Technology Convergence Scenarios (Technical Insights)

Technology Convergence

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5 Convergence Scenario Examples using the top 50 technologies generated by Technical Insights in 2014

Table of Contents

Technology Convergence Scenario 1Self Healing Oil and Gas Infrastructure Self Healing Oil and Gas Infrastructure Realizing Self Healing Oil and Gas InfrastructureImpact of Technologies that help facilitate Self Healing Oil and Gas Pipelines and InfrastructuresPromoting Self repairing through Self Healing MaterialsFlexible Electronics help identify/trigger self healing mechanismEnhanced Protection Using Superhydrophobic Coatings Technology Convergence Scenario 2Next Generation Industrial Plant MonitoringNext Generation Industrial Plant MonitoringImpact of Technological Enablers in Realizing The Next-Gen Industrial Plant Business and Technology Benefits of Converging TechnologiesEffective Training of Personnel using Augmented RealityBetter Management and Control of Plant OperationsMinimize Loss of Assets by Effective Disaster ManagementEvaluation of Plant before ConstructionTechnology Convergence Scenario 3Customized Wound HealingCustomized Wound Healing SolutionsRealizing the Future in Wound Healing SolutionsImpact of Technology Enablers to Realize Customized Wound Healing Solutions3D Printing for Customizing Wound Healing ProductsReducing Wound Healing Time With Self Healing MaterialsImproving Healing Mechanism through Polymer ChameleonsStem Cells for accelerated wound healingTechnology Convergence Scenario 4Next Generation 3D PrintingDriving Future Three-Dimensional (3D)Printing ProcessImpact of Technological Enablers in improving 3D Printing ProcessPotential Benefits of the Converging TechnologiesImproving Manufacturing Efficiency in the Aerospace SectorEasing the Printing Process for Commercial and Consumer users Effective Prototype Design for Healthcare and Automotive SectorTechnology Convergence Scenario 5Self Healing Artificial OrgansDriving the future of Implants through Self Healing Artificial OrgansTechnology Enablers That Make Self Healing Artificial Organs A RealitySelf Healing Artificial OrgansStem Cells For Superior Regeneration Customized Implants through 3D PrintingPolymer Chameleons for Personalizing ImplantsPromoting Load Bearing Capacity With Carbon FibersTechnologies – A Brief DescriptionTechnologies – A Brief Description

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