Analysis of the APAC Health Information Exchange Market


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This research service analyzes the health information exchange (HIE) market in Asia-Pacific. Driven primarily by governments, the region is embarking on the next phase of healthcare IT transformation, investing in decentralizing patient information by enabling data exchange among established electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) systems. However, poor interoperability, insufficient budgets, and other factors have hampered widespread adoption of HIE here. Vendors remain optimistic of the market potential and are working to develop localized, scalable solutions catering to organizational structures, workflows, and clinician needs. The base year for the study is 2015, and the forecast

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
6 Key Themes for Health Information Exchange in APAC
Unique Market Structure
Penetration Trends and Influencers
Moving beyond Healthcare Data
Role and Impact of Governments
The Biggest Hurdle: Interoperability
HIE as a Component of Smart Cities
Scope and Segmentation
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
HIE Market Snapshot
Revenue Drivers
Key Companies to Watch
2. Market Overview
Market Overview—State of Healthcare in Asia-Pacific
What is Health Information Exchange?
Market Definition
Key Components of an HIE
Expected Benefits of a HIE in Asia-Pacific
Market Overview—HIE Technology Components
HIE Core Components
Master Patient Index
Record Locator Service
Directory Services
Secure Exchange Hub
Patient Data Repository
Patient Data Transformation
Technology Standards and Policies
Health Information Exchange Ecosystem in Asia-Pacific
Unique Nature of the APAC HIE Market
Dominant Ownership
Regulatory Framework
Role of Providers
Role of Patients
Role of Governments and the Impact on Business Models
Government Roles
Reasons for Investing in HIE
Impact on Vendor Business Models
3. Drivers and Restraints—Total HIE Market
Market Drivers
Government initiatives
Increasing adoption of electronic and personal health records
Increasing market awareness and adoption of interoperability standards for messaging, document sharing
Need and demand for evidence-based care
Increasing demand for health data access from patients and consumers
Market Restraints
High implementation cost
Justification for return on investment (ROI) is not monetary
Ambiguity in HIE product benefits
Lack of clarity on internal and external control
4. Forecasts and Trends—Total HIE Market
Market Engineering Measurements
Revenue Forecast
Revenue Forecast by Sector
5. Market Projections by Country
Percent Revenue Forecast by Region
Revenue Forecast by Region
HIE Penetration Trends in APAC
Opportunity Analysis by Geography
Geographic Attractiveness
Geographic Attractiveness—The Analyst Perspective
6. Competitive Playbook
Key Challenges for Market Vendors
Current Market Practices and Unmet Needs
Solution Preferences among Consumers
Innovative Partnerships and Business Models
Model 1: National-Public HIE Model
Model 2: Private HIE Model
Model 3: Out-of-Pocket Payment (Retail and B2C)
7. Competitive Landscape—Total HIE Market
Changes in the Market Landscape
Dominance of Multinational Vendors
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Entry of Non-Traditional Health IT Vendors
Likely Market Directions—The Analyst Perspective
Competitive Market Framework
Competitive Market Structure
InterSystems HealthShare Case Study Example
Competitive Advantages in APAC
Market Share
Orion Health
Vendor Analysis Using Frost & Sullivan Dynamic SWOT
APAC Overview and Highlights
HIE Solutions
Go-To-Market Strategy
Growth Strategy
Analyst Opinion
APAC Overview and Highlights
HIE Solutions
Go-To-Market Strategy
Growth Strategy
Analyst Opinion
APAC Overview and Highlights
HIE Solutions
Go-To-Market Strategy
Growth Strategy
Analyst Opinion
APAC Overview and Highlights
HIE Solutions
Go-To-Market Strategy
Growth Strategy
Analyst Opinion
APAC Overview and Highlights
HIE Solutions
Go-To-Market Strategy
Growth Strategy
Analyst Opinion
APAC Overview and Highlights
HIE Solutions
Go-To-Market Strategy
Growth Strategy
Analyst Opinion
Orion Health
APAC Overview and Highlights
HIE Solutions
Go-To-Market Strategy
Growth Strategy
Analyst Opinion
Palash Healthcare Systems
APAC Overview and Highlights
HIE Solutions
Go-To-Market Strategy
Growth Strategy
Analyst Opinion
8. Regional Breakdown
Country Case Study—ANZ
Deployed HIE Project Summary
HIE Market Summary
Key Strengths
Key Weaknesses
Key Challenges
Analyst Opinion
Country Case Study—China
Country Case Study—India
Country Case Study—Japan
Country Case Study—Malaysia
Country Case Study—The Philippines
Country Case Study—Singapore
9. The Future of HIE in Asia-Pacific
The Future of HIE in Asia-Pacific
Impact of Macro Environment Factors
Role of Technology
Priorities for HIE
End Goals of HIE
Countries in the Lead
HIE Predictions 2020
Legal Disclaimer
10. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
List of Exhibits


