Bio-based Solvents - 6 Dimensional Analysis (TechVision)

Evaluating Bio-Solvents through a 6-Dimensional Approach

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Bio based solvents, an emerging grade of fluids is considered as a key technology to facilitate a greener manufacturing across industries. Developments in processes using bio based feed-stocks has resulted in solvents which can compete with traditional solvents in terms of performance with significant value adds such as zero toxicity, biodegradability and zero volatile organic compound emissions. A key contributing factor for its adoption can be attributed to enforcement of stringent regulations that necessitate the replacement of petroleum based solvents across the globe. This research study focuses on evaluating bio-based solvents using six criteria, namely: market potential, IP, funding, application potent

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryResearch ScopeSix Dimensions of Technology Assessment Key FindingsResearch MethodologyTechnology SnapshotSolvents- An Introduction Classification of SolventsBio-Based Solvents–ClassificationBio-Based Solvents–Classification (continued)Bio-Based Solvents–Classification (continued)Bio-Based Solvents–Classification (continued)Market PotentialMarket PotentialIntellectual Property (IP)ActivityPatent TrendsFunding ScenarioFunding ScenarioFunding Scenario (continued)Regional AdoptionGlobal Technology Development ScenarioAdoption RateBreadth of IndustriesBio-Based Solvents–Breadth of IndustriesImpact on IndustriesImpact on Industries (continued)Impact on MegatrendsImpact on MegatrendsTechnology DisruptivenessTechnology Disruptiveness Across IndustriesTechnology Disruptiveness Across Industries (continued)Key PatentsKey PatentsKey Patents (continued)Key ContactsKey ContactsLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryWho is Frost & SullivanWhat Makes Us UniqueTEAM MethodologyOur Global Footprint 40+ Offices

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