Strategic Analysis of the Global Subcompact SUV and Crossover Market

At Least 46 OEMs with Nearly 84 Models Target 7.4 Million in Sales by 2022

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The aim of the research is to identify and understand the growth of subcompact SUVs and what this trend means for the industry on a global scale. This research aims to provide a detailed overview and strategic analysis of subcompact SUV and crossover market participants, models, and customers in different regions/geographies. A direction is provided in terms of forecasts and growth rates for subcompact SUVs and crossovers worldwide and key target regions. An insight on current and future technology trends targeted by this segment of vehicles is highlighted. Target customer types, demographic trends, OEM strategies, competitive benchmarking, competitive factors, market shares, and product portfolio analysis are

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key FindingsExecutive Summary—Definition and SegmentationExecutive Summary—Key Characteristics and OfferingsExecutive Summary—Subcompact SUV and Crossover OEM RoadmapExecutive Summary—Global Market Opportunity and ForecastsExecutive Summary—Top 20 Subcompact SUV Global Model AnalysisExecutive Summary—Top 5 Models and Their PlatformsExecutive Summary—Subcompact SUV Target DemographicExecutive Summary—Previous Attempts and Lessons LearnedExecutive Summary—Future Outlook and Key FindingsAssociated MultimediaResearch Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions This Study Will AnswerResearch BackgroundResearch MethodologyKey OEMs Compared in This StudyDefinitions and SegmentationVehicle Segment DefinitionsIntroduction to the Subcompact Vehicles MarketTotal Subcompact Vehicles MarketOEMs Operating in the Target MarketModels Competing for Market Share in the Target MarketSubcompact SUV Philosophy—Capturing White Space is KeySubcompact SUV Penetration PathwayAttempts at Subcompact SUV White SpaceSubcompact SUV and Crossover Market OverviewSubcompact SUV and Crossover Roadmap of NA OEMsSubcompact SUV and Crossover Roadmap of European OEMsSubcompact SUV and Crossover Roadmap of APAC OEMsSubcompact SUV and Crossover Roadmap of Chinese OEMsSubcompact SUV and Crossover Market Forecasts Global Market Opportunity and Forecasts—3 ScenariosContributing Regional Markets Share—Frost & Sullivan ScenarioGlobal Market Growth Opportunities—Frost & Sullivan ScenarioRegional Market AnalysisNA OEMs—Models and Growth: Conservative ScenarioModels Competing for Subcompact SUV Market Share in NAEuropean OEM—Models and Growth: Conservative ScenarioModels Competing for Subcompact SUV Market Share in EuropeAPAC OEMs—Models and Growth: Conservative ScenarioModels Competing for Subcompact SUV Market Share in APACChinese OEMs—Models and Growth: Conservative ScenarioComparative Benchmarking of the Subcompact SUV and Crossover MarketComparative Benchmarking of the Subcompact SUV: DimensionsComparative Benchmarking of Subcompact SUV Market: MSRPComparative Benchmarking of the Subcompact SUV: MPGComparative Benchmarking of Subcompact SUV Market: Curb WeightComparative Benchmarking of Subcompact SUV Market: Cargo VolumeComparative Benchmarking of Subcompact SUV Market: EngineTop 20 Subcompact SUV Global Models—2015 AnalysisTop 20 Subcompact SUV Global Models—2022 Analysis2022 Top 20 Models and Their PlatformsSubcompact SUV and Crossover DemographicSubcompact SUV and Crossover Target DemographicSubcompact SUV and Crossover Target—MillennialsSubcompact SUV—Expected Demographic AnalysisConclusions and Future OutlookFuture Outlook and Key FindingsThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixAbbreviations and Acronyms UsedBusiness Strategy and Innovation Group (BSIG) Research Program—2015 Production PlanMarket Engineering Methodology

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