Water and Wastewater Treatment Market in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand - A CEO's 360-Degree Perspective

Multi-dimensional Thirst for Water Will Drive WWWT for the Tiger Cub Economies

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The water and wastewater treatment market in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand is expected to grow in tandem with its socio-economic growth. The market is growing, with demands primarily driven by the municipal need for providing water and sanitary services, as well as industry verticals such as food and beverage, power, automotive, and palm oil. While it is certain that the market is expected to grow, this research service provides insights that are segmented according to the Frost & Sullivan's CEO’s 360-degree perspective, which includes Mega Trends, Industry Convergence, Technology, Economic, Competitive, Customer, and Best Practices.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary—CEO’s 360-Degree PerspectiveExecutive Summary—CEO’s 360-Degree Perspective (continued)Executive Summary—CEO’s 360-Degree Perspective (continued)Executive Summary—Key TakeawaysIntroductionDefinitionsCountries OverviewCountries Overview—Indonesia Countries Overview—Malaysia Countries Overview—The Philippines Countries Overview—ThailandMarket OverviewMarket DynamicsMarket Dynamics (continued)Market Dynamics (continued)Market Dynamics (continued)Market EstimationMarket Estimation (continued)Market Estimation (continued)Market Estimation (continued)Market Estimation (continued)Market Estimation (continued)Market Estimation (continued)Market Estimation (continued)Trade of WWWT EquipmentTrade of WWWT Equipment (continued)Trade of WWWT Equipment (continued)Evolving Value ChainCommon Water Service Business Value Chain—Municipal End UserCommon Water Service Business Value Chain—Industrial End UserPublic–Private Partnership (PPP)Public–Private Partnership (continued)Public–Private Partnership—Contract TypesKey Opportunities for PPPCase StudyStrategic ResponseMega TrendsMega TrendsRelevant Mega Trends for the Water & Wastewater Treatment MarketRegional Mega TrendsMega Trends—Population Growth Mega Trends—Population Growth (continued) Mega Trends—UrbanizationMega Trends—Urbanization (continued)Implications of Mega TrendsImplications of Mega Trends (continued)Case Study—MBR Plant in ChinaCase Study—MBR Plant in China (continued)Strategic ResponseIndustry ConvergenceTop Opportunities with Other Environmental & Energy MarketsTop Opportunities with Other Non-Environmental & Energy MarketsCase StudiesStrategic ResponseTechnologyWater and Wastewater Treatment Technology Development—Membrane BioreactorWater and Wastewater Treatment Technology Development—Membrane Bioreactor (continued)Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology Development—Reverse OsmosisWater and Wastewater Treatment Technology Development—Reverse Osmosis (continued)Integration with Green TechnologiesCase Study—Green Water Treatment in CanadaCase Study—Green Water Treatment in Canada (continued)Case Study—Water-Saving Monitoring TechnologyCase Study—Water-Saving Monitoring Technology (continued)Strategic ResponseEconomicEconomic Game ChangerEconomic Game Changer (continued)Economic Game Changer (continued)Economic Game Changer (continued)Water Consumption Pattern Water Development Policies and InitiativesWater Reforms—PrivatizationWater Reforms—Privatization (continued)Water Source Penetration RateSanitation Penetration RateWater TariffsNon-Revenue Water (NRW)Non-Revenue Water (NRW) (continued)Case Study—Investments in IndonesiaCase Study—Investments in The PhilippinesStrategic ResponseCompetitiveCompetitive LandscapePresence of Key ParticipantsPresence of Key Participants (continued)Competitive Factor AssessmentMarket Entry RecommendationsCase Study—Reliance on Bottled WaterStrategic ResponseCustomerMunicipal Water Treatment Capacity AdditionMunicipal Wastewater Treatment Capacity AdditionIndustrial Demand for Water TreatmentGrowth of Manufacturing PlantsCase Study—Electrical and Electronics Industry, MalaysiaCase Study—Electrical and Electronics Industry, Malaysia (continued)Case Study—Palm Oil Industry, IndonesiaStrategic ResponseBest PracticesIndonesiaMalaysiaThe PhilippinesThailandStrategic ResponseFuture Direction of the Water and Wastewater Treatment Market Key Factors Affecting the Future of the MarketFuture Trends until 2017 and BeyondMarket PrioritizationLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryWho is Frost & SullivanWhat Makes Us UniqueTEAM MethodologyOur Global Footprint 40+ Offices

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