Opportunity Analysis for the Automotive Parts and Service eRetailing Market in Europe

Tyres and Accessories Will Push Online Parts Close to 20 Billion Euros by 2020

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Online parts sales are expected to more than quadruple over the next 5 to 7 years as eRetailers refine their business models for delivering products to vehicle owners and service professionals in the automotive aftermarket. For now, tyre manufacturers are driving the migration to online sales channels as parts and service providers determine which platforms and partnerships are best aligned to their products and customers. For the purposes of this research, eRetailing includes most automotive spare parts sold online in the European Union countries and Russia. More than 20 interviews were conducted with stakeholders across the automotive aftermarket value chain. The base year is 2013, and the forecast period ext

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key FindingsExecutive Summary—Top Transformational Shifts Expected to Shape the Future of Parts Retailing (2013 to 2020)Executive Summary—The 3600 Integrated Customer JourneyExecutive Summary—Shifting from Service Model to Solutions ModelExecutive Summary—The Automotive eRetailing GapExecutive Summary—Parts eRetailing Opportunity in Key CountriesExecutive Summary—Online Parts vs. Total Aftermarket Parts Revenue Executive Summary—eRetailing Penetration/Growth by Key RegionsExecutive Summary—Parts eRetailing in FranceExecutive Summary—Automotive eRetailing Product Category AnalysisExecutive Summary—Automotive eRetailing Value ChainExecutive Summary—eRetailing Competitive AnalysisExecutive Summary—Key Automotive eRetail Participants in OperationExecutive Summary—Key Automotive eRetail Participants in Operation (continued)Automotive eRetailing Business Models—Direct and MarketplaceBusiness Model Analysis by Participant TypeEmerging Bricks & Clicks Convergence Models in Parts and ServiceExecutive Summary—Halfords’ Omni-channel ApproachExecutive Summary—Service Aggregation Emerging ModelExecutive Summary—Key OES Comparative Strategies in UKExecutive Summary—OES-to-Marketplace: BMW eBay DirectExecutive Summary—Key Findings and Future Outlook Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch Scope and BackgroundVehicles in Operation by CountryVehicles in Operation by Country (continued) Vehicles in Operation by BrandResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions this Study Will AnswerResearch MethodologyKey Participant Groups Compared in This StudyDefinitions and SegmentationeCommerce and Online Retail DefinitionsChannel Participant SegmentationChannel Participant DefinitionsDefinitionsVehicle Segmentation eRetailing Market Overview—Automotive and Non-AutomotiveGlobal Overall Online Retail Sales OutlookPercentage of Population Who Shopped Online—Europe Online Product Penetration RatesKey Legislative Trends in eRetailing—EuropeEurope—mCommerce Market DynamicsEurope—mCommerce Market Dynamics (continued) Impact of Mega Trends on Automotive Parts and Service eRetailingImpact of Mega Trends on AftermarketTop Transformational Shifts Expected to Shape the Future of Parts Retailing (2013 to 2020)Transformational Shift #1—Future StoresTransformational Shift #2—Omni-channel RetailingTransformational Shift #3—Connected RetailingTransformational Shift #4—New Business ModelsTransformational Shift #5—Engaging Retailing Transformational Shift #6—Last-mile LogisticsTransformational Shift #7—Big Data RetailingImpact on Aftermarket—The 360º Integrated Customer JourneyImpact on Aftermarket—Fulfilment Will Emerge as Key DifferentiatorImpact on Aftermarket—Future Smart Distribution and Service NetworkImpact on Aftermarket: Shifting from Service Model to Solutions ModelAutomotive Parts and Service eRetailing—Demand Factors and ChallengesKey Influencers of Parts-related Online Research and SalesKey Reasons for Not Buying Parts OnlineChallenges for Online eRetailers to Cross-border European PresenceAutomotive Parts and Service eRetailing—Market OverviewThe Automotive eRetailing GapDigitisation Expansion in Auto Parts and ServiceeRetailing EvolutionKey Automotive eRetail Participants in OperationKey Automotive eRetail Participants in Operation (continued)Automotive eRetailing Value ChainRecent Strategic Developments in Automotive Parts eRetailingAutomotive Parts and Service eRetailing—Revenue Analysis and ForecastAutomotive Parts and Service eRetailing—Revenue Scenario AnalysisRevenue Forecast Scenario Assumptions to 2020Revenue Forecast by CountryOnline and Aftermarket Parts Retail Comparative Share by RegioneRetailing Penetration and Growth Comparison by Key RegionsPercent Revenue Forecast by TypePercent Revenue Forecast by Participant Type DiscussionAutomotive eRetailing Product Category AnalysisTyre eRetailing: Leading Aftermarket Product SegmentAutomotive Parts and Service eRetailing— Business ModelsAutomotive eRetailing Business Models—Direct and MarketplaceBusiness Model Analysis by Participant TypeWhy the Marketplace Model WorksEmerging Bricks & Clicks Convergence Models in Parts and ServiceCollaborative Bricks & Clicks—Tesco/Blackcircles.com Mobile Service—Allopneus/Kwik FitOEM to Marketplace—BMW eBay DirectOEM to Marketplace—Other Key BrandsService AggregationCase Study—whocanfixmycar.com’s Service Aggregation ModelCustomised Fulfilment Emerging as Key DifferentiatorSocial Commerce in Automotive PartsCase Study—Social Media Significance: Norauto (France)Country ProfilesOverall eRetailing Dashboard—FranceParts eRetailing Dashboard—FranceParts eRetailing Dashboard—France (continued) Overall eRetailing Dashboard—GermanyParts eRetailing Dashboard—GermanyParts eRetailing Dashboard—Germany (continued) Overall eRetailing Dashboard—UKParts eRetailing Dashboard—UKParts eRetailing Dashboard—UK (continued) Overall eRetailing Dashboard—RussiaParts eRetailing Dashboard—RussiaParts eRetailing Dashboard—Russia (continued) Overall eRetailing Dashboard—ItalyParts eRetailing Dashboard—ItalyParts eRetailing Dashboard—Italy (continued) Overall eRetailing Dashboard—SpainParts eRetailing Dashboard—SpainParts eRetailing Dashboard—Spain (continued) Automotive Parts and Service eRetailing— Competitive Analysis and Key Competitor ProfilesComparative Benchmarking—Criteria DefinitionsComparative Benchmarking by Participant TypeComparative Benchmarking by Key ParticipantsCompany Profile—DelticomCompany Profile—Delticom (continued)Company Profile—AmazonCompany Profile—EuroCarPartsCompany Profile—EuroCarParts (continued)Company Profile—OscaroCompany Profile—HalfordsCompany Profile—Halfords (continued)Company Profile—Exist.ruCompany Profile—AllopneusCompany Profile—Mister AutoCompany Profile—BlackcirclesCompany Profile—eGommerceCompany Profile—eBayConclusions and Future OutlookKey Conclusions and Future Outlook3 Big Predictions for Automotive Parts and Service eRetailingLegal DisclaimerAppendix A—Tyre eRetailingTyre Revenue by RegionKey Tyre eRetailers—Market ShareKey Tyre eRetailers—Strategy BenchmarkingAppendix B—OEM Parts Retailing StrategiesOES Offline vs. Online Sales Scenario AnalysisCase Study—OEM Comparative Strategies in UKAppendix C—Abbreviations; Aftermarket Research ProgramAbbreviations and Acronyms UsedLearn More—Next StepsRelevant Research—Published or In-progress StudiesPlanned 2014 ResearchMarket Engineering Methodology

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