Aerospace & Defence 4.0

IIoT Set to Fuel the Metamorphosis of Aerospace Innovation Across All Stages of the Manufacturing Value Chain

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a powerful trend in the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry. This industry has been one of the forerunners in the IIoT maturity spectrum, having implemented sensor technology and computerized automation for several years in the recent past. Successful A&D companies are constantly innovating and are increasingly upgrading their technological infrastructure using elements of IIoT such as edge computing, big data, predictive analytics, cloud and other applications. With the convergence of digitized machine parts and improved connectivity, IIoT is already gaining momentum across several departments of aerospace and defense manufacturing. Like its implementation in any othe

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)—A Research Perspective
IIoT—Emerging Themes in the Industrial Environment
IIoT—Key Attributes of a Smart Factory
Frost & Sullivan’s Value Proposition in IIoT
3. Perceiving IIoT in A&D Manufacturing
A&D—Industry Overview
A&D Manufacturing—Industry Map
Extending IIoT Capabilities to Manufacturing Value Chain in A&D
Connected Everything of Aircraft Manufacturing
Why is there a Need for IIoT in A&D Manufacturing?
Key Benefits and Potential of IIoT Across Aircraft Manufacturing Stages
Potential of IIoT in Aircraft Design and Engineering
Potential of IIoT in Aircraft Production and Assembly
Potential of IIoT in Aircraft Supply Chain
Anatomy of Aircraft Supply Chain
Potential of IIoT in Aircraft Aftermarket
4. Key Use Cases for IIoT Implementation in A&D
Airbus Deploys IoT to Invest in “Factories of the Future”
Microsoft Helps Rolls-Royce Cut Down Aircraft Engine Faults
Lockheed Martin Uses IoT to Maximise Life of F-35
Pratt & Whitney Banks on Big Data to Improve Engine Life
GE Aviation Uses IIoT to Manage its Internal Manufacturing Processes
5. Key Challenges
Infrastructure Simplification and Standardisation of Frameworks
Unmet Aircraft Orders, Resulting in Mammoth Backlogs
Use Case—IBM Watson Helps Airbus Clear a 20-year Plane Backlog
Companies Understand Importance of IIoT but Flounder to Implement
Traditional Manufacturing Methods Lack Machine Part Traceability
Making Sense of Operational Dark Data
6. Market Forecast and Trends
Aerospace Manufacturing Landscape—Regional Forecast
A&D Industry is Banking on Big Data for Proactive Health Assessment
Rising Focus on MRO / Aftermarket Traceability
IIoT will be Instrumental in Proactive Health Assessment of Aircrafts
Rise of Wearables will Empower Future On-field Technicians
Prominent Technology Developments in A&D Manufacturing
Future Trends Impacting the A&D Manufacturing Market
7. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Shared Digital Design
Growth Opportunity 2—Automate Manufacturing Process
Growth Opportunity 3—Shared Scheduling
Growth Opportunity 4—Reliable Delivery
Growth Opportunity 5—Additive Manufacturing
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
8. The Last Word
The Last Word
Acronyms & Abbreviations
Legal Disclaimer
9. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. A&D Manufacturing Market: Industry Overview, Global, 2016–2023
2. A&D Manufacturing Market: Industry Map, Global, 2017–2023
3. Aerospace and Defence 4.0: Digital Capabilities Overview, Global, 2017–2023
4. Aerospace and Defence 4.0: Value Chain Challenges, Global, 2016
5. Aerospace and Defence 4.0: IIoT Potential in Aircraft Supply Chain, Global, 2017–2023
6. Aerospace and Defence 4.0: Anatomy of Aircraft Supply Chain, Global, 2017–2023
7. Aerospace and Defence 4.0: Unmet Aircraft Orders, Global, 2015–2017
8. Aerospace and Defence 4.0: Technology Developments, Global, 2016–2023

1. Aerospace and Defence 4.0: Regional Forecast, Global, 2017–2023

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