1. 07 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Blockchain: Technology Market Penetration and Roadmapping

    Visionary Perspective on Blockchain Applications Emerging from New Tech Integration

    From logistics, manufacturing, and real estate to retail and eCommerce, healthcare, automotive, and finance, blockchain is finding increased application and use cases because of the advantages related to visibility, authenticity, and transparency of transactions that it offers. As blockchain s adoption across these sectors continues, it is also sta...

  2. 06 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Insights for CISOs 2023 Annual Compendium

    An Actionable Guide to Help CISOs Select Security Solutions

    As in the previous years, the threat landscape and nature of cyber attacks evolved rapidly in 2023. Changing enterprise and working trends that kickstarted with the pandemic continued to bring complexity, operational challenges, and security concerns for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) throughout 2023. Frost & Sullivan s Cybersecurit...

  3. 06 Feb 2024  |  North America

    Top 10 Growth Opportunities in Unified Communications and Collaboration, 2024

    Customers Leverage Mature and Next-Generation Technologies to Reach Broader Goals

    The top focal point in 2024 will be Artificial Intelligence (AI). Organizations across industries are working to understand the practical benefits to their operations and weigh those against the potential costs and risks. UCC providers are on the cusp of revolutionizing the communications industry through AI technologies but must win the confidence...

  4. 06 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Global Personal Care and Cosmetics Preservatives Growth Opportunities

    Increased Demand for Mild and Safe Technologies with Broad-spectrum Antimicrobial Properties Boost Future Growth

    The study period is 2021 2030, with 2023 as the base year and 2024 2030 as the forecast period. To provide stakeholders with insights, we cover the business-to-business market dynamics of preservative ingredients used in various personal care and cosmetic products, analyze the value chain, and highlight new product launches and market activities of...

  5. 06 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Frost Radar : Small Hybrid Drones, 2024

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    This research pertains to the global small hybrid drones market. A hybrid drone uses two or more different energy sources to power its flight. The most common type of small hybrid drone uses a combination of electric batteries and an internal combustion engine (ICE). The ICE generates electricity, which then powers the drone's motors and other syst...

  6. 05 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) Applied for Internet of Things (IoT): Growth Opportunities

    Integration Enables Efficiency and Problem-solving in Existing Processes and Revenue Generation from Emerging Opportunities

    GenAI refers to algorithms and machine learning models used to create content, including text, audio, images, video, and code. To be a component of the IoT, Frost & Sullivan considers any product, application, or service must be part of a larger solution that comprises these 4 elements: Objects virtualized and imbued with data measurement ca...

  7. 05 Feb 2024  |  North America

    US DoD Artificial Intelligence Growth Opportunities

    Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence; Deploying Dual-use Tools

    This research service focuses on the United States (US) Department of Defense (DoD) artificial intelligence (AI) contracting information for research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E); procurement; and services. The analyst has segmented contracting data by military department and overall leading firms. The data and insight provided are ca...

  8. 02 Feb 2024  |  Asia Pacific

    Strategic Analysis of the ASEAN Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Market

    Robust 4-wheeler Electrification Trends Driving EV Expansion in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam

    The study covers the hybrid and electric passenger vehicles market in 4 ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. With a market overview based on 2022, the historical period of the study covers 2020 2021, while the forecast period is from 2023 to 2030. The market overview encompasses the overall 4-wheeler passenger vehicle mar...

  9. 02 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Advancements in Contact Center Workforce Optimization Global

    Innovation Powered by AI Is Accelerating Contact Center Growth Opportunities

    Frost & Sullivan defines workforce optimization (WFO) as a strategy to integrate disparate contact center workforce applications, monitor and analyze customer and agent interactions, and automate processes to optimize resources. WFO is an important segment of the contact center industry because it drives performance, agent engagement, and an improv...

  10. 02 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Frost Radar : Unmanned Ground Vehicles for Commercial Last-Mile Deliveries, 2024

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    This Frost Radar evaluates companies that develop and provide unmanned ground solutions for the commercial last-mile delivery market. An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is a small or medium-sized system designed to operate under remote control and may be capable of operating semi or fully autonomously. UGVs are gaining relevance in the logistics and...