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total HIE Market: Key Drivers, APAC, 2016–2020
2. Total HIE Market: Key Restraints, APAC, 2016–2020
3. Total HIE Market: Market Engineering Measurements, APAC, 2015
4. Total HIE Market: Revenue Forecast by Region, APAC, 2015–2020
5. Total HIE Market: HIE Penetration and Trends by Country, APAC, 2015
6. Total HIE Market: Geographic Attractiveness, APAC, 2015 and 2020
7. Total HIE Market: Competitive Market Structure, APAC, 2015–2020
8. HIE Market: MyHealth Record Project Summary, ANZ, 2015–2020
9. HIE Market: RHIP Project Summary, China, 2015–2020
10. HIE Market: INHIEE Project Summary, India, 2015–2020
11. HIE Market: SS-MIX Project Summary, Japan, 2015–2020
12. HIE Market: MyHIX Project Summary, Malaysia, 2015–2020
13. HIE Market: PHIE Project Summary, The Philippines, 2015–2020
14. HIE Market: NEHR Project Summary, Singapore, 2015–2020

1. Total HIE Market: Frost & Sullivan Research Methodology, 2015
2. Total HIE Market: Market Engineering Measurements, APAC, 2015
3. Total HIE Market: Revenue Forecast, APAC, 2015 and 2020
4. Healthcare Industry: Healthcare Expenditure, APAC, 2015–2020
5. Healthcare Industry: Public and Private Healthcare Expenditure, APAC, 2015–2020
6. Total HIE Market: Technology Components, APAC, 2015
7. Total HIE Market: HIE Ecosystem, APAC, 2015
8. Total HIE Market: Revenue Forecast, APAC, 2015–2020
9. Total HIE Market: Revenue Forecast by Sector, APAC, 2015–2020
10. Total HIE Market: Percent Revenue Forecast by Region, APAC, 2015–2020
11. Total HIE Market: Opportunity Mapping by Country, APAC, 2015–2020
12. Total HIE Market: Select Market Participants by Tier of Competition, APAC, 2015
13. Total HIE Market: Market Share by Revenue, APAC, 2015
14. Total HIE Market: Dynamic SWOT Analysis, APAC, 2015
15. HIE Market: Allscripts Health SWOT Analysis, APAC, 2015
16. HIE Market: Cerner SWOT Analysis, APAC, 2015
17. HIE Market: IBM SWOT Analysis, APAC, 2015
18. HIE Market: InterSystems SWOT Analysis, APAC, 2015
19. HIE Market: LumiraDX SWOT Analysis, APAC, 2015
20. HIE Market: Oracle SWOT Analysis, APAC, 2015
21. HIE Market: Orion Health SWOT Analysis, APAC, 2015
22. HIE Market: Palash Healthcare Systems SWOT Analysis, APAC, 2015
23. HIE Market: MyHealth Records Snapshot, Australia, 2015
24. HIE Market: Country Snapshot, ANZ, 2015
25. HIE Market: MyHealth Record Project Potential, Australia, 2015
26. HIE Market: Regional Health Information Platform (RHIP) Project Snapshot, China, 2015
27. HIE Market: Country Snapshot, China, 2015
28. HIE Market: RHIP Project Potential, China, 2015
29. HIE Market: Health Information Exchange Projects Snapshot, India, 2015
30. HIE Market: Country Snapshot, India, 2015
31. HIE Market: INHIEE Project Potential, India, 2015
32. HIE Market: Standardized Structured Medical Record Information eXchange (SS-MIX) Project Snapshot, Japan, 2015
33. HIE Market: Country Snapshot, Japan, 2015
34. HIE Market: SSMIX Project Potential, Japan, 2015
35. HIE Market: MyHIX Project Snapshot, Malaysia, 2015
36. HIE Market: Country Snapshot, Malaysia, 2015
37. HIE Market: MyHIX Project Potential, Malaysia, 2015
38. HIE Market: Philippines Health Information Exchange (PHIE) Project Snapshot, The Philippines, 2015
39. HIE Market: Country Snapshot, The Philippines, 2015
40. HIE Market: PHIE Project Potential, The Philippines, 2015
41. HIE Market: National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) Project Snapshot, Singapore, 2015
42. HIE Market: Country Snapshot, Singapore, 2015
43. HIE Market: NEHR Project Potential, Singapore, 2015

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