Healthcare, the world's largest industry, is transforming faster than ever. The focus on outcomes based medicine and optimal health management of populations will result in major seismic shifts. Modernization and reform measures are being employed globally by public and private sector organizations to meet the growing need for healthcare. New technologies are being created, offering enormous promise to improve care delivery.

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  1. 16 Aug 2022  |  Global

    Frost Radar™: Global Healthcare Data Analytics Market, 2022

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    Healthcare organizations must be able to manage, analyze and interpret data in order to identify strategic, tactical, and operational insights for decision making. This allows providers and payers to provide the best ways of delivering high quality care. There has been a slow but steady change in the healthcare industry at the very core of its ...


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  2. 10 Aug 2022  |  Global

    Home Healthcare Technology Innovations and Growth Opportunities

    Bringing Critical Care Delivery to Patients’ Homes through Portable, Safe, and Easy-to-Use Ventilators, Electrocardiograms, and Dialysis and Infusion Devices

    Hospitals have been the mainstay of providing care delivery to patients, including diagnostic services and therapeutic interventions. However, as a limited number of health professionals cater to multiple patients, caregivers are unable to dedicate sufficient time to each patient to understand their needs and effectively monitor their response to t...

  3. The latest issue of Advanced MedTech Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles a wide range of innovations from the advanced medical device and imaging industry. The issue includes advanced imaging technologies such as photon-counting computed tomography, portable wireless ultrasound, AI based ECG, and digital twin for surgery planning. Some of ...

  4. This edition of the Life Science, Health & Wellness Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) focuses on use of microbiome profiling for development of tests for women health. Innovations in the Synthetic Biology space, including advanced enzymatic DNA synthesis and engineered microbes for healthcare applications have been highlighted. Improvements in ta...

  5. 21 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Predictive Genetic Testing: Technology Landscape ​

    The Improved Accuracy and Clinical Utility of PGTs Will Enable the Seamless Adoption of Precision Medicine.​

    Predictive genetic testing refers to the testing of genetic mutations and variations in an individual to predict the risk of disease susceptibility and the inheritance of Mendelian diseases and other complex diseases. Genomic analysis studies such as genome-wide association studies (GWAS), SNP arrays, and the WGS of select populations have helped t...

  6. 15 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Frost & Sullivan Global Cloud User Survey, Q4 2021

    Transformational Growth in Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud Deployments Drive Digitalization in Healthcare

    This research service presents the findings of the global cloud user survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan between October 2021 and November 2021 to derive insights on cloud adoption, deployment, and usage. The primary goal of this research is to analyze the cloud computing technology adoption trends among healthcare organizations, including top bus...

  7. 13 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities for Digital Biomarkers in Drug Development

    Transformational Growth for Clinical Trials via Enhancements to Patient Recruitment, Stratification, Monitoring, and Drug Response Comprehension

    Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars in drug development because of expensive and time-consuming clinical trials, with a meager success rate. Frequent clinical visits, manual data processing, and a lack of consistent data on the effectiveness of the investigation of medical products contribute to their low success rate. Digital bio...

  8. 06 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Global Ultrasound Growth Opportunities

    Owing to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Use of Tele-ultrasound has Increased Rapidly and Helped to Close the Gap between Providing Quality Care and Accessibility to a Larger Patient Base

    New solutions include the integration of tools such as AI, which streamlines processes by automating tasks and offering guidance to operators on the use of ultrasound equipment. These solutions also reduce variabilities across devices and operators and improve the early diagnosis of chronic diseases. The study will help ultrasound equipment prov...

  9. 04 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Global Neonatal Care Devices Growth Opportunities

    Growth Potential is Enhanced by Family-centric and Holistic Developmental Care Neonatal Devices

    The neonatal care industry is shifting its focus to providing family-centric and developmental care to neonates. Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) are looking at reducing neonatal stress, such as noise and intense light, to provide complete holistic care for neonates. Wireless capabilities and portability are the new features in neonatal care d...

  10. The latest issue of Advanced MedTech Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles a wide range of innovations from the advanced medical device and imaging industry. This issue includes novel diagnostic and monitoring solutions such as COVID detection, skin patch for patient monitoring, wireless monitoring in hospitals and many more . Some of the ot...