Hybrid Vehicle

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  1. 06 May 2013  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Impact of Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Sales Growth on the Controller Market

    Government Incentives Spur the Adoption of Electric Vehicles, Strengthening the Controllers Market

    The electric vehicle (EV) market, including both electric and hybrid vehicles, continues to grow, especially given the amount of government incentives available for EV purchasers. This market insight research service describes trends in the EV controller market, which is directly affected by the growth of EVs, and provides insights into the industr...


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  2. 30 Sep 2009  |  Global  |  Market Research

    World Hybrid Electric Vehicles/Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles Battery Market


    This research covers the world hybrid electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery market with detailed analysis on revenue and forecast for the same. This research also analyzes the market based on geographic region, construction type and distribution type. Each segment also discusses current issues facing the market, revenue and d...


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