How Humans will Think, Behave, Experience, and Perform in Future, and the Implications to Businesses

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How will we define humans in future, and how will this new definition change your business? In this study, we look at the foundations of evolving humans:

The augmented body—A review of wearables, implantables, and biological enhancements digs into such future technology as contact lenses that can take videos, universal language translator ear buds, body hacking, nanobots, brain implants, genomics, IVF, and CRISPR. These trends will come together to make future human bodies more resilient, optimized, and continually monitored. Future human bodies will raise questions around what it means to be human, sports competition rules, and job discrimination.

Enhanced thought—Enablers of evolving thought will include neurostimulation, nootropics, virtual reality, and brain-machine interfaces. These technologies will enable thought that is faster, happier, more transferable, and sustainable.

Changing behaviors—Key future influencers of our behavior will be increasing use of behavioral science and gamification used in collaboration with each other and artificial intelligence. Both corporations and state governments will drive these tactics. Key use cases include Uber and the UK and the US governments. We can expect our behaviors to be more efficient and optimized, more communal and collaborative, more empathetic, and more guided and motivated.

To understand the complexities of the future, we converge our body, mind, and behavior findings to understand how future human experiences will look in 2030. Key trends of the future will include extreme personalization, broadening divides, expansion of natural limits, fusing of humans and machines, and increasing guidance and control.

A vision of 2030 will include the following:
• Disease-free humans and the elimination of heritable diseases
• Company sponsored wearables and nootropics for enhanced productivity
• VR commonly used to make issues, information, and concerns more relevant
• Nation state sponsored brain race for industry, military, and economic power
• Quantification and optimization of most aspects of life
• Intelligence, biology, happiness, and morality compete for human enhancement supremacy

Finally, we pull out implications for multiple industries so that industry leaders can begin preparing now for the complexities of a new humanity. Industries include healthcare, military and government, retail, media and entertainment, and automotive. For each of these industries, we look at emerging industry effects and strategies to remain competitive in future.

The coming years will usher in transformational change that will fundamentally change every aspect of life. While this study is focused on the practical implications of these technologies, for many, it raises questions around who we will become as a society and what will we value? Will it be intelligence, happiness, quality of life, self-fulfillment, or something else?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Introduction—How this Study Should be Read
Humanity’s Future is the Result of Converging Evolutionary Trends
Multiple Evolutionary Trends are Entering a New Phase
The Evolving Human Body
The Evolving Human Thought
The Evolving Human Behaviors
The Evolving Human Experience Gives Rise to Key Themes
New Humanity Competitive Implications for Industries
2. Research Methodology and Key Definitions
Research Methodology—From Macro-to-micro
Acronyms and Definitions
3. The Evolving Human Body
The Evolving Human Body can be Understood via an Augmentation Framework
Augmentation Through External Wearables is Already Entrenched
External Wearables on the Head Augment Seeing, Hearing, and Thinking
External Wearables on the Body Augment Strength, Speed, and Precision
External Wearable Focus—Exoskeletons will Significantly Impact Industries
Brain-based Internal Implants will Enhance Mental and Physical Abilities
Internal Body Implants Improve the Comfort and Ease of Daily Life
Biological Augmentation Marches Toward Proactive Evolution
Future Bodies Scenarios will Increase Specialization and Robustness
Drivers of the Evolving Body Converge from Multiple Sources
Enhanced Bodies Usher in New Risks and Challenges
4. Evolving Human Thought
A Framework of Human Future Thought Includes Four Key Capabilities
Key Human Thought Capabilities will be Enabled by Emerging Tech
Evolving Human Thought Emerges New Thinking and Fades Old
Many Evolving Human Thought Enhancers are Already Available
Evolving Thought Focus—Varying Applications of Neurostimulation
Future Human Thought Scenarios Extend Across All Aspects of Life
Evolving Thought Technology Drivers Come from Multiple Industries
Drivers of Evolving Human Thought Include Nations and Companies
The Risks of Evolving Human Thought Raise Many Questions
5. Evolving Human Behaviors
Evolving Human Behaviors will Fall into Four Key Framework Themes
Evolving Human Behaviors are Increasingly Guided and Motivated
Case Study—UBER’s Use of Behavioral Science
Human Behaviors will Evolve to be More Efficient and Optimized
Human Behaviors will Evolve to be More Communal and Collaborative
Human Behaviors will Evolve to be More Empathetic
Human Behaviors will Evolve Across Work and Lifestyle Settings
Drivers of Evolving Human Behaviors Span Organizations and Disciplines
Risks and Challenges will Emerge as Human Behaviors Evolve
6. Evolving Human Experience
The Evolving Human Experience Gives Rise to Key Themes
The Evolving Human Experience will Give Rise to Extreme Personalization
Humans will Grapple with Broadening Divides as Humanity Evolves
Natural Limits will be Expanded in the Evolving Human Experience
The Human Experience will be Defined by Human-Machine Integration
The Human Experience will be Subject to More Oversight and Control
7. Drivers of the New Humanity
Ecosystem of Drivers of the New Humanity
8. Implications for Industries
New Humanity Competitive Implications for the Healthcare Industry
New Humanity Competitive Implications for the Retail Industry
New Humanity Competitive Implications for the Automotive Industry
New Humanity Competitive Implications for the Government and Military
New Humanity Competitive Implications for Media and Entertainment
9. The Last Word
View of Humanity in 2030—Everyday Life
View of Humanity in 2030—Corporate World and Governments
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer

List of Figures & Charts

1. Evolving Human Thought: Technologies, Global, 2017–2030
2. Evolving Human Behaviors: Example Guidance Applications, Global, 2017

1. The Future of Humanity: Converging Evolutionary Trends, Global, 2017–2030
2. Evolving Human Body: Framework, Global, 2017–2030
3. Evolving Human Body: Capabilities of the Future, Global, 2017–2030
4. Evolving Human Experience: Key Convergence Themes, Global, 2030
5. Future of Humanity: Example Industry Implications, Global, 2030
6. Evolving Human Body: Framework, Global, 2017–2030
7. Evolving Human Body: Wearables Segmentation, Global, 2017–2030+
8. Evolving Human Body: Brain-Based Implant Enhancements, Global, 2017–2030
9. Evolving Human Body: Internal Body Implants, Global, 2017–2030
10. Evolving Human Body: Risks and Challenges, Global, 2017–2030
11. Evolving Human Thought: Capabilities of the Future, Global, 2017–2030
12. Evolving Human Thought: Enhancements, Global, 2017–2030
13. Evolving Human Behaviors: Vision of an Optimized Life, Global, 2030
14. Evolving Human Experience: Key Convergence Themes, Global, 2030
15. Evolving Human Experience: Personalization Examples, Global, 2030
16. Evolving Human Experience: Natural Limit Expansion Categories, Global, 2030
17. Evolving Human Experience: Human-Machine Integration, Global, 2030
18. Future of Humanity: Healthcare Industry Implications, Global, 2030
19. Future of Humanity: Retail Industry Implications, Global, 2030
20. Future of Humanity: Automotive Industry Implications, Global, 2030
21. Future of Humanity: Government and Military Implications, Global, 2030
22. Future of Humanity: Media and Entertainment Industry Implications, Global, 2030

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