Microbiome Technologies Energizing Pharma and Life Sciences

A New World of Microbiome Innovations

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Microbiome science has become a key area of research for biopharmaceutical companies. At present, there are multiple start-ups emerging, which are focusing their resources towards the development of novel therapeutics as well as diagnostic/screening technologies and services. In an era of personalized medicine, the current trajectory of growth witness across the microbiome industry parallels, the growth that took place across genomics. Some of the milestones that have occurred in the microbiome field are the application of next generation screening towards identifying and assessing microbial levels within the human gut. Using these microbial biomarkers, scientists are pushing the boundaries by identifying novel

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Key Findings 1.2 Interest Across The “Microbiome” Rapidly Rising 1.3 The Past, Present & Future of Human Microbiomics1.4 Microbiome Product Diversity And Segmentation 2.0 Technology Snapshot2.1 Technology Overview: Therapeutics 2.2 Technology Overview: Over-the-counter 2.3 Technology Overview: Diagnostic Products & Services 3.0 Impact of Microbiome Innovations3.1 More than 50% of all Microbiome Research is Focused Towards the GI 3.2 Multiple Diseases Have Unmet Therapeutics Needs3.3 Clostridium difficile Threat Increasing due to Increasing Antibiotic use 3.4 Inflammatory Bowel Disease Another Large Unmet Area of Urgent Need 3.5 Skin Disorders Have Found A New Age Therapeutic Solution 3.6 Lifestyle Disorders Could Also Be Controlled Through the Microbiome 3.7 Immune-Microbiome A New Avenue In Cancer Research 3.8 OTC Microbiome Products Have Numerous Consumer Target Segments 3.9 OTC Microbiome Products Promote A Balanced Micro-ecosystem 3.10 Documented Usage of Probiotics Across Human Health is Diverse 4.0 Advances in Microbiome Innovations 4.1 Largest Contribution Towards the Microbiome Product Landscape Comes from Probiotic Drugs 4.2 Microbiome Therapeutics are Developed to with a Strategic Technical Design Based Approach 4.3 OTC Microbiome Products – Key Segments4.4 OTC Microbiome Products – Some Probiotics/Prebiotic Stakeholders 4.5 Current Microbiome Company Ecosystem Segmented by Technology Focus 4.6 Microbiome Stakeholders Mergers, Acquisitions & Partnerships Snapshot 5.0 Company Innovation Profiles 5.1 Approach–Company Profile 5.2 Seres Health (Seres Therapeutics)5.3 AvidBiotics5.4 Rebiotix 5.5 Ritter Pharmaceutical 5.6 Vedanta Biosciences5.7 C3 Jian6.0 Opportunity Evaluation & Roadmap6.1 Regional Analysis of OTC Health Innovations6.2 Regional Analysis of Diagnostic/Services Innovations6.3 Technology Roadmap7.0 Growth Opportunities7.1 Growth Opportunity 7: Microbiome 7.2 Major Growth Opportunities for Microbiome7.3 Strategic Imperatives for Microbiome Technology StakeholdersLegal Disclaimer8.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story8.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story8.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career8.3 Global Perspective8.4 Industry Convergence8.5 360º Research Perspective8.6 Implementation Excellence8.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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