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01 Jul 2021  |  Global

Global Fuel Cell Trucks Growth Opportunities

The Prospect of Fuel Cell Trucks in Hydrogen Economies is Intriguing for Companies That Pursue Zero-emission Mobility Solutions

Globally, countries are increasingly adopting policies to increase the pace of transition toward zero emission. Governments are evaluating different pathways to achieve carbon neutrality, and investments, and activities in the energy sector are directed around it. Commercial vehicles currently are among the major carbon emitters, with very high per...

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28 Aug 2020  |  North America

Strategic Collaborations Towards Technology Development Transforming The Global Fuel Cell Vehicles Market, 2020–2030

Establishing a Robust Refuelling Infrastructure and Lowering the Cost of H2 Production to Drive Growth Opportunities

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving in terms of technology as well as tackling environmental issues. Electric vehicles (EVs) have been introduced as a clean energy initiative as they have low or zero emissions, and have come a long way to become an integral part of OEMs business strategies. Automakers like PSA and VW are creating separate E...

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This edition of the Inside R&D TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) features retina drug development and self-focussing glasses that can fight presbyopia. It also provides intelligence on the use of novel techniques for selective nitrate removal from groundwater and use of nanofibers in wastewater treatment. The TOE also features innovations based o...

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15 Oct 2019  |  Global

Frost Radar in the Global Stationary Fuel Cell Market

A Measurement System to Spark Companies 2 Action (C2A)—Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

Fuel cells are expected to see significant growth over the next decade, as countries move toward cleaner power to diversify their power mix away from fossil fuels. The need to decarbonize the power sector will only intensify over the next decade. Renewable energy will play a big part in this story, but fuel cells will also be a source of clean powe...

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This Mobility Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) highlights innovations in electric vehicles, self-driving cars, fuel cell powered and electric ships. It also covers a high performance HUD system, a personalized driving experience using voice assistance, a technique that uses data to design cleaner engines, and smaller fuel tanks for hy...

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23 Apr 2019  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in the Stationary Fuel Cell Market, Forecasts to 2030

Increasing Acceptability and Falling Costs to Drive the Market for Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are expected to see significant growth over the next decade, as countries move toward cleaner power to diversify their power mix away from fossil fuels. The market is expected to witness steady growth due to the construction and installation of fuel cell power by companies along with the declining cost of new/existing technologies, leadi...

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This Mobility Technology TOE highlights advancements in remote diagnostics, tire pressure and tread depth monitoring, system-on-chip AI-powered autonomous vehicles, lithium ion cobalt batteries with greater energy capability, fuel cell buses, self-healing coatings, stereoscopic cameras for autonomous vehicles, autonomous delivery of goods, and ultr...

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16 Nov 2017  |  North America

Global Executive Analysis of the Fuel Cell Passenger Car Market, Forecast to 2030

Fuel Cell Technology Development and Optimisation to be Heavily Driven by Incentives and Investments

Research Scope: The research focuses on the legislative measures that have been taken by the Government globally to implement and adopt fuel cell vehicles and bring in new business models for private and public sectors to develop the hydrogen fuel stations across the world. Private and public sectors have constantly provided investments and funding...

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03 Mar 2017  |  Global

Developments in Fuel Cell Technology

This edition of the Energy and Power Systems (EPS) TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides insights on the latest advances in the broad range of technology related to the energy industry. Increase in the carbon emission scenario and the transition of the automobile industry toward a low carbon future has influenced the growth of fuel cell tech...

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This issue of Advanced Manufacturing Technology notes and assesses innovations in fuel cell power for manufacturing industries. Keywords: Alkaline fuel cell systems, base-transceiver stations, proton exchange membrane fuel cells, machine vision

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