Top Technology Hypes of the Future

Top Transformational Technologies to Change the Globe Beyond 2030

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Brain-controlled computers, wireless electricity, self-assembling materials, nanobots, and flexible electronics are among the top ten technologies that will transform lives in the coming decades. These technologies, shortlisted for their capacity to have the most disruptive and transformative impact on the future, are expected to emerge as the most potentially influential technologies from 2030 and beyond. These visionary innovations stand above among others for their audacious proposition to change lives, ranging from saving energy to curing cancer. This Mega Trends document will shine a light on such technologies and explore their potential and possible future applications.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryDefinition of a Technology HypeExecutive Summary—Top Technology Hypes: Scope of the ResearchParameters Used to Identify Technology HypesExecutive Summary—Summary of Top Technology HypesExecutive Summary—Summary of Top Technology Hypes (continued)Executive Summary—Top Technology Hypes: Innovation HotspotsExecutive Summary—Top Technology Hypes: Media Traction Executive Summary—Case Study: WiTricity CorporationExecutive Summary—Energy Harvesters: Level of MaturityExecutive Summary—Technology Hype MappingIntroduction and Benchmarking of Top TechnologiesDefinition of a Technology HypeParameters Used to Identify Technology HypesTop Technology Hypes Benchmarked for the StudyScoring Matrix—Technology Hypes BenchmarkingTop Technology Hypes—Scope of the ResearchResearch MethodologyDefinitions of TechnologiesDefinitions of Technologies (continued)Top Technology Hypes—Activity by Media Traction Top Technology Hypes—Innovation HotspotsTechnology Hype 1—4-D Printing4-D Printing—Overview4-D Printing—Marketability4-D Printing—Scalability4-D Printing—Level of MaturityTechnology Hype 2—Brain Machine InterfacesBrain Machine Interface (BMI) Devices—OverviewBMI Devices—MarketabilityBMI Devices—ScalabilityBMI Devices—Level of MaturityCase Study—NeuroskyTechnology Hype 3—Smart PillsSmart Pills—OverviewSmart Pills—MarketabilitySmart Pills—ScalabilitySmart Pills—Level of MaturityCase Study—Proteus Digital HealthTechnology Hype 4—Cognitive ComputingCognitive Computing—OverviewCognitive Computing—MarketabilityCognitive Computing—ScalabilityCognitive Computing—Level of MaturityTechnology Hype 5—Wireless ElectricityWireless Electricity—OverviewWireless Electricity—MarketabilityWireless Electricity—ScalabilityWireless Electricity—Level of MaturityCase Study—WiTricity CorporationTechnology Hype 6—Graphene TechnologyGraphene Technology—OverviewGraphene Technology—MarketabilityGraphene Technology—ScalabilityGraphene Technology—Level of MaturityTechnology Hype 7—Energy HarvestersEnergy Harvesters—OverviewEnergy Harvesters—MarketabilityEnergy Harvesters—ScalabilityEnergy Harvesters—Level of MaturityCase Study—Pavegen SystemsTechnology Hype 8—Flexible ElectronicsFlexible Electronics—OverviewFlexible Electronics—MarketabilityFlexible Electronics—ScalabilityFlexible Electronics—Level of MaturityTechnology Hype 9—NanobotsNanobots—OverviewNanobots—MarketabilityNanobots—ScalabilityNanobots—Level of MaturityCase Study—HP LabsTechnology Hype 10—Haptic HolographyHaptic Holography—OverviewHaptic Holography—MarketabilityHaptic Holography—ScalabilityHaptic Holography—Level of MaturityCase Study—Ostendo TechnologiesStrategic RecommendationsStrategic RecommendationsTechnology Hype MappingLegal Disclaimer

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