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30 Nov 2020  |  Global

Next-generation Smart Metering Intelligence to Unlock the Future Grid Potential

The Second Wave of Rollouts and Smart Meter Use Cases to Proliferate, Driving Grid Transformation Services in Energy Transition, Amidst Transforming Customer Experience and Offerings

The global smart meter market continued to register strong growth in 2019, as major rollouts continued to accelerate. China led the trail and various pockets of Europe went ahead with large-scale pilots and installing second-generation smart meters. China continued to account for more than half of the global market, holding 56.2% of the total shipm...

31 Jul 2020  |  Global

Innovations in Smart Metering Enabling Grid Modernization

Systems Integration and Data Aided Grid Control to Enable an Intelligent and Responsive Grid Infrastructure

This research, ‘Innovations in Smart Metering Enabling Grid Modernization’ focuses on the emerging innovations and the latest developments in the smart metering industry including Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), meter data management systems (MDMS), sensor ecosystem, networks and communications, systems integration, and digital engageme...

24 Jun 2016  |  Latin America

A Snapshot of the Brazilian Smart Metering Market

Brazil is one of the largest potential markets in the world for smart meters. Power distribution companies in the country are developing small- and large-scale pilot projects related to smart grids, most of which are supported by ANEEL’s research and development resources. Yet despite the long-standing goal of nationwide deployment, Brazil’s sm...

08 Aug 2013  |  Europe

Looking Beyond Smart Meters in Europe - Next Steps in the Smart Grid Space

Key Growth Opportunities Targeted Towards Various Sectors of Hardware, Software, and Other Markets

The smart meter rollout is gaining speed in Europe, driven by the EU mandate to have 80% coverage of smart meters in households by 2020. Equally interesting is the evolution of the smart grid wherein communication and involvement of the demand-side participants (consumers) become very important. This market insight looks at both hardware (EV chargi...

30 May 2012  |  Europe

Billing Challenges of Smart Metering

AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) investment leads to significant organisational, technological, and commercial changes because utilities must embrace new business models to better amortise the investments. Smart metering supports customer-centric utility and the concept of empowering customers as enablers for smart energy. However, most utili...

20 Oct 2011  |  Europe

European Smart Meter Markets

Europe to Experience Five-Fold Growth in Installed Base of Smart Meters by 2017

The European smart meters market is very much in the growth stage of its life cycle, with massive investment and acceleration anticipated within the current decade. Currently Sweden and Italy are the only mature markets in Europe. Smart meter developments are taking place in countries like Denmark, Finland and Norway, while large scale rollouts ha...


Rising electricity demand in Central and Eastern Europe has exceeded the capacity of grids resulting in energy loses and outages. Grid modernisation is limited in the CEE region and energy losses are high especially in countries such as Bulgaria, Estonia and Romania. Utilities are looking at how to manage the grid properly and reduce to electricity...


This research services provides an in depth look into the recent trends and developments in the smart metering arena. Factors influencing this market are analyzed and key industry players are profiled.