Top Ten Emerging Industries of the Future

The $20 Trillion Opportunity that will Transform Future Businesses and Societies

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This study discusses the evolution of various top-emerging industries, to help them drive growth and innovation in a rapidly changing environment. It targets individuals and businesses with a futuristic vision, and analyses key industries with the potential to grow into bigger markets by 2020; it also indicates how these industries will impact existing product and business lines; and details key challenges and possible threats. It estimates that the future will be characterized with trillion-dollar markets providing firms with newer channels and growth avenues. Furthermore, most emerging industries will be highly technology-driven as software technologies and connectivity become more pervasive in the move towar

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key TakeawaysExecutive Summary—Key Findings on Top 10 IndustriesExecutive Summary—Key Findings on Top 10 Industries (continued)Executive Summary—Key Findings on Top 10 Industries (continued)Executive Summary—Key Findings on Top 10 Industries (continued)Research Scope, Background, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch BackgroundResearch Methodology: From Macro to Micro TrendsDefinitions and Evaluation Criteria to Determine Top IndustriesWhat is an Emerging Industry?The Benchmarking ProcessBenchmarking Process—Emerging Industries Universe Benchmarked for the StudyBenchmarking Process—The Benchmarking ScaleScoring Matrix: Key Parameters in Identifying Top 10 Industries in 2020—ScoresScoring Matrix: Key Parameters in Identifying Top 20 Industries in 2020Benchmarking Top Industries by Commercial AttractivenessTop Industries by Level of DisruptionAlternative EnergyAlternative Energy ScorecardAlternative Energies—Industry OverviewAlternative Energy—Commercial AttractivenessAlternative Energy—Commercial AttractivenessTop 3 Trends in Alternative EnergyTrend 1: Wind Power Capacity ForecastTrend 1: Future of Wind Energy: Case Study: British PetroleumTrend 2: Nuclear FusionTrend 3: Energy HarvestingTrend 3: Case Study—Pavegen’s Energy Harvesting TilesBig Data AnalyticsBig Data Analytics ScorecardBig Data Analytics—Industry OverviewBig Data Analytics Life CycleBig Data Analytics—Commercial AttractivenessTop 3 Trends in Big Data AnalyticsTrend 1: Rise of Machines Powered with Intelligence Trend 2: Sophisticated ICT-Big Data Analytics Convergence Drives Emergence of Next Generation Computing PlatformsTrend 3: Big Data Analytics to Create a Sustainable EnvironmentBig Data Analytics—New Business Streams Level of Disruption—Big Data AnalyticsBig Data EvolutionCloud ComputingCloud Computing ScorecardCloud Computing—Industry OverviewCloud Computing—Commercial AttractivenessTop 3 Trends in Cloud ComputingTrend 1: Cloud Robotics—Versatile Applications across Industries Trend 2: Opportunity Space for DevelopersTrend 3: Convergence of Social Defined Network (SDN) and Cloud Computing Resulting in More Cost Effective ModelsCloud Computing—New Business StreamsLevel of Disruption—Cloud ComputingEvolution of Cloud ComputingConnected LivingConnected Living ScorecardConnected Living—Industry OverviewConnected Living—Commercial AttractivenessTop 3 Trends in Connected LivingTrend 1: Centrally Controlled Connected HomesTrend 1: Centrally Controlled Connected Homes (continued)Trend 1: Centrally Controlled Connected Homes (continued)Trend 2: Mobile Future of WorkTrend 2: Mobile Future of Work (continued)Trend 2: Mobile Future of Work (continued)Trend 3: Connected and Wi-Fi Cities of the FutureTrend 3: Connected and Wi-Fi Cities of the Future (continued)Trend 3: Connected and Wi-Fi Cities of the Future (continued)Connected Living—New Business StreamsCase Study for Connected Home—AT&T Digital Life ServicesCase Study for Connected City—SeoulCase Study—Cisco Smart Work CentersCyber SecurityCyber Security ScorecardCyber Security—Industry OverviewCyber Security Key ServicesCyber Security Commercial AttractivenessTop 3 Trends in Cyber SecurityTrend 1: Regulation—From Laissez Faire to Global Standards?Trend 1: Current State of Regulation as Measured by the Cyber Security IndexTrend 1: G20 Cyber Security IndexTrend 1: Global Hot Spots—National Infrastructure that Need Cyber ProtectionTrend 2: Protection—Technology versus InsuranceTrend 3: Market