The Top Trends for 2018

The Power of Technology and Technology Companies

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This report looks at global trends set to make an impact in 2018. Every year Frost & Sullivan's Visionary Innovation Team of futurists, consultants, and analysts scans the short-term horizon and looks across industries to identify areas of disruption in the new year. This year the power of technology and technology companies has emerged as a key theme across the identified trend, but topics range from political to environmental issues to increasing adoption of behavioral science principles.Trends identified include:The Corporate Valuation Race2018 is likely to be the year that a leading tech company (think Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Amazon) surpasses the trillion-dollar valuation mark. The question that an

Table of Contents

Introduction to Top 2018 Trends to WatchIntroductionTop Trends for 2018Comparative Analysis of Top Trends for 2018Profiles of Top 2018 Trends to WatchQuantum Arms RaceQuantum Arms Race (continued)Quantum Arms Race (continued)Politics Undergoes a Generational ShiftPolitics Undergoes a Generational Shift (continued)Politics Undergoes a Generational Shift (continued)Global Natural Disaster StrategiesGlobal Natural Disaster Strategies (continued)Global Natural Disaster Strategies (continued)The Rise of Enterprise Behavioral ScienceThe Rise of Enterprise Behavioral Science (continued)The Rise of Enterprise Behavioral Science (continued)Companies Listening to YouCompanies Listening to You (continued)Companies Listening to You (continued)The Corporate Valuation RaceThe Corporate Valuation Race (continued)The Corporate Valuation Race (continued)The Innovation Tug-of-WarThe Innovation Tug-of-War (continued)The Innovation Tug-of-War (continued)Combating MisinformationCombating Misinformation (continued)Combating Misinformation (continued)Shift Away from Platform-Only Models Shift Away from Platform-Only Models (continued)Shift Away from Platform-Only Models (continued)On the Verge of Flying Personal Consumer TransportationOn the Verge of Flying Personal Consumer Transportation (continued)On the Verge of Flying Personal Consumer Transportation (continued)ConclusionCommon ThemesLegal DisclaimerAppendixList of Exhibits


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