Growth Opportunities in the Global Liquid Biopsy Market, 2018

Companies are Vying for a Higher Market Position in the Early Cancer Screening Market

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Liquid biopsy (CTCs and ctDNAs) is slowly gaining momentum in clinical care given its advantages over the traditional tissue-based gold standard methods. Short-term applications in cancer care range from risk assessment to cancer recurrence monitoring. Despite the proven advantages, there is still a significant number of barriers to adoption such as high cost of next-generation sequencing (NGS), reimbursement scenario and the establishment of clinical utility of mutation and clinical evidence.Liquid biopsy remains an interesting business opportunity for several investors and the quest for the most successful company continues. With GRAIL announcing over $1.3 billion in financing, the modality has also garnered

Table of Contents

1. Executive Dashboard
Purpose of this Experiential Study
5 Step Process to Transformational Growth
Scope and Segmentation
Market Highlights
Strategic Imperatives for Suppliers and Laboratories
Growth Themes for the Liquid Biopsy Market
Top 3 Predictions
2. Market Overview
What is Liquid Biopsy?
Overview of Liquid Biopsy Techniques and Biomarkers
Liquid Biopsy—Where are the Growth Opportunities?
Tapping into Oncology-specific Opportunities
Deeper Look Into Biopsies
Key Stakeholders (Full Adoption of Liquid Biopsy)
Clinical Trials in Liquid Biopsy
Market Landscape—Pharmaceutical Investments
Market Drivers
Market Restraints
Commercialized Tests (US)
Impact of NCD on Liquid Biopsy Testing
Notable Market Activities
Market Landscape—Investments
3. Competitor Landscape
Overall Competitive Landscape—Types of Companies
Overview of Competitive Landscape—Service Providers
Top 3 Trends and Vendor Strategies
Key Focus Areas of Liquid Biopsy Companies
Liquid Biopsy Service Provider—Competitor Analysis Snapshot
Investments and Technology—By Company
Investments—By Technology
Biomarker and Technology Choice Analysis
Competitor Matrix—Product Type
4. Regional Analysis
Predictions on Adoption of Liquid Biopsy Across Geographies
5. Growth Strategy
Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 1—Tool to Predict Response to Therapy
Growth Opportunity 2—Prognosis and Early Detection for Cancer
Growth Opportunity 3—Moving Beyond Routine Cancers
Growth Opportunity 4—Technology Advancements
2018 Liquid Biopsy Market Participant Strategies
Winning Strategies—Recommended Growth Strategies
Importance of Clinical Validation and Clinical Utility and Path to Reimbursement
GRAIL—Strong Clinical Trial Strategy and Technology Superiority Using AI/ML
Guardant Health—Established Presence in Recurrence Monitoring
Natera—Building on the NIPT Expertise
Path to Reimbursement/Coverage
6. Last Word
Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Legal Disclaimer
7. Appendix (Capital Pricing and Installed Base)
List of Companies Mentioned in the Report
List of Exhibits

List of Figures & Charts

1. Liquid Biopsy Market: Number of Biopsies, US, 2017-2021
2. Liquid Biopsy Market: Key Market Drivers, Global, 2018–2022
3. Liquid Biopsy Market: Key Market Restraints, Global, 2018–2022
4. Liquid Biopsy Market: Assessment of Notable Activities, US, 2015-2018
5. Liquid Biopsy Market: Competitor Matrix by Product Type, 2018
6. Liquid Biopsy Market: Liquid Biopsy Market Participant Strategies, US, 2018
7. Total Liquid Biopsy Market: Key Conclusions and Future Outlook, US, 2018
9. Total Mass Spectrometry Market: Key Market Drivers, Global, 2018-2024

1. Liquid Biopsy Market: Areas of Application, Global, 2017
2. Total Public and Private Investment in Liquid Biopsy Companies Competitive Set 2013–2018
3. Liquid Biopsy: Investments by Technology, Global, 2018 (June)
4. Liquid Biopsy Market: Biomarker and Technology Choice Analysis, Global, 2018 (June)
6. Total Mass Spectrometer Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2017

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