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19 Nov 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Opportunities in the Australian Smart Water Systems Market

Mass Adoption by Utilities Nearing the Tipping Point, But Significant Challenges Ahead

This study looks at the current state of play in the Australian Smart Water Systems market. It looks at the overall size and growth rates of the market and discusses key drivers and restraints impacting the development of the market. Additionally, it analyses the competitive structure of the market and discusses the overall trends that are shaping ...

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14 Jul 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Opportunity Analysis for Smart Water Metering in Asia-Pacific

Need for Non-Revenue Water Reduction Remains the Key Driver for Smart Meter Adoption in Developing Countries

The major threats for the water industry in Asia-Pacific (APAC) that may necessitate significant adoption of smart grid solutions are water scarcity, aging infrastructure, population growth and urbanization, and climate change. The developing economies in APAC including India, China, and Indonesia are suffering from a vicious cycle of non-revenue w...

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13 Mar 2015  |  Global

Connected Industries Insight SeriesICT Opportunities in the Smart Water Metering Market

Emerging Opportunities for ICT Providers in the Water Utilities Industry

This research service highlights the ICT opportunities resulting from Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) rollouts, identifying immediate, medium, and long term opportunities specific to main industry participants, communications equipment vendors, communications service providers, IT hardware vendors, IT service providers, and IT software vendo...

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18 Dec 2013  |  North America

Analysis of the Global Smart Water Metering Market

Market Success Requires Finely-tuned Regional Strategies

Smart water metering shows great potential in the global market, but vendors must be aware of regional end-user needs to relate benefits. Levels of technological sophistication and data analysis work differently in various regions due to environmental, regulatory, and utility factors. When correctly priced and brought to market, there are strong dr...

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11 Jun 2013  |  Europe

The Role of ICT in Smart Water Service Development

Real-time Data Serves as the Cornerstone for Transforming the Future Water Sector

Despite broad consensus on the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) in overcoming challenges in today’s utilities, the smart water market remains in an early phase of development. This market insight examines the smart water market, using Europe as an example of how ICT can aid water utilities worldwide. Topics include an over...

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This market insight highlights the water situation in India. Drivers and restraints to the market have been explained. A comparison shows the benefits of smart water meters over the traditional water meters. Various market dynamics and trends have been explained with special mention to the supply chain structure. A brief competitive assessment disc...

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10 Apr 2012  |  North America

CEO 360: Global Smart Water Grid Market

Water Utilities Plagued by High Costs and Inefficiencies to Benefit with Deployment of Smart Grid

Financial savings and carbon footprint reduction priorities are driving water utilities to optimise operations and management through the deployment of advanced ICT and analytical software, associated hardware, automation and control, and design and engineering services. While strong growth will be seen globally, developing regions are expected to ...

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16 Nov 2011  |  Europe

Roadmap to the Smart Water Metering Mega Trend

Spending reduction drives smart water metering to $13.38B under ambitious 2020 deployment scenario

This research provides insights into the key market forces, industry challenges, market drivers and restraints and analyses the market environments in major European regions. The research service breaks down the market from 2010 to 2020, which provides key insights into the scale and growth patterns of this growing market. The market is segmented...

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