Top Global Mega Trends to 2025 and Implications to Business, Society, and Cultures (2014 Edition)

Macro to Micro Implications of Mega Trends

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The research service sets the stage for visionary thinking by identifying and analyzing various Mega Trends that will impact and shape the global economy, society, and culture. For the purpose of this study, Mega Trends are categorized by urbanization, society, economy, technology, infrastructure, business, health and wellness, and top industries. This presentation also highlights examples of projects, companies, and technologies that will invade and change the business ecosystem worldwide during the next decade. The research service also provides an analysis of macro-to-micro implications of the Mega Trends on various industries in driving convergence of competition.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary—Definitions and Key FindingsDefinition of Mega Trends And Top Mega Trends Tracked by Frost & SullivanMega Trend UniverseExecutive Summary—Key Findings of the StudyExecutive Summary—Key Findings of the Study (continued)Executive Summary—Key Findings of the Study (continued)Executive Summary—Key Findings of the Study (continued)Executive Summary—Key Findings of the Study (continued)Executive Summary—Key Findings of the Study (continued)Executive Summary—Top 10 Transformational Shifts by 2020Executive Summary: Transformational Shift 1—Connected LivingExecutive Summary: Transformational Shift 2—Big Data DelugeExecutive Summary: Transformational Shift 3—Smart CitiesExecutive Summary: Transformational Shift 4—Wearable ComputingExecutive Summary: Transformational Shift 5—Sensorization of ThingsExecutive Summary: Transformational Shift 6—Sharing EconomyExecutive Summary: Transformational Shift 7—Circular EconomyExecutive Summary: Transformational Shift 8—3D PrintingExecutive Summary: Transformational Shift 9—Resource NexusExecutive Summary: Transformational Shift 10—Rise of the RobotsExecutive Summary—The 10 Key Industries of the FutureExecutive Summary—Mega Trends Roadmap Executive Summary—Mega Trends Roadmap (continued)Executive Summary—Mega Trends Roadmap (continued)Executive Summary—Mega Trends Roadmap (continued)Executive Summary—The Mega Trend MatrixExecutive Summary—Associated MultimediaResearch Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesResearch BackgroundFrom Macro to Micro TrendsDefinitions Used in thDefinitionsDefinitions (continued)Definitions (continued)Definitions (continued)Definitions (continued)Definitions (continued)Definitions (continued)Definitions (continued)Definitions (continued)Definitions (continued)Definitions (continued)Mega Trend 1: Connectivity and ConvergenceMega Trend 1: Connectivity and Convergence—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction: Connectivity and ConvergenceConnected LivingConnected Living—Value Chain of Smart SolutionsConnected Living Market SizeConnected Living—Breakdown by SegmentsConnected Living—Vision of a Connected CityConnected Living—M2M Value Chain Expands to Offer Connected ServicesConnected Living—Innovative Mobile Connected Working ExamplesBig Data AnalyticsBig Data Analytics (continued)Big Data Analytics: Case StudySensory TrackingSensory Tracking (continued)Future of Consumer DevicesSpace JameGovernance and mGovernanceGamificationGamification (continued)Virtual CurrencyMacro-to-Micro: The Connectivity Implications Matrix 2020Macro-to-Micro: Connectivity Pushing ConvergenceCase Study: Convergence of Competition—Example of Smart Energy IndustryMacro-to-micro Implications of Connectivity and Convergence on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 2: Bricks and Clicks Mega Trend 2: Bricks and Clicks—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction: Bricks and ClicksGlobal Retail Sales: Online versus OfflineGlobal Online Retail SalesGlobal Retail Sales: Online versus Offline—Global B2B Online Retail MarketMega Trends Impacting the Retail IndustryBricks and Clicks ModelVirtual Stores—New Generation of Grocery ShoppingOnline Hypermarkets—Selling Everything OnlineInteractive Store Marketing—Digitizing In-store MarketingNew Retailing Business Models—The Bricks and Clicks MatrixMacro to MicroMacro to Micro: From Big Box to Small BoxMacro to Micro: Retail Becomes Self Service with ConnectivityMacro-to-micro Implications of Bricks and Clicks Models on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 3: Smart Is the New GreenMega Trend 3: Smart Is the New Green—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction: Definition of Smart CitiesGlobal Smart City MarketSmart City Market—Detailed BreakdownGlobal Smart Cities in 2025Sustainable/Eco Cities in 2025Smart City RolesSmart City Roles—Examples of a Smart City Typical Suite of Solutions*Smart City Roles—Smart City Ecosystem Smart City Roles—Smart City Wishlist of Products/ServicesSmart City Roles—Smart City Business ModelsSmart City Stakeholder DynamicsFuture Outlook for Smart CitiesMacro-to-micro Implications of Smart Is the New Green on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 4: Future of EnergyMega Trend 4: Future of Energy—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction: Future of Energy—Key TrendsSmart Grid—The Future Energy InternetEnergy Harvesting MarketEnergy Harvesting: Case Study—Pavegen’s Energy Harvesting TilesSolar PV Energy OutlookSolar PV Installed Capacity ForecastShale Gas OutlookShale Gas Outlook (continued)Outlook for Gas-fired Generation—Gas Capacity ForecastEnergy Management Systems—Energy Efficiency and Smart BuildingsMacro-to-micro Implications of Future of Energy