and analyzes the strategies of major parking operators, and parking app, infrastructure, and parking management companies. It also evaluates the link between parking and automotive industries, while highlighting investment and strategic partnerships. The study also discusses challenges in parking management and how the industry is working with city councils, governments, and infrastructure providers to deliver best services.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key FindingsExecutive Summary—Key Findings and Future OutlookExecutive Summary—Smart Parking in Pisa, ItalyExecutive Summary—Smart Parking in the US: LA Express ParkExecutive Summary—Key Differences in Parking: Europe and North AmericaExecutive Summary—Automotive OEMs’ Interests in Parking IndustryExecutive Summary—Automotive OEMs’ Interests in Parking Industry (continued)Executive Summary—Total Smart Parking Market EstimatesExecutive Summary—Associated MultimediaResearch Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions this Study will AnswerResearch BackgroundResearch MethodologyKey Companies Compared in this StudyDefinition and Segmentation of Smart ParkingDefinition of Smart ParkingSmart Parking SegmentsSmart Parking Segments (continued)Smart Parking Segments (continued)Smart Parking Market Overview—Positioning of Business ModelsSmart Parking Key Locations and Areas Smart Parking Key LocationsSmart Parking in Pisa, ItalyKey Cities in EuropeKey City Analysis—ParisKey City Analysis—BarcelonaKey City Analysis—LondonParking Regulations (Existing and New Laws)Smart Parking in the US—LA Express ParkKey Cities in North AmericaKey City Analysis for Parking—San FranciscoKey City Analysis for Parking—New YorkKey City Analysis for Parking—ChicagoParking Regulations (Existing and New Laws)Smart Parking EcosystemSmart Parking EcosystemSmart Key Industry ParticipantsOverview—Automotive OEMs’ Interests in Parking IndustryOverview—Automotive OEMs’ Interests in Parking Industry (continued)Smart Parking TechnologiesKey Parking InnovationsCase Studies—Smart Parking Key ParticipantsCase Study—Park2getherCase Study—JustParkCase Study—EasyParkCase Study—ParkopediaCase Study—ParkeonCase Study—ParkmobileCase Study—ParkTagCase Study—StreetlineCase Study—Streetline IoT Smart ParkingCase Study—Streetline Product Portfolio SummarySmart Parking ForecastsSmart Parking DefinitionTotal Smart Parking Market EstimatesMarket Estimates—P2P Parking and Online ReservationForecast Scenario Assumptions for P2P Parking and Online ReservationMarket Estimates for Parking Infrastructure and Hardware/Software ProvidersForecast Scenario Assumptions for Parking Infrastructure and Hardware/Software Providers Market Estimates for Mobile Parking Payment CompaniesForecast Scenario Assumptions for Mobile Parking Payment CompaniesMarket Estimates for Parking Management CompaniesForecast Scenario Assumptions for Parking Management CompaniesMarket Estimates for Parking OperatorsForecast Scenario Assumptions for Parking OperatorsTechnology Roadmap of Parking IndustrySmart Parking Key TrendsKey Areas of Innovation across EcosystemKey Areas of Innovation across Ecosystem (continued)Smart Parking to Cities—Streetline and LafayetteSmart Parking to Cities—Streetline and Lafayette (continued)Smart Parking in Automotive Industry—Case Study: ParkopediaInvestment Areas of Interest Investment Areas of Interest (continued)Conclusions and Future OutlookKey Conclusions and Future OutlookThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixParking Industry Estimates Based on Potential Turnover and SpacesParking Industry Estimates Based on Potential Turnover and Spaces (continued)Industry EcosystemHighlights of European Parking IndustryHighlights of US Parking IndustryKey DefinitionsKey Definitions (continued)Efficient Parking Management StrategiesTable of Acronyms UsedLearn More—Next StepsMarket Engineering Methodology

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