Vision 2025 - The Future of Healthcare

Projecting Market Transformations and Growth Opportunities

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Global healthcare trends of aging populations, rising chronic disease prevalence, and urbanization are bound to further strain healthcare systems already grappling with issues of healthcare access, quality, and cost. New treatment paradigms are required that integrate elements of prediction, prevention, and automation to make care more affordable and efficient.This study explores how the healthcare landscape is expected to evolve, outlines new paradigms, highlights the key areas of growth within each sector, and focuses on challenges that regions will experience in achieving better healthcare futures. Key Focus Areas: •     How and to what degree will certain aspects of the healthcare

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Global Perspectives
2025 Healthcare Industry Evolution
Global Macro Healthcare Spend
2025 Global Healthcare Revenue
Key Disruptive Technologies to Impact Healthcare by 2025
Healthcare’s Emerging Business Models – Select Companies
Research Scope
Key Questions This Study Will Answer
2. Changing Healthcare Landscape
2025 Regional Economic Shifts
Economic Shifts in Global Health Expenditure
Demographic Shifts Affecting Healthcare
Disease Profile Shifts
Regional Disease Distribution Shifts
Past Economic Shifts in National Healthcare Expenditure
Transformation of the Healthcare Industry: 2015 to 2025
Healthcare Approach – Personalization is Key
Information Flow – Improving Health Outcomes
Clinical Outcomes – Norm of Patient Centricity
Treatment Focus – Shift to Wellness
Reimbursement Regulations – Value-based Care
Wellness Shifts
Regulatory Shifts
Government Policy Shifts
Healthcare System Upgrade: Current Status
3. Healthcare Market Revenue Forecasts
Healthcare Revenue
Healthcare Revenue by Sector in 2016 and 2025
Healthcare Revenue by Region in 2016 and 2025
4. Healthcare Growth Sectors
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Sector
Medical Technologies Sector
Medical Imaging Equipment Sector
In-vitro Diagnostics Sector
HCIT Sector
5. Global Healthcare Perspectives
2025 Healthcare Regional Challenges
Regional Inhibitors for Achieving a Better Healthcare Future
Perception of Regional Health Systems
Patient Health Self-Management
Connected Care: How do Regions Fare?
2025 Regional Focus on Technology Applications
Virtual Care Delivery
Public Health Education
Care Coordination
Future Health Index – Rankings
2025 Global Healthcare
6. Healthcare Business Model Evolution
Healthcare Industry Evolution
Impact of Transformational Shifts on the Healthcare Market
Healthcare 2025: The Connected Healthcare Ecosystem
Precision Medicine Essentials – Factors and Data Sources
Population Health
2025 Wellness Scenarios to Ponder
2025 Transformational Shifts: Today’s Ecosystem
7. ? Key Game-changing Technologies in Healthcare
2025 Technology Snapshot
Technology Commercialization and Maturation Timeframe
2025 Key Technologies
Technology Convergence and Healthcare Impact
8. Companies Changing Healthcare
Healthcare’s Emerging Business Models – Select Companies
New Business Models Affecting Healthcare Manufacturers
New Business Models Affecting Healthcare Personnel
New Business Models Affecting Healthcare Providers
New Business Models Affecting Healthcare Support Stakeholders
Disrupting the Status Quo
Non-healthcare Entrants’ Healthcare Applications
9. Key Conclusions
2015 Healthcare Senior Management Top-of-Mind Issues
Key Concluding Thoughts and Vision for the Industry
Legal Disclaimer
10. Appendix
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Countries Ranked by Healthcare Expenditure as % of GDP
Countries Ranked by Growth in Healthcare Expenditure (as % of GDP, between 2004 and 2014)
World Health Organization Region Definitions
2025 Global In-vitro Diagnostics Revenue Forecast
Additional Sources of Information on the Future of Healthcare
11. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Healthcare Industry: Market Outlook, Global, 2015 and 2025
2. Healthcare Industry: Greatest Challenges, Global, 2025

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