Frost & Sullivan’s Top Emerging Markets List 2018

A Data-driven Index to Highlighting Promising Business Destinations for 2018

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The past 2 decades have been characterized by a tectonic shift in the global economic and business environment, with emerging markets increasingly finding their way into the growth and expansion plans of businesses across the globe. Gross domestic product (GDP) rates of emerging markets have fast outpaced that of developed economies, with accelerated growth helping in poverty mitigation and middle class expansion, thereby creating a widened market for consumer goods and services. Most emerging markets are also characterized by the availability of a large, low-cost, and skilled labor force.Index Methodology:The indexing process deploys an eight-step research methodology, which starts with a choice of countrie

Research Highlights

Given the enabling business environment in emerging markets, Frost & Sullivan leverages an indexing methodology to annually track the competitiveness of global emerging markets. The 2018 index ranks 60 emerging markets across 30 parameters (across 6 major pillars). These 60 emerging markets have also been categorized into frontrunners, transforming markets, and fledgling markets, to help organizations identify the most promising business destinations. Frontrunner countries possess economic and demographic characteristics remarkably similar to those of the developed countries; these frontrunner countries are the ones that should ideally be assessed during business development and planning activities. Transforming countries, on the other hand, are developing robust business climate. They are at an early stage of economic development, with foreign direct investments (FDIs) pouring in, and have the scope for more investments in the long term. The fledgling markets, however, are still at the initial stages of governmental efforts in building a robust ecosystem, and would probably be out of an investor’s radar in 2018, owing to factors such as low economic prospects and political instability.

Regional coverage includes Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Table of Contents

Frost & Sullivan’s Top Emerging Markets List 2018Executive Summary Why Emerging Markets?2018 Growth Sentiment in Emerging Markets by RegionResearch OverviewGlobal Hot Spots—Key Emerging Markets, 2018Market Definitions and Research MethodologyFrost & Sullivan Definition for Emerging MarketIndex Methodology—How Does the Model Work?Emerging Markets List, 2018—PillarsEmerging Markets, 2018—Indicators Why Emerging Markets?Macroeconomic Factors Supporting Emerging MarketsDemographics Factors Supporting Emerging MarketsSmartphone and eCommerce in Emerging MarketsIndex ResultsEmerging Markets—Categories, Scores, and DescriptionGlobal Rank, 2018Regional Rank, 2018Regional Rank, 2018 (continued)Country Case StudiesPolandPoland—Important IndustriesGhanaGhana—Important IndustriesIndiaIndia—Important IndustriesChileChile—Important IndustriesConclusionKey ConclusionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixList of ExhibitsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition—Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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