Freight Transportation

  1. 29 May 2013  |  North America

    Rail Outlook Study 2013-2022

    Paradigm Shift Towards Intermodal Mobility Boosts Growth in All Rail Segments

    The study provides an outlook of growth opportunities in the global rail market. It discusses key trends, market drivers, opportunities, regional influences and market dynamics. It also provides market size for infrastructure projects on a global scale, with market forecasts of global vehicle sales of rolling stock for 20132022. Key markets for gr...


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  2. 24 May 2013  |  Europe

    Strategic Analysis of Growth Opportunities in the Western European Urban Rail Market for Rolling Stock Systems

    Strong Orders in Light Rail and Automated People Mover Systems is Driving Growth

    The study provides an analysis of the European urban rail market, primarily covering Light rail, Automated people mover systems and metros. The business environment of the Western European urban rail market, its dynamics, and impact on mobility and urbanization have been discussed in great detail. The study provides the unit shipment forecast by se...


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  3. 16 May 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Strategic Analysis of Qatar's Transportation and Logistics Market

    Inefficient Infrastructure and Low Domestic Manufacturing Activity Hamper the Market

    This study provides a strategic analysis of Qatar's transportation and logistics market, covering 19 key industries. It also provides current logistics spend and its breakup by segment - transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, and value-added logistics services - for each industry. In addition, the study provides revenue forecasts for the ...


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  4. 08 May 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Strategies to Address Skill Gaps and Human Resource Shortage in the Indian Logistics Sector

    Shortage of Skilled Resources Needs Urgent Action from the Logistics Industry

    The study provides key insights regarding the shortage of skilled human resources (HR) and related issues in the logistics sector from stakeholders, such as logistics service providers (LSPs), logistics institutes and logistics users. The study discusses the needs and preferences for skills and qualifications across logistics job levels. It also sh...


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  5. 18 Apr 2013  |  Global

    Transportation Modal Shift in India and Its Impact on Rail Logistics

    The Expected Modal Shift Bodes Well for Rail Transportation

    This research service provides a detailed analysis of the current scenario in the cargo transportation modal mix in India and segment-wise developments and their impact on the rail transportation industry. It also provides an insight into the transportation modal mix across key industries in India and factors driving change in the modal mix. In add...


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  6. 18 Apr 2013  |  Global

    Strategic Insight on the Egyptian Transportation and Logistics Market

    A Beneficial Location, the Suez Canal, and Strong Trade Ties with Large Economies Drive this Market

    This strategic Market Insight provides a detailed analysis of Egypts trade and economic growth as it relates to the countrys logistics market. It also discusses the critical issues and challenges that participants in the Egyptian logistics market face as well the markets key drivers and restraints. In addition, this service provides strategic di...


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  7. 05 Apr 2013  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities in Omans Logistics Market

    Growth for Logistics Service Providers will Come from Infrastructure Logistics and Transhipment Services

    This strategic market insight provides key insights into Omans current economic and logistics scenario. Identified in this research service are growth opportunities and challenges for Omans logistics market as well as forecasts for Omans gross domestic product, manufacturing industry, and import and export revenueall of which are critical to gr...


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  8. 27 Mar 2013  |  Global

    Supply Chain Sustainability in India

    Flexible, Easy-to-implement, and Scalable Supply Chains are Needed for Today's Organisations

    This market insight research service highlights the Mega Trends that are impacting the Indian logistics sector. It also outlines opportunities arising in logistics as well as the importance of maintaining the sustainability of supply chains for the logistics sector. Finally, the service discusses how Frost & Sullivan can help organisations improve ...


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  9. 21 Jan 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Opportunities in Outsourced Logistics in India

    Domestic Logistics and Transportation offer Immense Opportunities for Logistics Service Providers

    This research service provides detailed insights into the logistics expenditure, its breakdown by inbound/outbound category, the key hubs for domestic and international logistics activity, logistics outsourcing practices, the criteria for logistics service provider selection, usage of integrated 3PL providers, and the major logistics challenges in ...


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  10. 21 Jan 2013  |  Global

    Eighth Annual Indian Logistics Industry Benchmarking Study

    LSPs Fail to Match End-user Expectations for Key Performance Metrics

    This research service provides a benchmarking analysis for Indian logistics service providers (LSPs) across five key industry sectors using key performance criteria. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of logistics outsourcing trends, use of organized 3PL service providers, and LSP performance ratings for important selection criteria based on...


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