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Electric car market research report provides detailed insights on the growth prospects of the market across global. The report analyses the competitiveness based on several factors by applications, by geography, by region and key vendors.

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06 Jun 2023  |  North America

2023 Prediction of Global Electric Car Growth Outlook

The Strong Transition Towards Electrification Will Continue With an Estimated EV Penetration of 18–19% Selling Over 15.2 Million Units

This Frost & Sullivan study provides an outlook for the electric vehicle industry based on the latest industry data; it provides an outline of current trends and an in-depth analysis of future developments, as well as a breakdown of the main stakeholders in the sector and their performance. EV sales in 2022 amounted to a total of 10.5 million, of...

16 Jul 2018  |  Europe

European Consumers’ Attitudes towards Diesel, Hybrid and Electric Cars—Key Findings, 2016

Customers are Aware and Willing to Consider xEVs as their Next Car Purchase

This is an end-consumer survey on the attitude and perception towards diesel, hybrid and electric cars. The aim of this study is to understand consumers’ perceptions and attitude towards gasoline, diesel engines, hybrid and electric cars and further analyse their switching behaviour from diesel to hybrid/electric vehicles. About 2,525 end-consume...


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21 Nov 2016  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Future of Electric Cars in India

Future of Electric Cars in India

This whitepaper analyses the present and future market potential for electric cars in India. It highlights various government schemes aimed at promoting the electric cars market. It also discusses the various market dynamics driving the market including technology trends, drivers and challenges among others.


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