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11 Nov 2016  |  North America

Twitter’s NFL Stream Challenged by Lack of Engagement and Profitable Business Model

For the forseeable future, the NFL will not go much beyond experimenting with live streaming on platforms like Twitter.

Despite some of the positive commentary about the quality of Twitter's NFL live stream, there has been much less discussion about the user interface experience or the fact that Twitter can’t cover its licensing costs via any advertising model. What Twitter is doing with the NFL games is interesting, but it lacks engagement and is a loss leader fo...

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Computer vision is an inter-disciplinary field that relates to the method of obtaining information from images or multi-dimensional data by building artificial systems. Given that supporting technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning are developing rapidly, there has been a significant rise in the number of potential appli...

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09 Sep 2016  |  Europe

European Decision Maker Sentiment—Big Data & Analytics

Snapshot of End Users’ Investment Attitudes to Technology Trends

This research service aims to provide a snapshot of a small number of end users' investment attitudes towards Big Data & Analytics (BDA) technologies in order to illustrate enterprises' views on using data as an enabler for digital transformation. The study reveals that although the market is nascent, it has a surprising open-mindedness towards tra...

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19 Aug 2016  |  Africa

Disruptive Big Data Applications in South Africa

Assessing the Use of Big Data Solutions in Local Industries

Although South Africa is in a nascent phase regarding the adoption of Big Data technologies, industries have begun implementing Big Data solutions for improved operational processes and to find new business opportunities. The key driving forces behind Big Data discussed in this analysis include increased connectivity and Internet usage, for both mo...

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Enterprises are increasingly looking for a pro-active approach to data science and intelligence technologies that can be used to identify trends, learn about a customer, avoid potential risks, and suggest actions as appropriate. Predictive analytics is a form of advanced analytics that can integrate data from a variety of sources, draw accurate ins...

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27 Jul 2016  |  Global

Big Data, XaaS and IoT Transforming Manufacturing Automation (TechVision)

Disruptive Technologies Transforming Traditional Processes to Enable Smart Manufacturing Automation

With new technology advances that are fast evolving, the manufacturing sector is uncovering significant opportunities for improvement. Lean manufacturing, cost reductions, workforce demographics, and increasing importance given to innovation-centric business models are amongst the key factors and trends driving manufacturing providers to look at mo...

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Global markets are still reeling from the results of the historic referendum on 23 June 2016 that are likely to result in the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU). The decision will create a ripple effect across industries, with a significant degree of uncertainty with regards to possible repercussions. For the cloud and dat...

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20 Jul 2016  |  North America

Brazil and Mexico Mobile Device Management Market

As Mobility Continues to Grow, so do Opportunities in MDM

The Brazilian and Mexican mobile device management (MDM) market reached $45.8 million in revenue in 2015. The Latin American market is in a nascent phase compared to other regions such as North America and Europe, presenting opportunities for new entrants, investments, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), and for existing integrators to increase their ...

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20 Jul 2016  |  Global

Hospitals of the Future – Creating an Era of Personalized Medicine (TechVision)

Evaluating the Role of Emerging Technologies and Underlying Business Models to Design Hospitals of the Future

The global industry for delivery of quality healthcare is undergoing a transformation from being provider-centric solution to being a more patient-centric solution that focus more on the outcomes and value of care delivered. This Research Service (RS) extensively evaluates a business case for technologies that can be leveraged to design hospitals ...

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Two years ago, when Interactive Intelligence announced PureCloud, I voiced concerns about how well the solution would be suited to European markets. Today, a number of my concerns have not been borne out, and Interactive Intelligence addressed others. The PureCloud product has evolved, and Interactive Intelligence has conceived a business model tha...

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