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This research service discusses the role of bioinformatics in drug discovery with a specific focus on in silico applications.


This issue of Vital Signs, released on February 8, 2010, provides a strategic overview of challenges and opportunities in next-generation sequencing bioinformatics. Additionally, a company spotlight is provided for CLC bio, a company focused on bioinformatics needs in genomics research, drug discovery, diagnostics, and next-generation sequencing. R...


This research service discusses the opportunities for bioinformatics in the European drug discovery market.


This report discusses the important considerations for players in the Bioinformatics market and assists decision making in the Outsourcing space.


This research service discusses technology developments and their impact in the field of Bioinformatics and Clinical Informatics worldwide.


This research examines the European Bioinformatics markets in terms of the challenges faced by market participants, drivers and restraints in the industry, the competitive structure in the major markets, the revenue forecasts and growth rates and strategic recommendations


This is a comprehensive report about the growing technology sector of bioinformatics. It provides an overview and analysis of technology, markets, challenges, and key players.

29 Oct 2001  |  North America

The U.S. Bioinformatics Market


The segmentation of this report focuses on four interdependant areas--Sequencing Instrumentation, Stand Alone Genetic Analysis Packages, Genetic and Proteomic Database Content Providers, and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)--which are specific to storage and data mining for the biological data sets.