Security is a valued necessity in today’s times. Growing terror threats, border disputes, global conflicts and the refugee crises have combined to provide reason enough to adopt stringent security measures such as automated passport control, facial recognition, and defense strategies that cover training and simulation, C4ISR, etc. Not only this, IT infrastructure, cloud computing, network security, and wireless technologies are all key growth areas that are evolving rapidly due to security issues. Concerns about digital threats will continue to drive the banking and finance industry to make cyber security investment.

The Frost & Sullivan Security unit provides global market analysis and forecasts that help clients with insights into emerging technologies, current trends and challenges, and new opportunities to grow their business. Our Security Growth Partnership Service (GPS) contains comprehensive coverage of Government/Homeland and Commercial Security Markets. Our Homeland Security information assists in understanding technologies and solutions that improve security and infrastructure.

Frost & Sullivan’s research service on the United States (US) Department of Defense (DoD) includes in-depth analysis of the department’s training and simulation market, the various segments in the helicopter market, and C4ISR budget spending.

Frost & Sullivan’s Security unit looks at new and shifting trends across the market such as:

  • Automated passport control in North America
  • Banking and finance security technology market assessment
  • US DoD C4ISR
  • Future of facial recognition technology in law enforcement
  • US DoD Helicopter market
  • DoD training and simulation market
  • US Department of Homeland security budget
  • Security competitive profiles such as Finmeccanica
  1. 18 Jan 2024  |  Asia Pacific

    Managed and Professional Security Services Growth Opportunities in China

    Regulatory Pressure in the Interest of National Security Compels Organizations to Seek External Support to Fortify Their Cybersecurity Posture

    The COVID-19 pandemic transformed business models as consumers moved toward online channels. In response, organizations rapidly adopted digital technologies and incorporated them into their daily operations and customer-facing services. The digitalization surge presents unprecedented opportunities but also significant cybersecurity challenges becau...

  2. 19 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

    Digital Transformation of Critical Communications for Public Safety in Australia, Forecast to 2022

    Move towards LTE and the Leverage of 5G and IoT to Drive the Digital Transition

    Meeting the interoperability and technological needs of first responders, the securitisation of data and network, the emergence of digital trends (5G, IoT, cloud, big data), meeting public expectations and heightened public safety issues (natural disasters and catastrophic incidents) are driving growth in critical communication solutions expenditur...


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  3. 06 Sep 2016  |  Asia Pacific

    China Security Market Insight

    Infrastructure Development and a High Threat Environment Driving Security Technology Investment

    China represents a key growth market for security technology developers. With its healthy economic position, focus on large-scale infrastructure investment plans, and growing population, the nation offers international technology suppliers a range of opportunities for the deployment of security solutions. However, intense competition from increasin...


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  4. 13 Jun 2013  |  Asia Pacific

    Russian Security Market

    Developing Local Partnerships is Paramount to Success

    This market insight discusses the current security situation in Russia. The risks and threats are examined; the measures being taken by the Russian Government to counter the same are identified (for example, The National Security Strategy). Infrastructure developments are also discussed (including rail, power, ports and airports). The market insigh...


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