Strategic Analysis of the Indian Biofuels Market

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The world is heating up, and with it the defining issue of our time - Global Warming! As this issue among others such as rising crude oil prices and depleting fossil fuel reserves gains momentum, biofuels among other sources of renewable energy are drawing interest as alternatives to fossil fuels. With an increasing number of governments now supporting this cause in the form of mandates and other policy initiatives the Biofuels industry is poised to grow at a phenomenal rate.Industry participantsof all sizes, from large corporate houses to undersized set-ups are now trying to grab a pie of the biofuels market.This position paper aims at understanding the dynamics of various markets and achieve scales in line wi

Table of Contents

Strategic Analysis of the Indian Biofuels Market, Executive SummaryFrost & Sullivan’s Analysis of the Indian Biofuels Sector Why Biofuels?Strategic Analysis of the Indian Biofuels Market, Indian Biodiesel MarketPrefaceA Hard FactBiodiesel BasicsWhy Biodiesel?Is Biodiesel Carbon Neutral?India Calling - Is there an Opportunity for Biodiesel in India?The Solution So FarManufacturing Economics How is Biodiesel Manufactured?The Principles of ProductionBiodiesel Production Economics—What are the Risks?Indian Biodiesel Market - Where are we Today?A Status CheckWhy are we Still Lagging as Compared to our European Counterparts?If not for Commercial Manufacture What Kind of Activities have been Happening?What has Happened on the Regulation Front?What could have been?Export Market OpportunitiesFeedstock AnalysisFeedstock Options – Global OutlookHow does the Issue of Feedstock Impact a Biodiesel Manufacturer’s Business Model?But Why Jatropha?What is the Opportunity For Jatropha Plantations in India?What Has the Indian Government Done to Promote Jatropha?The Jatropha Movement – Is this Enough?Market DyanamicsIndustry ChallengesMarket DriversMarket RestraintsFrost & Sullivan’s Suggestions on the Way ForwardWhat can the Government do to Support the Industry?How can the Farmer be Protected?How to Address the Concerns of the Private Sector?What can the Indian Government do to Promote Jatropha?What should the National Biofuels Policy Address?Frost & Sullivan’s Opinion on Key ConcernsRecommendationsCan the Indian Manufacturer be Cost Competitive Globally?Precursors to a Good Strategy!Strategic Analysis of the Indian Biofuels Market, Indian Bioethanol MarketPrefaceBioethanol BasicsWhat is Happening Around the World?Bioethanol Value ChainIndian Bioethanol Market – Where are we Today? The RationaleThe Sugar and Alcohol LinkWhat is the Current Status?What is the Demand for Fuel Ethanol?What has been the Government’s Role So Far?Roadblocks Hampering the Implementation of the Ethanol Blending ProgramFrost & Sullivan’s Analysis – What Could Be?Potential Demand for Fuel EthanolCan Current Capacities Sustain Potential Demand?Is the Production Enough to Cater to the Fuel Ethanol Demand?The Problem in Directly Manufacturing Fuel Ethanol from Sugarcane JuiceFeedstock AnalysisFeedstock Options – Global OutlookWhat are India’s Options?Why Look at Alternate Feedstock?Why Sweet Sorghum?Cellulosic Ethanol as an Alternative FeedstockTechnologies Currently Being Studied to Produce Cellulosic EthanolWhat Kind of Research is Currently Being Carried Out in this Regard?On the Process Technology FrontHow is Ethanol Currently Produced?What is the Main Focus of Technological Advancement in the Area of Bioethanol?Globally Emerging TechnologiesMarket DyanamicsMarket DriversMarket RestraintsFrost & Sullivan’s Suggestions on Key ConcernsRecommendationsStrategic Analysis of the Indian Biofuels Market, Looking ForwardConclusionConclusion

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