Technologies Impacting the Future of Korea

Technologies that Will Disrupt the Korean Innovation Landscape

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Korea is one of the world’s biggest innovators in terms of research and development, patent activity, number of high-tech companies, value-added manufacturing, and researcher density per million of population. Korea’s remarkable economic rise over the past decade can be attributed to the high amount of innovation and the rapid technology development. This report aims to outline broadly, those technologies that will disrupt the Korean innovation landscape in the near horizon. Ten technologies that we consider to be most impactful across a diverse technology areas have been profiled in this report, and they areBig Data technology5GSmart FactoriesRapid ChargingHealthcare ITDigital BiomarkersSmart Water Managem

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope 2.0 Key Findings2.1 5G is Expected to be Commercialized by 20192.2 Smart Water Technologies Will Receive Increased Funding2.3 The Electric Vehicle Market is Expected to Reach 30% of Market Share by 20222.4 Graphene is Key Material in Lightweight Material Development3.0 Big Data3.1 Big Data Technology Combined with Advanced Analytic Tools Will Be the Key Driving Force for the Korean Market3.2 Big Data Applications in the Korean Market3.3 South Korea's Big Data Analytics Companies Are Exploring Partnerships to Scale up their Business Offerings3.4 SK Telecom is the Powerhouse of Big Data Technology Innovation in South Korea3.5 The Korean Public and Private Sectors Need to Spend on Big Data Development to Sustain in the IoT Ecosystem4.0 5G4.1 5G Technology Penetration Rate in Korea Is Expected to Reach 5% by 20204.2 Emerging Applications Roadmap for Korean 5G Market4.3 South Korea's Telcos are Partnering with Technology Vendors to Speed up 5G Development and Services in the Country.4.4 Samsung is the Powerhouse of 5G Technology Innovation in South Korea4.5 Confusion over Standard Global 5G Norms is Hindering the Smooth Adoption of 5G Technology across the Globe, Including Korea5.0 Smart Factories5.1 Trends Driving Manufacturing Innovations in Korea5.2 Key Funding Initiatives5.3 Key Technology Focus Areas of Korean Smart Manufacturing Developers5.4 Key Trends, Technologies, and Enabling Applications5.5 Patent and Research Focus Areas5.6 Future of Smart Factories: Technology Roadmap6.0 Rapid Charging6.1 Korea is Emerging to be Potential Market for Rapid Charging Driven by Government Initiatives to Deploy Charging Stations6.2 Impact of Key Megatrends – Charging-as-a-Service Business Model can Open up New Revenue Streams6.3 Majority of the Patents Filed Intend to Improve the Sophistication of Charging Circuits6.4 Technology Adoption Roadmap – Forecast 2022 6.5 Global Industry Leaders will Drive Growth Opportunities in South Korea7.0 Healthcare IT7.1 MedTech Market in Korea is Growing at an Annual Rate of 6%, Boosting Adoption of Digital Healthcare Solutions7.2 Healthcare IT Solutions Centralize the entire Process of Care Delivery via Integration of Systems For Better Efficiency7.3 Developments within Artificial Intelligence Steer Adoption of Healthcare IT Solutions Catering to Emerging Industry Needs7.4 South Korea Leads Most Asian Countries in the Intensity of Funding Available for Technology Development in the Area of Health IT7.5 Short-term Tech Roadmap7.6 Medium-term Tech Roadmap7.7 Long-term Tech Roadmap8.0 Digital Biomarkers8.1 Growing Number of Clinical Trials across Medical Facilities in South Korea is Enabling Identification of Potential Digital Biomarkers8.2 Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, and Glycomics Represent Large Areas Under Which a Range of Digital Biomarkers has Been Identified8.3 Collaborative Research between Academia and Industry Paves Way For Identification of Digital Biomarkers8.4 South Korea Leads Most Asian Countries in the Intensity of Financial Support Available for Research on Digital Biomarkers8.5 Short-term Tech Roadmap8.6 Medium-term Tech Roadmap8.7 Long-term Tech Roadmap9.0 Smart Water Management9.1 Smart Water Infrastructure Will Aid in Proper Management of Fresh Water Resources in South Korea9.2 Water, Wastewater, and Agricultural Sectors Will be Influenced by the Development of Smart Water Grids9.3 Initiatives from Various Ministries Will Provide Important Support for the Development of Smart Water Infrastructure9.4 Funding for Developing Smart Water Grid Infrastructure will Reduce the Load on Fresh Water Resources in Korea9.5 Innovations Based on ICT and Advanced Metering Infrastructure Will Optimize the Efficiency of Smart Water Grids9.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning10.0 Electric Vehicles10.1 Greater Prospects for Emission Reduction is the Major Driver for Electric Vehicle Adoption in Korea10.2 Electric Vehicles Are Poised to Be a Major Integral Component in the Korean Automobile Industry10.3 South Korea Has an Established Supply Chain for Facilitating EV Market Take-Off10.4 Key Funding and Partnerships Influencing South Korean EV Market10.5 Future Roadmap for Development of EVs in Korea11.0 Lightweight Materials11.1 Lightweight Materials are in Demand for Improving Fuel Efficiency and Imparting Flexibility in Electronic Devices11.2 Key Stakeholder Developments: Significant R&D Initiatives on Fabricating Lightweight Materials with Additional Functionalities11.3 Strategic Insights: Collaborative R&D Initiatives and Joint Development Projects Would Help Increase Market Stronghold12.0 Bio-based Materials12.1 Bio-based Materials to Promote Sustainability and Recyclability12.2 Key Stakeholder Developments: Innovations on Bioplastic Packaging are Leading12.3 Strategic Insights: Future Focus is Toward Enhancing Sustainability Potential of the MaterialLegal Disclaimer

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