1. 25 Nov 2015  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    The Hydroelectric Inga III Project of the DRC

    What Opportunities Exist for Inga III Considering the Current State of the Project and the DRC

    A planned 4,800 MW will arise from Inga III Basse Haute (BC), the first phase of two for the powerful Congo River. While the Inga project is a multinational mega project meant to provide power to several off-takers in Southern Africa, it has seen delays putting the operational date after 2020. These challenges are being addressed with the help of s...


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  2. 21 Aug 2014  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    The South African Electricity IndustryISMO and the Road to Reform

    The First Step Towards the End of Eskom's Monopoly

    Opening up the power generation sector to independent power producers is imperative as Eskom has shown some of its limits, such as severe funding shortfall, an extremely tight power system, and new-build projects being continuously delayed while power demand shoots. The dominant position of Eskom in power generation, transmission, and distribution ...


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  3. 26 Aug 2013  |  Latin America  |  Market Research

    Brazilian Electric Vehicle and Supporting Infrastructure Market

    EV Market Growth Based on Guarantees of Electrical Infrastructure Will Draw Attention to Brazil

    This market insight covers the Brazilian electrical vehicle (EV) and supporting infrastructure market. It focuses on pure EVs and recharge station infrastructure, presenting actual business models and new model propositions. Further, analysis takes into account Brazils fuel scenario as well as government regulations and incentives for EV use. Mark...


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  4. 19 Aug 2013  |  Latin America  |  Market Research

    Strategic Analysis of the Southern Cone Renewable Energy Market

    Supportive Policies and Primary Resources Expected to Sustain A Nascent Market

    This research service examines the renewable energy (RE) market, which is set to experience significant growth in the forecast period, in South Americas Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay). This market insight strictly covers RE power plants, which can be developed or restrained according to RE support policies. Installed capacity and re...


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  5. 22 Feb 2013  |  Latin America  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Andean Region Wind Turbine Market

    Focus Shifts from Hydrocarbons to Wind Harnessing Technologies

    This research service covers the Andean wind turbine market, providing recent developments in this nascent market. The Andean region shows attractive opportunities for investment in high and low winds, especially because of the increasing energy needs of Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, where isolated markets abound. Isolated markets will boost distrib...


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