Technologies Impacting the Future of Food and Beverage Sector (TechVision)

Emerging Technologies and Trends that Can Influence the Future of Global Food and Beverage Industry

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This research service covers emerging technologies and trends that are likely to have a high impact on the future of the global food and beverage (F&B) industry. The research, in particular, emphasizes on the key health and wellness trends in the F&B space. The key technological aspects behind each trend are highlighted. The research highlights the existing and emerging technology convergence trends that can shape the F&B industry.The research service Highlights the recent advances across enzyme technologies, gene editing, biosensors, packaging, Big Data, and three-dimensional (3D) printing platforms that are likely to impact the global F&B markets. Furthermore, the research provides insights into each technolo

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of Research1.2 Research Process and Methodology1.3 Key Findings: Emerging Technologies from Other Industries Expected to Influence the Future of Global F&B Sector2.0 Key Technologies Impacting the Future of Food & Beverage Industry2.1 Key Technologies and Trends Impacting the Global F&B Sector2.2 Health & Wellness Trends Are Increasingly Impacting the Food Industry2.3 Emerging Trends Are Likely to Fuel Novel Technological Advances2.4 Global Food Technology Landscape Is Striving to Meet Evolving Consumer Choices2.5 The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) May Alleviate the Incidences of Foodborne Illnesses in the near Future2.6 The Global Outcome of GM Food Debate Is Likely to Have a Big Impact on Future Food Production Trends2.7 Consumer Driven Trends Are Fueling Technology Convergence across a Wide Range of F&B Applications3.0 Advances in Enzyme Technologies3.1 Microbial Enzyme Technologies Gaining Prominence in Several Applications3.2 Enzymes Continue to Have Increasing Impact Across Various Production Processes3.3 Enzymes for Enhancing Dough Quality and Improving Vegetable and Meat Processing Continue to Be of Interest3.4 Enzyme Technologies Are Empowering Improved Extraction, Stabilization, Maturation and Production of Alcoholic Beverages3.5 Enzyme Technologies Are Likely to Aid the Enhancement of Consumer Health in the near Future4.0 Developments across Gene Editing Platforms4.1 Emerging Gene Editing Platforms Likely to Impact Crop and Livestock Farming4.2 Nuclease-based Gene Editing Methods Dominate Agriculture and Animal Husbandry4.3 New Nuclease and Non-nuclease Gene Editing Platforms Likely to Emerge in the Near Future4.4 Emerging Gene Editing Technologies Will Enable Improved Crop Production and Personalized Nutrition in the Future5.0 Biosensor Technologies for Ensuring Food Safety5.1 New Biosensor Platforms Will Improve Global Food Safety5.2 Biotechnological Advances Fuelling Innovations in Molecular Food Testing Platforms5.3 Advances in Big Data and Multi-omics Platforms Can Impact the Future of Biosensors6.0 Food Packaging Technologies for Shelf Life Extension6.1 Emergence of Novel Smart and Sustainable Packaging Solutions6.2 Hybrid, Smart, and Nano-Packaging Technologies to Emerge as High-impact Innovations6.3 Active and Edible Packing Solutions May Fuel Innovations across the Global F&B Packaging Industry6.4 Customized, Edible, and Smart Packaging Innovations May Define the Future of F&B Packaging7.0 Big Data Analytics for F&B Sector7.1 Big Data Analytics Will Enable Advances in Food Sampling and Microbiome Sequencing7.2 Big Data Analytics Will Fuel Global Food Safety Processes7.3 Big Data Technologies Likely to Impact Food Labeling in the Near Future7.4 Big Data Technologies Will Fuel Disruptive Innovations and Technology Convergence across the Global F&B Sector8.0 Advances in 3D Printing Platforms for F&B Applications8.1 3D Printing Technologies Will Influence the Manufacture of Customized Products8.2 Additive Manufacturing Technologies Have Unique Production Methods8.3 3D Printing Will Highly Impact Confectionary Making8.4 Emerging 3D Printing Innovations for Creating Nutritional and Customized Food Products8.5 3D Printing Platforms Will Help Define the Future of Sustainable, Customized and Gourmet F&B Innovations9.0 Strategic Insights9.1 US and Europe Continue to Lead the Technology Development and Adoption Landscape9.2 Optimal Convergence, Collaborations and Pricing Strategies Will Improve Technology Management across the Global F&B Sector9.3 Technology Convergence across Diverse Sectors Will Most Likely Shape the Future of Several F&B Innovations10.0 Industry Interactions10.1 Key Contacts10.1 Key Contacts (Continued)Legal Disclaimer11.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story11.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story11.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career11.3 Global Perspective11.4 Industry Convergence11.5 360º Research Perspective11.6 Implementation Excellence11.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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