New Mobility

Frost & Sullivan’s New Mobility team tracks the global mobility innovation market with industry specific insights on the shift toward car as a service and the implication of new technologies on the transportation landscape of the future. We are witnessing a shift from private transport as the only means of mobility, to a more door to door and integrated approach to mobility; Mega trends like urbanization, pollution, Congestion, Connectivity, Globalization is powering the shift from private vehicles to new business models like carsharing, carpooling, ride hailing, Integrated Mobility, dynamics shuttles etc. Technology enabled, any device can deliver real-time, door-to-door, multi-modal travel encompassing pre-trip, in trip and post-trip services bringing Convenience, Time & Cost Savings to the Mobility User.

The Frost & Sullivan New Mobility Program Area looks at the Disruptive and sustaining trends such as:

  • Dedicated focus on elements like Mega Trends Impacting Mobility, Mobility Integration, New Mobility business models like car sharing, Corporate Mobility and New mobility products and services and Smart Cities
  • Global New Mobility strategies: Macro to Micro analysis on impact of each mega trend to specific mobility business models like carsharing, ridesharing, ridehailing, DRT etc. , focus on future emerging technologies such as electrification, automation and connectivity at play leading to transformative growth in  transportation industry by 2025
  • Business Focus: Market/Product Entry Strategies, Market Expansion Strategies, Competitive Benchmarking, Market Potential Assessment, Business Planning/ Modeling, Channel Management, Mergers & Acquisitions
  1. 16 Nov 2016  |  Asia Pacific

    Mobility Trends in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Forecast to 2022

    Public Infrastructure Development to Result in New Automotive Market Improvements

    Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam, is one of the fastest growing automotive markets in Vietnam. It has seen a rapid influx of population from other parts of Vietnam. Besides, the rising income and spending ability of the general public are driving the automotive market on a yearly basis. This research service provides an outlook of the current and futu...


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  2. 27 Oct 2016  |  Asia Pacific

    Future of Driving in China—New Mobility Business Models in China

    Internet Connectivity and Convergence Bring New Market Improvements in the Future of Driving in China

    This study examines the future of the new mobility business models in China with respect to the government, OEMS, public transport operators, fleet management providers, software platform providers, and end-user segments. It charts the major developments in the market in terms of automotive services, new energy vehicles, e-commerce, connected servi...


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  3. 16 Oct 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Future of Mobility in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia

    Government Investments and Rapid Urbanization to Drive Growth of Mobility Services in the Emerging APAC Market

    The research service provides a strategic overview of the mobility solutions currently available in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It focusses on the current trends and developments in each region and offers a comparative analysis based on factors such as urbanization and demography. The study covers mobility services such as carsharing, rideshari...


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  4. 03 Jan 2014  |  Asia Pacific

    Outlook of Mobility Solutions and Business Models in Asia - Japan, South Korea, and Singapore

    Multiple Mobility Solutions will Penetrate the Market

    This study provides an outlook of the mobility solutions and business models available or emerging in the key Asian countries of Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. These countries have implemented multiple mobility solutions for their economically developed and densely populated large cities. This study researches and analyzes the trends in these c...


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  5. 10 Jul 2012  |  Asia Pacific

    Executive Analysis of the Carsharing Market in APAC

    Carsharing Remains a Niche Transportation Solution

    This research service provides a detailed analysis of the carsharing market in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, and specific countries discussed include Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. The advantages and disadvantages of carsharing are discussed, along with its evolution in APAC. Furthermore, information is offered about different tran...


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  6. 10 Feb 2011  |  Asia Pacific

    Strategic Analysis of Carsharing Market in Japan

    Japanese Carsharing Market

    This research service focuses on the evolution of sustainable personal transportation market, especially the carsharing market in Japan. It provides an overview of worldwide and Japanese market trends, types of services, their impacts and carsharing operators' strategies. The study also provides key regional differences, best practices case studies...


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