on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 5: Future of MobilityMega Trend 5: Future of Mobility—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction—Automotive Sales TrendsRise of eMobilityConnected CarsTelematics-based InsuranceMicro-mobility MarketIntegrated MobilityIntegrated Mobility (continued)Mobility Leading to Convergence of CompetitionGlobal Car SharingCorporate Car Sharing—A New Business Mobility Model Taking OffNew Business ModelsNew Business Models—Macro-to-micro Implications of Future of Mobility on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 6: Infrastructure DevelopmentMega Trend 6: Future of Infrastructure—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction—Global Infrastructure InvestmentsTransport InfrastructureHigh-speed Rail to Connect Continents in the FutureInvestment Plans in the Rail MarketInvestment Plans in the Rail Market (continued)Power InfrastructureWater InfrastructureWater Infrastructure (Continued)Macro-to-micro Implications of Infrastructure and Development on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 7: Economic and Global Resource TrendsMega Trend 7: Economic Mega Trends—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction: Key Segments of Economic TrendsFuture of BRICSFuture of BRICS: Economic Takeovers SlowedThe Next Game Changers in 2025 (Beyond BRICS)Future of Resources—Redrawing the Resource MapDefining a Key Resource and Understanding the Resource NexusFood—Signs of ShortageFood—Technologies/New DiscoveriesEnergy—Signs of ShortageEnergy—Technology/New DiscoveriesWater—Signs of ShortageWater Desalination as a Future Water SourceDeveloping Water Business ModelNew Avenues for Resources: Deep Sea MiningNew Avenues for Resources: Circular EconomyCircular Economy Business ModelsCase Study: Caterpillar Remanufacturing ModelMacro-to-micro Implications of Economic Trends on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 8: UrbanizationMega Trend 8: Urbanization—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction—4 Main Trends in UrbanizationGlobal Urban Population—Top 10 CountriesGlobal Mega CitiesTop Mega Regions Worldwide in 2025Mega Corridors in 2025Global Mega Slums in 2025Macro-to-micro Implications of Urbanization on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 9: Social TrendsMega Trend 9: Social Trends—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction—Key Social TrendsGen Y PhenomenonShe-conomyShe-conomyShe-conomyAging PopulationAging Population—Future Aged Societies of 2025The Middle BulgeCase Study: Gucci and Middle Class in ChinaWorking Age Demographic DividendGeosocializationHeterogeneous SocietyHeterogeneous Society (continued)Macro-to-micro Implications of Social Trends on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 10: Health, Wellness, and WellbeingMega Trend 10: Health, Wellness, and Wellbeing—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction—Health, Wellness, and WellbeingWellness FirstShift to Wellness Impacting the Entire Spectrum of CareFuture Patient-centric Healthcare SystemPatient as the Center of FocusPatient as the Center of Focus (continued)Smart Technology and the Future of HealthcareSmart Technology and the Future of Healthcare (continued)Future of Healthcare Delivery—Territorial and Bricks and ClicksFuture of Healthcare Delivery—Territorial and Bricks and Clicks (continued)Global Healthcare InvestmentRobotic HealthcareMacro-to-micro Implications of Health, Wellness, and Wellbeing on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 11: Innovating to ZeroMega Trend 11: Innovating to Zero—Key Sub-trendsExamples of Innovating to ZeroCase Study: Atos’s Vision for a Zero-email CompanyMacro-to-micro Implications of Innovating to Zero on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesMega Trend 12: New Business ModelsMega Trend 12: New Business Models—Key Sub-trendsOverview and Introduction—Examples of New Business ModelsPersonalization and CustomizationValue for Many Business ModelsCase Study: Godrej Low-cost RefrigeratorCase Study: Aravind Eye Care HospitalSharing EconomyCase Study—AirbnbCo-creationMacro-to-micro Implications of New Business Models on Future Industries, People, and BusinessesTop Industries of the FutureTop Industries of the FutureTop 10 Mature Industries of the FutureGlobal Energy and Power IndustryGlobal ICT IndustryGlobal Oil and Gas IndustryGlobal Pharma and Healthcare IndustryGlobal Metals and Mining IndustryGlobal Aerospace and Defense IndustryGlobal Electronics IndustryGlobal Automotive IndustryGlobal Chemicals, Materials, and Food IndustryGlobal Engineering and Construction IndustryTop 10 Developing Industries of the FutureTop Emerging Industries—Key TakeawaysBig Data AnalyticsOnline Retail3D Printing to Transform the Traditional Manufacturing Arena and Create New Business Models3D Printing Transforming to 4D with Shape-shifting ObjectsCyber SecurityUrban LogisticsPersonal RobotsCloud ComputingWaste ManagementConclusion—Recommendations and StrategiesWhat Will the Future Look Like?Key Strategic ChallengesMega Trends Roadmap Mega Trends Roadmap (continued)Mega Trends Roadmap (continued)Mega Trends Roadmap (continued)Legal DisclaimerAppendixTable of Acronyms UsedTable of Acronyms Used (continued)Table of Acronyms Used (continued)Table of Acronyms Used (continued)ConnectivityConnected LivingNetwork ConnectivityWater Infrastructure Plans in South AfricaPower InfrastructureOutlook for Nuclear Power GenerationNuclear Capacity Forecast and Installed Capacity by TechnologyWind Power Capacity ForecastThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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