2016 Top Technologies in Medical Devices and Imaging (TechVision)

High-impact Technologies Poised to Propel the Healthcare Industry

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TechVision's Medical Devices and Imaging technology cluster's latest research service profiles ten technologies that are expected to have a huge impact on the healthcare industry in the next two years. This report provides an overview of the ten technologies, and provides key pointers that are needed for strategic decision-making. Each of these technologies represent billions of dollars in market potential, and have a rich track record of R&D funding, intellectual property (IP) activity and a vibrant innovation ecosystem. This list includes technologies that are just seeing the light of commercialization, as well as those technologies that are already in the market, but are expected to make an impact through wi

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 MedTech Innovations Leverage Technology Platforms from Other Industries1.2 These Technologies Impact the Short-term: 2016 to 20181.3 Research Methodology2.0 MedTech Innovations: Trends Assessment2.1Unprecedented Funding and Cross-industry Collaborations Spur MedTech Innovations2.2 Snapshot of Top Technologies from Our Previous Research2.3 Shortlisting Top Technologies in a Highly Innovative Industry2.4 2016 Top 10 Medical Device and Imaging Technologies3.0 Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)3.1 OCT Imaging Poised for Sustained, Long-term Growth3.2 Ophthalmology Accounts for the Bulk of OCT Innovations3.3 Europe Leads the Way in Consortia-based Research3.4 OCT Ranks High in Patient Friendliness and ROI3.5 OCT Benefits Security, Measurement, and Biometrics3.6 Aging Population and the Need for Portability Fuel Adoption3.7 Key Questions for Strategy Planning4.0 Neuroprosthetics4.1 Neuroprosthetics Gains Where Surgery Fails4.2 United States and Australia Lead Neuroprosthetics Innovations4.3 VC and PE Funding Props Up an R&D-intense Market4.4 Biocompatibility and Miniaturization Are Keys To Neuroprosthetics’ Success4.5 Emerging Markets Will Be Key Frontier to Cross in the Long Term4.6 Visual, Auditory Bionics Companies Overshadow Others4.7 Key Questions for Strategy Planning5.0 X-eluting Stents5.1 XES Capitalizing on the Decline in BMS Market Share5.2 Sustained IP Filing Indicates Vibrant R&D Activity in DES Market 5.3 Companies’ Internal R&D Budgets Replace Private Funding in Mature DES Market5.4 Advanced Manufacturing Set to Revolutionize the Stent Market5.5 XES to Benefit from Cross-industry Collaboration5.6 Emerging Markets Will Play a Key Role in XES Growth5.7 Key Questions for Strategic Planning6.0 Smart Pills6.1 Smart Pills Have Implications for Imaging, Drug Delivery, and Surgery6.2 Digital Health, Sensors, and Imaging Drive Innovations in Smart Pills6.3 Private Funding Compensates for Limited Public Funding6.4 Smart Pills to Disrupt Conventional Imaging Approaches6.5 Capsule Endoscopes Have a Global Innovation Base6.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning7.0 Nuclear Imaging7.1 Nuclear Imaging Outlook Unfazed by Risk Scares7.2 Three Companies Dominate the IP Landscape7.3 Sustained Private Funding Fuels R&D Activities7.4 Green Shoots Visible for Nuclear Imaging in Emerging Markets 7.5 Small Companies Thrive Despite Market Consolidation7.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning8.0 Surgical Robots8.1 Surgical Robots Poised for Sustained Long-term Growth8.2 The United States Leads Surgical Robot Innovations8.3 Federal and Venture Capitalist (VC) Funding Fuels R&D of Surgical Robots8.4 Enabling Technologies to Disrupt Open, Invasive Surgery8.5 Near Future, Emerging Markets Are Expected to Show High Growth8.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning9.0 Surgical Lasers9.1 Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Oncology Are among the Largest Surgical Laser Market Segments9.2 Ophthalmology Accounts for the Majority of Innovations9.3 Federal and VC Funding Fuels R&D of Surgical Robots9.4 Cross Industry Innovations Enabling the Growth of the Industry9.5 Safe and Effective Technology Shows High Adoption Worldwide9.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning10.0 Next-gen Magnetic Resonance Imaging10.1 Ultra-high Field (UHF) MRI Poised for Robust Market Adoption10.2 The United States Leads Innovations in Next-gen MRI Systems10.3 UHF MRI Technology Benefits from Public-Private Partnerships10.4 MRI Fuels Applications in Testing, Mining, and Exploration10.5 Next-gen MRI Systems to Impact Development Markets10.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning11.0 Neuromodulation11.1 Neuromodulation Market Prepared for Long-term Growth11.2 The United States Leads in Patent Applications Filing11.3 Novel Neuromodulation Techniques Are Drawing VCs11.4 Neuromodulation Offers Priority Treatment with a Higher ROI11.5 Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) Likely to Benefit from Neuromodulation11.6 Neurological Disease Treatment Boosts Demand11.7 Key Questions for Strategy Planning12.0 Digital Radiography12.1 Digital Radiography (DR) Market to Witness Sustainable Growth12.2 Patent Publication in DR Remains Consistent12.3 Funding Remains Uniform in This Fragmented Market12.4 DR Succeeds in Patient Friendliness and Enhanced Image Processing12.5 DR Benefits Industries and Medicine Alike12.6 Technological Advancements Promote the Adoption of Digital Radiography 12.7 Key Questions for Strategy PlanningLegal Disclaimer13.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story13.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story13.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career13.3 Global Perspective13.4 Industry Convergence13.5 360º Research Perspective13.6 Implementation Excellence13.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy




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