Assessment of the Small-Satellite Market

Persistent Earth-Observation/GIS Analytics and Broadband Connectivity for Remote Locations to Dominate the 2015-2020 Timeline

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This market insight covers the small-satellite market from an Earth-imaging standpoint. It touches on the research and commercial versions of small-satellite technology. Other domains such as in-orbit debris mitigation and satellite-based internet services have also been covered. The study attempts to identify the differentiating factors and success factors, and estimates the revenue for the small-satellite imaging market. The small-satellite launch forecast for 2015-2020 has also been provided. The study ends with key pointers for capitalizing on this growing market that can benefit suppliers and service providers in the small-satellite imaging market.

Table of Contents

Assessment of the Small-Satellite MarketExecutive SummarySmall Satellites—Conventions and Current StatusKey FindingsSmall-Satellite Market—Key Differentiators Small-Satellite Missions—Pros & ConsRecent and Upcoming Research EffortsCubesats in Interplanetary MissionCubesat for Remote Sensing on MoonCubesats for Testing Inter-Satellite Communication (ESA) Inter-Satellite Communication Link for Micro-Sats (DARPA) High-Resolution Sensor in a Small-Satellite PlatformSmall-Satellite Research Efforts—Future ImplicationsRecent Upcoming Business Efforts—Imaging/GIS Analytics ServicesMarket Overview—Uniting Themes and Success FactorsMarket Overview—Uniting Themes and Success Factors (continued)PlanetiQSpire Global Inc.Planet Labs Inc.Urthecast Corp.Skybox Imaging Inc.BlackSky GlobalTwenty First Century Aerospace Technology (21AT)GeoOptics Inc. OmniEarth Inc.Recent Upcoming Business Efforts—Other Small-Satellite-Based ServicesAstroscale Pte. LtdOneWeb Ltd.Key Trends of Evolving Small-Satellite-Based ServicesSmall-Satellite Launch ForecastSmall-Satellite Launch ForecastCommercial Imagery Small-Sat Launch ForecastSmall-Satellite Launch Forecast DiscussionSmall-Satellite Imaging MarketSmall-Satellites Imaging Market—Partial Revenue ForecastSatellite Imaging Market—Revenue Forecast Small-Satellite Imaging Market—Revenue ForecastSmall-Satellite Imaging Market—Revenue Forecast DiscussionSmall-Satellite Imaging Market—Winners and Success FactorsStrategic RecommendationsKey Pointers for Capitalizing on the Fast Growing MarketLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition—Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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