Dubai’s Healthcare Sector, 2017—Outlook and Trends

Dubai’s PPP model and Mandatory health insurance—Big investment opportunity for private healthcare providers

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This industry docket provides an overview of the evolution of the healthcare industry in Dubai, key stakeholders, government licenses and permits required to set up operations in Mainland Dubai, and key investments. Substantial healthcare spending and increased access to healthcare have helped the UAE to improve its ranking in the World Healthcare Quality Index from 34 in 2015 to 28 in 2016. This document also looks at healthcare infrastructure, delivery services, medical technology, the pharmaceutical space and governing bodies and government intitiatives that will drive the growth of the healthcare sector. This docket is intended to serve as a first-stop (and not a one-stop) resource for businesses trying

Table of Contents

Dubai’s Healthcare Sector, 2017—Outlook and TrendsExecutive SummaryHigh per capita healthcare spending in Dubai vs. global average; increasing emphasis on preventive care to ensure healthy lifestyle for its citizensDemand for healthcare driven by growing population, medical tourism and mandatory health insurance to augment Dubai’s healthcare infrastructureAdvancements in medical technology and healthcare IT to help the DHA in providing a world-class healthcare system Healthcare Industry in DubaiEvolving healthcare infrastructure, strategic location supported by connectivity, and economic growth has helped Dubai become a major healthcare destination Substantial healthcare spending, emphasis on preventive care & increased access to healthcare; ranking in the World Healthcare Quality Index improvedHealthcare InfrastructureHospitals:Clinics:Dental Clinics:Specialty Care Services:Investments in Healthcare (1/2):Investments in Healthcare (2/2):Public Private Partnership in Healthcare:Healthcare Manpower:Healthcare Delivery ServicesMedical Tourism:Geriatric Care:Laboratory Tests:In Vitro Diagnostics: Medical TechnologyMedical Devices:Diagnostic Imaging Equipment:Healthcare IT:PharmaceuticalsFocus on pharmaceutical sector in Dubai’s Industrial Strategy is expected to attract pharmaceutical manufacturers to Dubai and reduce import dependencyKey Governing Bodies, and Pertinent Government Initiatives in DubaiMinistry of Health and Prevention & Dubai Health Authority are key govt. organisations that regulate and plan development of healthcare industryHC Outlook & Mega Trends for DubaiPatient centric models with focus on artificial intelligence and IT for patient engagement are the future prospects of Dubai’s healthcare sectorWellness to drive the shift from curative care to preventive careSome of the Smart Technologies in Dubai and the Future of HealthcareGlobal Healthcare investment to increase to improve the quality of healthcare and meet growing demandAppendixGlossary and DefinitionsCompanies setting up business in Dubai need to be aware of the key laws and regulations DHA strives to provide world-class healthcare system – increase access to healthcare, improve overall care quality, build a patient-centric model…… Mandatory health insurance, be an internationally recognised quality healthcare destination, preventive healthcare are all part of DHA’s vision Annexure: Our ServicesMaximise opportunities from existing products and markets; systematically explore new products, markets, including inorganic OpportunitesGrowth Consulting – Service OfferingsLegal Disclaimer

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