Players—Strategic Shifts for Competitive AdvantageCyber Security—New Business Streams Mobile RoboticsMobile Robotics ScorecardMobile Robotics—Industrial Overview Mobile Robotics—Personal Applications Mobile Robotics—Technological Value ChainMobile Robotics—Commercial AttractivenessTop 3 Trends in Mobile RobotsTrend 1—Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trend 1: Artificial Intelligence—What will the Future be Like? Trend 2: Unmanned Vehicles—Autonomous DrivingTrend 2: Unmanned Vehicles—Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Trend 2: Unmanned Vehicles—Unmanned Naval Vessels Trend 3: Autonomous World—Will this be a Game-changer? Trend 3: Future Autonomous World Applications Mobile Robotics—New Business StreamsLevel of Disruption—Mobile RoboticsOnline B2BOnline B2B Market ScorecardB2B Ecommerce Market—Definition and ScopeOnline Retail—Commercial AttractivenessTop 2 Trends in Online RetailingTrend 1: Future of Procurement—From Point-to-Point to E-MarketplacesTrend 2: Types of B2B Business ModelsSingle Firm e-Procurement—Case Study Siemens Click2ProcureStore Front—Case Study IBM Cross ViewPublic Marketplaces: Connecting Numerous Suppliers of GoodsPublic Marketplaces: Case Study—eBay MotorsOnline B2B Hypermarkets—Case Study: Alibaba.comOnline B2B Hypermarkets—Case Study: (continued)Online B2B Hypermarkets—Case Study: (continued)Online B2B Hypermarkets—Case Study: (continued)Online Retail—New Business StreamsLevel of Disruption—Online RetailUrban LogisticsUrban Logistics ScorecardUrban Logistics: Industry OverviewDefining Urban Logistics: The Urban Logistics Supply ChainUrban Logistics—Commercial AttractivenessTop 3 Trends in Urban LogisticsTrend 1: Future Fleets will become Connected and SmartTrend 1: Future Fleets will become Connected and Smart (continued)Trend 2: Distribution will become More ConsolidatedTrend 2: Distribution will become More Consolidated (continued)Trend 3: Transforming to a Hub-and-spoke Logistic ModelTrend 3: Transforming to a Hub-and-spoke Logistic Model (continued)Urban Logistics—New Business StreamsLevel of Disruption—Urban LogisticsWaste to EnergyWaste to Energy (WtE) ScorecardWtE—Industry OverviewWtE ProcessWtE—Commercial AttractivenessTotal WtE Plant Market—Revenue Forecast by WtE Plant SegmentsTotal WtE Plant Market—Process SegmentsWtE TechnologiesWtE—Global PerspectiveTop 2 Trends in WtETrend 1: New Avenues for Resources—Circular EconomyTrend 1: Circular Economy Business ModelsTrend 2: Smart Waste Infrastructure—Digital Management of Infrastructure3D Printing3D Printing ScorecardIndustrial Overview—3D PrintingValue Chain of 3D Printing Industry3D Printing—Commercial AttractivenessTop 3 Trends in 3D PrintingTrend 1: In-house 3D Printing—Factory BlueprintTrend 1: In-house 3D Printing—Ford and General ElectricTrend 2: 3D Printing as a Service—Example: Shapeways, SculpteoTrend 3: Small Batch Manufacturing and 3D printingTrend 3: Mass Customization and 3D Printing3D Printing—New Business StreamsLevel of Disruption—3D PrintingEvolution of 3D PrintingTop Mature IndustriesScoring Matrix: Key Parameters in Identifying Top 10 Mature Industries in 2025Key Industry—Global Information and Communication TechnologyKey Industry—Global Pharma and HealthcareKey Industry—Global Energy and PowerKey Industry—Global Oil and GasKey Industry—Global AutomotiveKey Industry—Global Chemicals, Materials, and FoodKey Industry—Global Engineering and ConstructionConclusion and RecommendationsConclusion and Recommendations: Most Attractive IndustriesConclusion and Recommendations: Strategic RecommendationsIndustries that did not Make it to the List.Legal DisclaimerAppendixDefinition of Online RetailGlobal Retail Market—Bricks versus ClicksEmerging Clicks Strategies: The Social Media and Apps Platform Have Replaced the Traditional Way Consumers Interact with Products3D Printing Industry Adoption MapKey Attributes of 3-D Printing3-D Printing in EducationWhat’s Next? 4D PrintingMega Trends Influencing Urban Logistics—High Speed RailMega Trends Influencing Urban Logistics—Augmented RealityGlobal Hot Spots—National Infrastructure that Need Cyber ProtectionCountry Market Attractiveness MapSolar PhotoVoltaic (PV) Energy OutlookFuture of Resources—Redrawing the Resource MapOverview and Introduction—Examples of New Business ModelsPersonalization and CustomizationValue for Many Business Models

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