Growth Opportunities in the European Customer Management BPO Market, Forecast to 2021

Actionable Strategies and Tactics to Accelerate Growth in a Transforming Market

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The Context of Europe’s Economy

The European economy is a stark drama that continues to unfold in real-time, as Germany and Greece in particular try to come to terms with how to best move forward on the European project. In fact, negotiations between Greece and the European Union may turn out to be a turning-point for the Continent. Consider that in February, 2015, Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis wrote in The Guardian newspaper that, “In 2008, capitalism had its second global spasm. The financial crisis set off a chain reaction that pushed Europe into a downward spiral that continues to this day. Europe’s present situation is not merely a threat for workers, for the dispossessed, for the bankers, for social classes or, indeed, nations. No, Europe’s current posture poses a threat to civilization as we know it.”

Regardless of one’s views on the best medicine for Europe’s ills, these are strong words that illustrate just how vexing the current European dilemma is. By late June, 2015, Greek banks had been shut down to avoid a meltdown and bailout talks with European creditors seemed frozen. Greek default and withdrawal from the euro seemed a real possibility. By mid-July, 2015, an accord of sorts seemed to have been reached, but with austerity for Greece as the theme. In any case, one wonders about the future of the European project going forward.

The economy has had real effects on some BPO providers in Europe that focus on customer management. Consider Serco BPO in the UK. In 2015, just four years after having acquired Intelenet BPO for over $630 million in an effort to reduce Serco BPO’s reliance on the UK and the public sector, that business was valued at a little over $400 million. By December, 2015, private equity firm Blackstone (which had owned the business from 2007-2011) announced that it had closed its deal to once again acquire Intelenet. What had once been Serco’s private sector BPO business thus returned to using its original name, Intelenet Global Services. Serco BPO has therefore been dropped from this year’s Europe Buyer’s Guide

The pace of exponential technological change is impacting a variety of industries. When it comes to Customer Management, innovations Customer Experience Analytics (CEA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning have nothing less than transformational potential. How artificial intelligence (AI) in particular may influence the market going forward should be at the center of strategic planning, while the acceleration of omnichannel and digital transformation, coupled with the C-suite demands for stronger and swifter growth, should drive future strategy, particularly in M&A.

For service providers, staying competitive in the delivery of services will necessitate blending technology with human beings in new and even perhaps disruptive ways. All providers should therefore be thinking hard about exponential technological change and its possible impacts. The big question is, how successful will BPO providers be in confronting the classic Innovator’s Dilemma?

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan's Digital Transformation practice entitled, "Growth Opportunities in the Europe Customer Management BPO Market" finds that providers that strategically pursue omnichannel capabilities and value-add technology solutions will have a competitive edge over providers that largely compete on cost, location, and labor arbitrage.

Table of Contents

Executive DashboardPurpose of this Experiential Study5 Step Process to Transformational GrowthStrategic Imperatives for Customer Management BPO ProvidersGrowth Opportunities for Customer Management BPO ProvidersGrowth Opportunities for Customer Management BPO Providers (continued)Growth Opportunities for Customer Management BPO Providers (continued)Growth Opportunities for Customer Management BPO Providers (continued)Growth Opportunities for Customer Management BPO Providers (continued)Growth Opportunities for Customer Management BPO Providers (continued)Growth Environment—Market OverviewCustomer MarketsMarket DefinitionsEurope Customer Management BPO LandscapeEurope Customer Management BPO Landscape (continued)Drivers and RestraintsForecast AssumptionsMarket ForecastsRevenue Forecast by Service PlatformRevenue Forecast by Industry VerticalRevenue Forecast by Service FunctionRevenue Forecast by Region Market Share by RevenueVisioning ScenariosMacro to Micro VisioningTrends/Factors Impacting the Customer Management BPO MarketTop Predictions for the Customer Management BPO Market Growth PipelineLevers for GrowthVision and Strategy—Growth OpportunitiesGrowth Opportunity 1—Omni-channel CXGrowth Opportunity 2—Customer Experience AnalyticsGrowth Opportunity 3—Social Media MonitoringGrowth Opportunity 4—Social Customer EngagementGrowth Opportunity 5—Live ChatGrowth Opportunity 6—Messenging Platforms in Customer Service Growth Opportunity 7—The IoT: Supporting Immersive Experiences Growth Opportunity 8—Artificial Intelligence (AI)Growth Opportunity 9—Virtual Agent/Advisor Growth Opportunity 10—Gamifying the Customer ExperienceGrowth Opportunity 11—WebRTC ApplicationsGrowth Opportunity 12—Hosted/Cloud Contact CentersGrowth Opportunity 13—Work at Home Solutions Growth Opportunity 14—Industry Focus: HealthcareGrowth Opportunity 15—Industry Focus: RetailBrand and Demand—Growth OpportunitiesGrowth Opportunity 16—Innovation & TransformationGrowth Opportunity 17—Third Party ValidationGrowth Opportunity 18—Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)Growth Opportunity 19—Best-in-ClassGrowth Opportunity 20—Sales & Marketing Use CasesGrowth Opportunity 21—Industry Vertical MarketingGrowth Opportunity 22—BPO BenchmarkingGrowth Opportunity 23—Lead GenerationGrowth Opportunity 24—Inbound Marketing CapabilitiesGrowth Opportunity 25—Outbound Marketing PrioritiesGrowth Opportunity 26—Social Media MarketingGrowth Opportunity 27—Channel MarketingGrowth Opportunity 28—Sales Enablement ContentGrowth Opportunity 29—Upsell and Cross-sell OffersGrowth Opportunities MatrixIdentifying Your Company’s Growth ZoneGrowth Opportunities 1–15—Vision and StrategyGrowth Opportunities 16–29—Brand and DemandGrowth Opportunities MatrixGrowth Strategy and ImplementationGrowth Strategies for Your CompanyPrioritized Opportunities through Implementation Legal DisclaimerAppendixAbbreviations and Acronyms Used

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