Latin American Commercial Vehicles Market, Forecast to 2023

Powered by Digital Transformation, the LATAM Commercial Trucking Market is Estimated to Record a CAGR of 7.1% During 2016–2023

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The LATAM commercial vehicles market is experiencing a number of transformative shifts that are driven by social, economic, and technology disruptions impacting the region’s logistics, primary economic activities, new regulations aiding for CV fleet renewal, new business models being adopted by OEMs and Tier 1 providers, as well as technology innovations reshaping the logistics industry. Notwithstanding the existing market challenges, Frost & Sullivan expects LATAM to record annual sales of more than 200,000 units by 2023. This research service covers Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, and presents the key market trends, growth opportunities, transformational shifts, and market metrics. It

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key FindingsExecutive Summary—Key Findings (continued)Transformational Shifts Shaping the Future of Commercial TruckingLATAM MCV and HDT Trucks Market Forecast2017 Regional GDP and Commercial Truck Market GrowthMCV-HDT Trucks OEM Sales PerformancePerceived Importance of Trends across RegionsConnected Trucks—Digitisation of Trucking in LATAMFuture of Urban Trucking—TruckPadFuture of Urban Trucking—TruckPad Product PortfolioKey Conclusions and Future Outlook to 2023Key Conclusions and Future Outlook to 2023 (continued)Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch BackgroundResearch MethodologyVehicle Segmentation, Definitions, and ClassificationsVehicle Segments—MCV and HDT: GlobalLATAM MCV and HDT Market OutlookLATAM Medium and Heavy Commercial Trucks Market ForecastMCV Trucks OEM Sales PerformanceHDT Trucks OEM Sales PerformanceMarket Overview—Engine Size ForecastPowertrain Technology ForecastAlternative Fuel Powertrain Market—Regional Market Share AnalysisKey Regional OutlookKey Regional Outlook (continued)LATAM Transformational Shifts Impacting the Future of Commercial Trucking (Transformational Shift 1—Digital Transformation: Connected Trucks)Trucking Challenges—Propelling DigitisationTop Market Trends—Connected Truck TelematicsDigitisation Enabling Industry Evolution towards Service/Solution ModelConnected Trucks by Country to 2023OEM Solutions and Dedicated ProvidersRegional Connected Truck Market Forecast by Product TypeKey Regulations and Mandates—A SnapshotMAN RIO—Digitisation of Truck Solutions PlatformKey Challenges to Autonomous Driving in Commercial VehiclesLevels of AutomationKey Strategic Implications for the Trucking IndustryTransformational Shift 2—Rise of Value TrucksRise of Value Trucks Product Segment OutlookProduct Segment Outlook (continued)Global Product-Price Segment Specifications in MCV TrucksKey Focal Points for Product Planning in Value TrucksHWW Technologies and Future Opportunities for Truck DesignKey Strategic Implications for the Trucking IndustryTransformational Shift 3—PlatformisationChanging OEM Focus in Global HDT Truck PlatformMCV Truck Platforms of Major OEMsHDT Truck Platforms of Major OEMsEngine Platform Design Harmonisation—2016–2023Regional and Global MCV Platforms—Major OEMsRegional and Global HDT Platforms—Major OEMsVision of 2025 MCV Truck Design BoundariesKey Strategic Implications for the Trucking IndustryTransformational Shift 4—Urban TruckingTransformational Shift—Urban TruckingApplications of CVs by Fleet Type StatisticsUrban Trucking—uShipUrban Trucking—uShip Product PortfolioUrban Trucking—HumberUrban Trucking—Humber Product PortfolioKey Strategic Implications for the Trucking IndustryTransformational Shift 5—Rise of Asian OEMsRise of Asian OEMsSubtrend 1—Asian OEMs Dominating Some Value Truck MarketsRise of Asian OEMs—Sales PerformanceKey Strategic Implications for the Trucking IndustryGrowth Opportunities and Strategic ImperativeGrowth OpportunitiesStrategic Imperatives for Success and GrowthConclusions and Future OutlookForecast Regional OutlookForecast Regional Outlook (continued)Key Conclusions and 2023 OutlookThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixTable of Acronyms UsedTable of Acronyms Used (continued)2017 Proposed Research PlanSelected Research Topics Covered in 2015–2016Latin America Automotive & TransportationMarket Engineering Methodology


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