Strategic Assessment of Select Farm Implements Market in India

Increasing Farm Mechanisation Driving Demand for Implements with Higher Capacity and Better Performance Level

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The farm implements market in India barring tractors is highly unorganised with more than 60.0% not being dominated by any single participant. The leading participants vary among the regions depending on the regional trend. Other than domestic participants, Chinese participants also hold a strong position in the overall farm implements market due to low pricing. Unavailability of farm labour, increasing minimum support price (MSP), government subsidy programmes, and favourable credit policies are boosting farm mechanisation in the country. As farm wages traditionally have been low, the subsidy programmes run by the state governments act as a major driver for the purchase of farm machinery.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryKey FindingsKey Findings (continued)Product SegmentationExecutive SummaryFarm Implements MarketFarm Implements—Market Breakdown by SegmentFarm ImplementsExecutive Summary—SWOT Analysis of Farm Implements Market Market Potential AssessmentFY2014/FY2020 Future Outlook for Farm ImplementsFY2014/FY2020 Future Outlook for Farm Implements (continued)Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions This Study Will AnswerResearch MethodologyKey OEMs Compared in this StudyKey OEMs Compared in this Study (continued)Definitions and SegmentationProduct SegmentationProduct DefinitionsProduct Definitions (continued)Indian Agriculture Industry OverviewGDP Growth Rate and Agriculture Sector Contribution Type of CropsCrop SeasonsMajor Foodgrain ProductionState-wise Rice ProductionState-wise Wheat ProductionState-wise Pulses ProductionState-wise Coarse Cereals ProductionState-wise Oilseeds ProductionState-wise Cotton ProductionState-wise Sugarcane ProductionState-wise Raw Jute and Mesta ProductionFarm Land Holding Pattern in IndiaSoil Classification in IndiaSoil Classification in India (continued)Frequency of Occurrence of Drought in IndiaPESTLE Analysis of Farm Implements MarketPESTLE Analysis of Farm Implements Market (continued)PESTLE Analysis of Farm Implements Market (continued)Drivers and Restraints—Total Farm Implements MarketMarket DriversDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Market RestraintsRestraints ExplainedRestraints Explained (continued)Total Farm Implements MarketGeographical Spread of Farm Implement ManufacturersSources of Farm Power in Indian AgricultureFarm Power Contribution Share Analysis 1972–2013Comparison of Mechanisation with Other CountriesLevel of Farm Mechanisation in IndiaSubsidy on Farm ImplementsSubsidy on Farm Implements (continued)Tractor Market AnalysisTractor Market—Unit Shipment Historic TrendTractor Market—Segment ShareTractor Market—Competitive Market ShareTractor Market—Regional TrendTractor Market—Sales and Exports ForecastTractor Market—Technology TrendsTractor Market—Key ConclusionsPower Tiller Market AnalysisPower Tiller Market—Sales Historic TrendPower Tiller Market—Competitive Market SharePower Tiller Market—Regional TrendPower Tiller Market—Sales ForecastPower Tiller Market TrendsPower Tiller Market—Key ConclusionsCombine Harvester Market AnalysisCombine Harvester Market—Sales Historic TrendCombine Harvester Market—Competitive Market ShareCombine Harvester Market—Regional TrendCombine Harvester Market—Sales ForecastCombine Harvester Market TrendsCombine Harvester Market Trends (continued)Combine Harvester Market–Key ConclusionsRotavator Market AnalysisRotavator Market—Sales Historic TrendRotavator Market—Competitive Market ShareRotavator Market—Regional TrendRotavator Market—Sales ForecastRotavator Market—Key ConclusionsThresher Market AnalysisThresher Market—Sales Historic TrendThresher Market—Competitive Market ShareThresher Market—Regional TrendThresher Market—Sales ForecastThresher Market—Key ConclusionsZero Till Seed Drill Market AnalysisZero Till Seed Drill Market—Sales Historic TrendZero Till Seed Drill Market—Competitive Market ShareZero Till Seed Drill Market—Regional TrendZero Till Seed Drill Market—Sales ForecastZero Till Seed Drill Market—Key ConclusionsRice Planter Market AnalysisRice Planter Market—Sales Historic TrendRice Planter Market—Competitive Market ShareRice Planter Market—Regional TrendRice Planter Market—Sales ForecastRice Planter Market—Key ConclusionsPotato Planter Market AnalysisPotato Planter Market—Sales Historic TrendPotato Planter Market—Competitive Market SharePotato Planter Market—Regional TrendPotato Planter Market—Sales ForecastPotato Planter Market—Key ConclusionsPower Weeder Market AnalysisPower Weeder Market—Sales Historic TrendPower Weeder Market—Competitive Market SharePower Weeder Market—Regional TrendPower Weeder Market—Sales ForecastPower Weeder Market—Key ConclusionsConclusions and Future Outlook—Total Farm Implements MarketMarket Potential AssessmentTotal Farm Implements Market—Key Conclusions and Future OutlookLegal DisclaimerAppendixMarket Engineering MethodologyAbbreviations and Acronyms Used

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