Strategic Analysis of the South African Automotive Filters Aftermarket

Lower Price and Reliability will Determine the Success of Aftermarket Filter Manufacturers

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This report covers the passenger and commercial vehicles, replacement filters aftermarket in terms of volume and value across South Africa. It provides the qualitative and quantitative aspects, such as market trends and market metrics. Increase in vehicles in operation (VIO) and improved maintenance practice awareness, will help the aftermarket grow during the forecast period. The report covers segments such as air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and cabin air filter. Unit shipments will experience a strong marginal growth, considering the fact that the market is in the growth stage and the competition is increasing.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Market Status PV & CV
Change Intervals
Cheap Imports on the Rise
Market Engineering Measurements
Passenger Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles
Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Market Status
2. Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Background
Research Methodology
3. Definitions and Segmentation
Product Segmentation
Vehicle Segment
Passenger Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles
Automotive Filters
Filter Type
Oil Filters
Air Filters
Fuel Filters
Cabin Filters
Air Filter
Fuel Filter
Oil Filter
Cabin Air Filters
4. South African Aftermarket Market Overview/Trends—Passenger Vehicles & Commercial Vehicles
Key Market Trends
South Africa Market VIO
Vehicles in Operation by Brand Analysis & Age
Demand Analysis
Vehicle in Operation
New Vehicle Sales
Average Annual Mileage
Average Vehicle Age
Drivers & Challenges
The increase in vehicle in operation (VIO) drives the on-going demand for filter replacement
The increase and diversification of car brands and models in South Africa are likely to drive an increasing number of SKU of filters
The increase in ecofriendly, metal-free filters and diesel filters, is likely to drive the demand for new filters
Owing to shorter recommended change intervals there is an increase in penetration fitment rates
Prices, for the aftermarket are expected to decline over the forecast period, due to the increase in cheap imports
Lack of standardization and quality control will dampen growth
Consumers are under the pressure of high car premiums and are price sensitive; hence, they usually prefer cheaper, longer lasting filters
OEMS are increasingly promoting the use of original filters even after warranty
Filter Change Intervals
5. Filters Market Breakdown by Segment & Type
Market Engineering Measurements
Overview of Replacement Filters Aftermarket—Estimate
PV Filter Demand by Type
CV Filter Demand by Type
6. Market Distribution Structure & Pricing
Distribution Analysis—Passenger & Commercial Vehicles
Filters Aftermarket Pricing Analysis
7. Conclusions
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
8. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
Passenger Vehicle Filters—Distribution Analysis
Commercial Vehicle Filters—Distribution Analysis


List of Figures & Charts

1. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Current and Future Outlook, Europe, 2015–2020
2. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Unit Shipment Forecast, South Africa, 2015–2022
3. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Research Methodology, South Africa, 2015
4. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Market Engineering Measurements, South Africa, 2015

1. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Market Engineering Measurements, South Africa, 2015
2. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Research Background, South Africa, 2015
3. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Product Segmentation, South Africa, 2015
4. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Definitions, South Africa, 2015
5. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Key Market Trends, South Africa, 2015
6. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Vehicle in Operation by Vehicle Segment, South Africa, 2015–2022
7. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: VIO by Brand & Age, South Africa, 2015
8. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Demand Analysis, South Africa, 2015
9. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Drivers & Challenges, South Africa, 2015
10. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Filter Change Intervals, South Africa, 2015
11. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Unit Shipment Forecast by Vehicle Segment, South Africa, 2015–2022
12. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Unit Shipment Forecast by Vehicle Segment and Filter Type, South Africa, 2015 and 2022
13. Total PV Filters Aftermarket: Unit Shipment Forecast by Filter Type, South Africa, 2015–2022
14. Total CV Filters Aftermarket: Unit Shipment Forecast by Filter Type, South Africa, 2015–2022
15. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Market Structure, South Africa, 2015
16. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Pricing Analysis, South Africa, 2015
17. Automotive Filters Aftermarket: Conclusion, South Africa, 2015

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