Robotic Exoskeletons: Roadmapping and Impact Analysis

Physical Rehabilitation Enhance Opportunities for Robotic Exoskeletons

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Awareness and research initiatives of robotics technologies improving human life and intelligence have created opportunities for robotic exoskeleton manufacturers to discover a wide range of applications across various sectors. Efficient human-robot interaction, reduced footprint, ease of integration, reprogram ability and creation of flexible environment are encouraging advancements of robotic exoskeletons. Robotic platforms are expected to be pivotal role in automation. Apart from automating the working environment, the adoption of exoskeletons will ease the tasks of humans associated with dangerous and hazardous tasks. In healthcare industry, robotic exoskeletons are expected to play a quintessential role in

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Research Methodology Explained1.4 Summary of Key Findings1.4 Summary of Key Findings (continued)2.0 Robotic Exoskeleton – Current Scenario2.1 Visualization in the Manufacturing Sector – A Sneak Preview2.2 Types of Robotic Exoskeleton Technologies2.3 Market Drivers: Growing Trend Toward the Utilization of Robotics Technologies2.4 Benefits of Robotic Exoskeletons Encouraging technology Development2.5 Market Challenges: Cost, Misuse of Technology and Research Funding are Considered to be the Primary Factors2.6 High Cost of Robotic Exoskeletons Hindering Adoption 3.0 Impact Assessment of Robotic Exoskeletons – Economic, Sector, Social, and Environmental impact3.1 Manufacturing and Construction Sector Employees can Improve Productivity and Reduce Injury Risk Using Exoskeletons3.2 Rehabilitation is One of the Key Applications in Healthcare and Military and Defence3.3 Economic Impact of Robotics Exoskeletons3.4 Social Impact of Robotics Exoskeletons4.0 Patent and Funding Trends4.1 Global Patent Trend Analysis4.2 Gap Analysis and Funding Trends5.0 Key Innovations and Innovators Profile5.1 Key Innovators in Robotic Exoskeleton Ecosystem5.2 Medical Exoskeletons Designed for Mobility Disorders5.3 Powered exoskeletons for Rehabilitation 5.4 Bionic Walking Assistance Exoskeletons5.5 Bionic Suit for Lower Limb Support5.6 Dexterous Mobile Robotic Exoskeleton5.7 Powered Exoskeletons with Improved Flexibility and Reactivity5.8 Bionic Knee Braces to Prevent Knee Injuries5.9 Medical Exoskeletons for Lower Body Paralysis5.10 Leg Protection Bionic Suits for the Marine Industry5.11 Modular Robotic Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation of all Limbs5.12 Powered Clothing Design to Supplement Users’ Everyday Strength 5.13 Exoskeletons Suitable for Everyday Life6.0 Robotic Exoskeleton – Sector Wise Roadmapping6.1 Robotic Exoskeletons to Witness Wide Adoption in the Long Term6.2 Healthcare and Manufacturing Sectors to be the Early Adopters6.3 Military & Defence and Building & Construction Sectors will Adopt the Technology7.0 Growth Opportunities of Robotic Exoskeletons and Conclusion7.1 Improvement in Worker Performance and Performing Complicated Tasks are Some of the Key Opportunities7.2 Advancement in Physical Rehabilitation Will Encourage Technology Development7.3 Increased Adoption of Robotics Solutions Creates Opportunities8.0 Industry Contacts8.1 Industry ContactsLegal Disclaimer

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