2012 Global Safe Cities Market Assessment

Integration of Technologies will Continue to Increase Safety in Cities

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This research study, titled 'Global Safe Cities Market Assessment', discusses in detail the market trends, market drivers and restraints, impact of the drivers and restraints. Furthermore the study predicts the future of the European market through a thorough analysis of first responders on the market. The major segments covered by this research study are greenfield cities and retrofit safe cities. The research study also analyses the current project in existing cities. Furthermore, it also illustrates the way each city is organised. This information is crucial for everyone looking to enter the retrofit market.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryIntroductionWhat Is a Safe City?Positioning of Opportunities Over TimeExternal Challenges: Drivers and Restraints—Safe Cities MarketDrivers and RestraintsDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued) Drivers Explained (continued)Restraints ExplainedRestraints Explained (continued) Restraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Safe City PredictionsGrowth of Integrated Technologies Such as PSIM will Continue Existing Customer Knowledge of Predictive Analytics and Data MiningIncreasing Connectivity between Agencies and CitizensAgency Collaboration will Improve SlowlyCustomer Data Sharing and Privacy ConcernsBudgets in Western Markets will ImproveRapid Safe City Growth in the Middle East and AsiaSafe Cities Can Provide a Platform for Further Smart InitiativesManaged ServicesFuture Police OfficerFirst Responder C3i and Emergency Responder Market Revenue Forecast by SegmentRising Asian Competition Competitive AnalysisTechnology Provider and InstallerTechnology IntegratorSystems IntegratorSolutions ProviderCompetitors Moving Along the Value ChainGreenfield Safe City DevelopmentsGreenfield Safe City DevelopmentGreenfield (King Abdullah Economic City)Greenfield (Treasure Island)Greenfield (Songdo)Greenfield (Waterfront City)Greenfield (Malabo II)Greenfield (Rawabi)Greenfield (Masdar City)Greenfield (Destiny)Greenfield (Ziggurat Project)Greenfield (Crystal Island)Retrofit Safe City OpportunitiesRetrofit Safe City Development – Introduction Retrofit Safe City Development – Decision Making North AmericaAtlanta–City Profile Organisational Chart Atlanta–City Profile Organisation DiscussionBoston–City Profile Organisational ChartBoston–City Profile Organisation DiscussionChicago–City Profile Organisational ChartChicago–City Profile Organisation DiscussionHouston–City Profile Organisational ChartHouston–City Profile Organisation DiscussionHouston–City Profile Organisation Discussion (continued)Montreal–City Profile Organisational ChartMontreal–City Profile Organisation DiscussionNew York–City Profile Organisational ChartNew York–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)New York–City Profile Organisation DiscussionToronto–City Profile Organisational ChartToronto–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)Toronto–City Profile Organisation DiscussionLatin AmericaMexico City–City Profile Organisational ChartMexico City–City Profile Organisation DiscussionRio de Janeiro–City Profile Organisational ChartRio de Janeiro–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)Rio de Janeiro–City Profile Organisation DiscussionSao Paolo–City Profile Organisational ChartSao Paolo–City Profile Organisation DiscussionEuropeHelsinki–City Profile Organisational ChartHelsinki–City Profile Organisation DiscussionMadrid–City Profile Organisational ChartMadrid–City Profile Organisation DiscussionMoscow–City Profile Organisational ChartMoscow City Profile Organisation DiscussionStockholm–City Profile Organisational ChartStockholm–City Profile Organisation DiscussionThe Hauge–City Profile Organisational Chart The Hauge– City Profile Organisation DiscussionVienna–City Profile Organisational ChartVienna–City Profile Organisation DiscussionWarsaw–City Profile Organisational ChartWarsaw–City Profile Organisation DiscussionAsia-PacificBeijing–City Profile Organisational ChartBeijing–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)Beijing–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)Beijing–City Profile Organisation DiscussionGuangzhou–City Profile Organisational ChartGuangzhou–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)Guangzhou–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)Guangzhou–City Profile Organisation DiscussionHong Kong–City Profile Organisational ChartHong Kong–City Profile Organisation DiscussionMumbai–City Profile Organisational ChartMumbai–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)Mumbai–City Profile Organisation DiscussionNew Delhi–City Profile Organisational Chart New Delhi–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)New Delhi–City Profile Organisational Chart (continued)New Delhi–City Profile Organisation DiscussionLegal DisclaimerAppendixList of Other Referenced in StudyThe Frost & Sullivan StoryWho is Frost & SullivanWhat Makes Us UniqueTEAM MethodologyOur Global Footprint 40+ Offices

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