Future of Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

Building and Home Automation Sectors will Drive Growth Opportunities for Thermal Harvesters

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Increased population and pollution are largely contributing to energy crisis. In manufacturing and industrial power plants, a high amount of energy is wasted in the form of heat. Though some countries have restructured their electricity infrastructure with highly expensive processes, the electricity crisis still prevails. This energy and electricity crisis will be a threatening factor for social and economic growth. Energy harvesting is expected to play a major role in managing global energy demands and help in resolving related issues. Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting (TEH) technology comprising thermoelectric generators (TEGs) is a type of energy harvesting technology which is based on Seebeck effect. This ai

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Key Questions Answered in the Report1.3 Research Methodology1.4 Research Methodology Explained1.5 Key Findings – Technology and Application Impact, Funding Scenario1.6 Key Findings – Global Patent Trends and Convergence Potential2.0 Technology Status Review2.1 Thermoelectric EH – A Sneak Preview2.2 Significant Impact is Expected in the Next 5 to 7 Years2.3 Mass-scale Manufacturing will Drive Adoption in the Near Future2.4 Material Science Advancement Enabling Innovation and Functional Improvements2.5 Comparative Assessment of Thermoelectric and Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Technologies2.6 Advancements in TEH Technology will lead to Better Efficiency, Reliability, and Robustness Output in the Future3.0 Impact Assessment of Factors Influencing Adoption – Drivers and Challenges3.1 Increasing Trend towards Battery-less Devices Leads to High Potential for Adoption3.2 High Investment Cost, Low Conversion Efficiency, Material Restrictions, and Lack of Awareness Restrict Wider Adoption3.3 Demand for TEG Modules Expected to Increase in the Future3.4 Flexible Modules are Expected to High Influence on Increased Adoption3.5 High Investment Cost and Low Conversion Efficiency are Key Drawbacks Impacting Adoption3.6 Material Restrictions and Lack of Awareness Restrict Widescale Adoption4.0 Innovation Ecosystem, Hotspots by Region, and Key Developers 4.1 Innovation Ecosystem—Technology Developers across the Globe4.2 Profiles of Companies in USA – Hi-Z Technology, Nimbus Materials, and Evident Thermoelectrics4.3 Profiles of Companies in USA – Perpetua Power Source Technologies 4.4 Profiles of Companies in Denmark and Spain – TEGnology APS and NABLA Thermoelectrics4.5 Profiles of Companies in Germany – EnOcean, TEC Microsystems, Otego4.6 Technology Development and Adoption Trend in USA4.7 Technology Development and Adoption Trend in Europe4.8 Technology Development and Adoption Trend in Asia-Pacific5.0 Patent and Funding Status5.1 China Emerges as a Hotspot for Developments in TEG Modules with Research Institutes and Start-ups, Bolstering the Patent Portfolio5.2 Four Key Funding Areas Driving Technology Development and Adoption5.3 Key Funding Deals – Initiatives Geared Towards Developing High Efficiency Converters, Expanding Production Capabilities6.0 Application Landscape Analysis6.1 Three Key Criteria Determining the Performance and Applicability of TEG Modules6.2 TEH in Automotive Applications6.3 TEH in Industrial Applications – WSN will Enhance Adoption6.4 TEH in Home and Building Automation Applications6.5 TEH in Consumer Electronics Applications6.6 TEH in Healthcare Applications6.7 TEH in Military and Aerospace Applications6.8 Application Roadmapping of TEG Modules and Year of Impact6.9 Thermally Powered Vehicles and Smart Grid Cogeneration Techniques are Expected After 2025+7.0 Market Potential – Forecast till 20257.1 TEH Market Forecast, 2015-2025: Home Automation, Automotive, Industrial, Military and Aerospace Markets Drive Growth Opportunities 7.2 Total Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Market by Application, Forecast 2015 - 20257.3 Military and Aerospace will be a Prime Focus Area for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Market7.4 Market Overview—Forecast Scenario Assumptions to 20257.5 Waste Heat Thermoelectric Generator Application Expected Strong Growth in Revenue Forecast from all the applications7.6 Proliferation of WSNs will Boost Market Opportunities7.7 Market Opportunities8.0 Customer Need Analysis 8.1 Pricing is the Key Criteria for Widening Adoption8.2 Customization is Key to Win Customer Satisfaction8.3 Developing a Completed System can Increase ROI8.4 Benefits of Servicing and Replacement TEG Devices8.5 On-time Delivery of the Finished Goods will Increase Sales and Brand Loyalty among Customers8.6 Decision Making Analysis for Providing Value-Added Solutions9.0 Analyst Point of View9.1 Growth Opportunities—Self-powered Consumer Products Through TEG 9.2 Green Energy and Battery-less Power Generation are Garnering Interest for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting 10.0 Key Questions from the CEO’s Perspective on Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Growth Opportunities10.1 What Are The Applications That Can Benefit From TEH?10.2 Why should I invest in thermoelectric rather than piezoelectric type of energy harvesting?10.3 What are the main key drivers for adopting thermal energy harvesting?10.4 Which application will have high impact and market growth in the future?11.0 Key Patents and Contacts11.1 Key Patents – Flexible Thermoelectric Module and Methods for Energy Harvesting 11.2 Key Patents – Thermoelectric Fabric-based Energy Harvesting and Thermoelectric Pixels for Temperature Sensing 11.3 Key Patents – Power Converter and Autonomous-based Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting11.4 Key Patents – Micromachined Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting 11.5 Industry ContactsLegal Disclaimer12.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career12.3 Global Perspective12.4 Industry Convergence12.5 360º Research Perspective12.6 Implementation Excellence12.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy


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