CEOs’ Perspectives on Growth, Innovation, and Leadership in the Americas, 2016

Digital Disruption Creates Powerful Opportunities for Growth and Innovation

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Economies across the Americas are undergoing intense disruption. Digital transformation, competitive complexities, and changing customer demands are fostering new business models and strategic responses. This offers visionary CEOs the prospect of reshaping the business landscape and accelerating unique growth and innovation opportunities. Frost & Sullivan's annual survey of CEOs’ Perspectives on Growth, Innovation, and Leadership in the Americas, 2016 offers insights into how business leaders are dealing with this volatility and future-proofing their growth.
About 75% of survey respondents cite revenue growth as their top growth objective over the next five years. They are adopting a variety of strategies to drive this agenda, even as they grapple with a volatile economic environment characterized by rapid and widespread technological transformation. The digital transformation of their business ecosystems highlights the need for new alliances and partnerships. While more than 40% of CEOs believe that they will rely on strategic partnerships to drive their organizations’ growth in the next three years, more than half acknowledge that they lag behind in effectively implementing such strategies.
Rapidly changing customer behavior and demand, the growing importance of global connectivity and Big Data/intelligent data analytics, and the increasing relevance of new business models are also themes that have been discussed by CEOs in the survey.
What are the ways in which organizations are responding to this environment? What are the complementary strategies they are adopting? Which best practices are fostering growth? Who are the disruptive innovators that are embracing and creating new opportunities?
Today, disruptive innovators have transformed almost all industries across the global business landscape. Companies that do not embrace this disruption and fail to focus on innovation and growth, integrate new business models, and align with customer needs will find themselves increasingly marginalized.
Key Questions the Study will Answer:
•     What are the key growth objectives for organizations over the next five years?
•     Are companies achieving their growth objectives? If not, what is holding them back?
•     What are the top 10 growth opportunity themes for the future and which ones are organizations most likely to leverage?
•     Which major strategies have driven maximum growth for organizations in the past three years and which strategies are organizations most likely to rely on to drive growth in the next three years?
•     In what direction are stakeholder expectations evolving and what are some of the strategic responses that organizations are adopting to address these demands?
•     What do organizations identify as being their most significant external and internal challenges?
•     How do companies rate their growth and innovation performance?
•     Which top technologies, Mega Trends, and business models have the potential to disrupt organizations?
•     Which companies are identified as the most disruptive industry innovators?

The economic landscape in the Americas is characterized by intense complexity, uncertainity and transformation.  Digital disruption is unleashing volatility across organizational ecosystems. Changing stakeholder expectations are challenging CEOs to accelerate and better manage innovation. The rising relevance of services-based business models is upsetting traditional products-based approaches.  Frost & Sullivan’s annual survey of CEOs Perspectives on Growth, Innovation and Leadership in the Americas reveals how organizations are striving to maintain resilience amidst such churn.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Takeaways—By the Numbers
Executive Summary—Key Findings
2. Research Methodology
3. Respondent Overview
Respondent Background
4. Key Findings
Key Growth Objectives in the Next Five Years
Growth Rate Assessment of Organization in the Last Three Years
Satisfaction with the Level of Organizational Growth
Growth Strategies
Growth Opportunity Themes
Regional Distribution of Growth Resources
Ability to Conduct Different Strategies
People Involved in Growth Opportunities Development
Value of Information from Different Sources
External Growth Challenges
Internal Growth Challenges
Potentially Disruptive Technology Themes
Potentially Disruptive Mega Trends
Potentially Disruptive Business Models
Company Growth Performance
Company Innovation Performance
Most Disruptive Industry Innovators
Other Disruptive Industry Innovators
Strategies Fostering Best Practices
Top 10 Findings—CEOs’ Perspectives on Growth, Innovation, and Leadership
Next Steps
Legal Disclaimer
5. Appendix
Definitions of Growth Opportunity/Disruptive Technology Themes
6. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Respondents’ Top 3 Countries, Americas, 2016
2. Growth Rate Assessment of Organization in the Last Three Years, Americas, 2016
3. Other Disruptive Industry Innovators, Americas, 2016

1. Role of Respondents, Americas, 2016
2. Key Growth Objectives in the Next Five Years, Americas, 2016
3. Satisfaction with the Level of Organizational Growth, Americas, 2016
4. Growth Strategies, Americas, 2016
5. Growth Opportunity Themes, Americas, 2016
6. Regional Distribution of Growth Resources, Americas, 2016
7. Ability to Conduct Different Strategies, Americas, 2016
8. People Involved in Growth Opportunities Development, Americas, 2016
9. Value of Information from Different Sources, Americas, 2016
10. External Growth Challenges, Americas, 2016
11. Internal Growth Challenges, Americas, 2016
12. Potentially Disruptive Technology Themes, Americas, 2016
13. Potentially Disruptive Mega Trends, Americas, 2016
14. Potentially Disruptive Business Models, Americas, 2016
15. Company Growth Performance, Americas, 2016
16. Company Innovation Performance, Americas, 2016
17. Most Disruptive Industry Innovators, Americas, 2016
18. Strategies Fostering Best Practices, Americas, 2016




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