Indian Logistics Industry—Growth Insights and Forecast to 2020

Infrastructure Investments, Tax Reforms, e-Commerce Growth, and Advances in Digital Technologies will Open Up New Opportunities

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Economic reforms and government initiatives in terms of strengthening the manufacturing sector and improving ease of doing business are expected to attract private investment. The development of transportation and logistics-related infrastructure, such as dedicated freight corridors, logistics parks, free trade warehousing zones, port modernization, and container freight stations will help to improve efficiency. Technology adoption is likely to accelerate in the transportation, warehousing, and freight forwarding segments, and logistics solutions will be the driving force behind warehousing market growth.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Research Scope
Key Findings
Logistics Ecosystem Under Transformation
Growth Insights by Segment
Growth Opportunities
2. Economic and Trade Indicators
Global Business Environment
Global GDP Growth
Foreign Trade—Exports
Foreign Trade—Imports
Make in India—Focus Areas
Major Industrial Clusters in India
Logistics Performance Index
Macro Drivers of Logistics
Economic Trends—Forecast to 2020
3. Transportation and Logistics Industry
Economic Sectors and Share of Logistics Services
Freight Traffic—Forecast to 2020
Sea Freight in India
Infrastructure Challenges in Major Ports
Road Freight Traffic Trends
Air Freight in India
Domestic Air Freight Development
Key Enablers and Challenges
Transportation and Logistics Industry Size Projection
4. Key Determinants of the Logistics Industry
Key Trends Affecting the Indian Logistics Industry
5. Regulatory Environment and Tax Reforms
Regulations and Policy Environment
GST Reforms
Impact of GST on Industries
Impact of GST on Logistics
6. Transportation Infrastructure
India’s Infrastructure—Key Issues
Port Development Initiatives
Dedicated Freight Corridors
Road Sector Developments
Rail Sector Developments
Port Sector Developments
Air Cargo Trends
India's Infrastructure Outlook
7. 3PL and Warehousing
3PL Market in India
Cold Storage Infrastructure
Warehouse Technologies
Warehouse Market Insights
8. e-Commerce Logistics
e-Commerce Growth Trends
e-Commerce Regulations
Industry Structure—Value Chain Analysis
e-Commerce Growth and 3PL Service Offerings
e-Commerce Logistics
9. Logistics Technologies and Business Models
Innovation and Technology Trends
Technologies in Transportation and Logistics
Logistics Delivery Business Models
Online Freight Services
Online Freight Services
10. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Logistics Ecosystem under Transformation
Growth Opportunity—Logistics Services
Growth Opportunities
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
Logistics Industry—Forecast to 2025
11. The Last Word
3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
12. Appendix
Supply Chain and Logistics Industry—Titles Published in 2016
Research Titles Plan for 2017
13. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Logistics Industry: Key Logistics Indicators, India, 2010–2020
2. Major Trading Partners—Imports, India, 2010 and 2016
3. Key Features of Make in India, India, 2016
4. Economic Indicators, India, 2010–2020
5. Freight Traffic Growth Trends, India, 2010–2020
6. Warehouse Technology Adoption Trends, India, 2016

1. Logistics Industry: Focus Segments, India, 2016–2020
2. Logistics Industry: Growth Opportunities, India, 2016–2020
3. Key Developments in the Business Environment, Global, 2016
4. Real GDP Growth, Global, 2014–2016
5. Major Industrial Clusters, India, 2016
6. Logistics Performance Index, India, 2010–2016
7. Logistics Industry: Overview of Macro Drivers of Logistics, India, 2016
8. Logistics Industry: Composition of GDP and Service, India, 2016
9. Logistics Industry: Sea Freight Volume Forecast, India, 2010–2020
10. Cargo Traffic Share of Major Ports, India, 1994–2020
11. Logistics Industry: Air Freight Traffic Movement Share, India, 2016
12. Logistics Industry: Air Freight Volume Forecast, India, 2010–2020
13. Logistics Industry: Total and Domestic Air Freight Volume Forecast, India, 2010–2020
14. Logistics Industry: Key Enablers and Challenges, India, 2016
15. Logistics Industry: Transportation and Logistics Industry Size, India, 2010–2020
16. Logistics Industry: 5 Key Determinants, India, 2016
17. Tax System and GST, India, 2017
18. Logistics Industry: GST Impact on Industries, India, 2016
19. Logistics Industry: GST Impact, India, 2016
20. Logistics Industry: Key Infrastructure Issues, India, 2016
21. Port Infrastructure Development and Major Sea Ports, India, 2016
22. Logistics Industry: DFCs and Logistics Parks, India, 2016
23. Logistics Industry: Top 5 Warehouse Technology Expansions, India, 2016
24. Logistics Industry: e-Commerce Sales, India, 2010–2020
25. Logistics Industry: FDI Policy Regulations according to e-Commerce Business Models, India, 2016
26. Logistics Industry: Online Retail (e-Commerce) Typical Value Chain Analysis, India, 2016
27. Key Growth Drivers for Outsourced Fulfillment Centers, India, 2016
28. Logistics Industry: Technologies in the Transportation and Logistics Value Chain, India, 2016
29. Online Freight Services: Funding of Startups, India, 2016
30. Logistics Industry: Key Developments, India, 2010–2025

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